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Originally Posted by TMacOlajuwonFan View Post
I am all for acquiring gasol especially if it only requires scola and martin. For those of you that are against this trade your knowledge of basketball and the NBA isn't up to snuff.
look at the past nba champions. they usually have good frontlines.

duncan/ umm forgot, but yea duncan

and im also not a big fan of martin. yea i said it.

and yea gasol is getting paid a lot but hey morey knows how to fill out a good roster without a lot of money. just look at bud, lowry, parsons's contracts. look at all of the unsigned FAs usually he brings in at a cheap cost: ish smith, lin, temple, j. taylor, adrien. but a deep roster kind of restricts him in this department since you can only have 15 guys (im looking at you flynn).