Supposedly O'Brien had to be restrained from Brock...

Discussion in 'Houston Texans' started by EddieWasSnubbed, Mar 11, 2017.

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    Actually, this IS a new approach for the Pats; they've routinely been willing to wait for the first wave of free agents to pass before finding cheaper guys, like Chris Long or Chris Hogan last year.

    I think their urgency is to maximize whatever time they have left with Brady. My guess is Belichick and him are plotting the end game, not worrying about tomorrow.
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    I admittedly created a bit of narrative linking his Denver exit into Texans attitude issues. You said you respect being out there and standing up for your position, but I cant TOTALLY back up my own claim here lol. And as Mr Clutch said, someone offering a boatload more money always does extract a player away. I respected both Texans and Brock's approach at the time. I will always defend Texans on this.

    I first thought "attitude" from 1st light reports of Brock & B'OB having heated exchanges (non-issue generally) early in season. And from his snippy press conferences. Which I dont mind, this is a game of INTENSITY, outward or Belichick blankface. But seemed a little more "sass" element than usual. Just wanted something to explain Brock's struggles and hoped he'd improve, hoped it wasnt stubborn kind of competitiveness.

    B'OB doesnt look too good either. He he seemingly gets triggered and flips at random times. But since its all results based, he got better performance out of Fitgerald, Hoyer, Keenum who owes him half his salary. Still odd that Brock would be so lacking in performance. For peace of mind its thinking "non-compatible personalities" instead of "Holy hell Texans cant guage TALENT for SH**" lol.
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    How could the Texans possibly get intel on a Broncos player? Impossible. Good call, calvo.

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