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THIS JUST IN! TRADE COMING! (Moochie For Weatherspoon)

Discussion in 'Houston Rockets: Game Action & Roster Moves' started by ROCKET RICH NYC, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. fietguy

    fietguy Member

    Dec 4, 2002
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    no way man,

    moochie sucked big time...i watched the whole game, finally waiting for moochie to come in for ward...

    every single possession moochie takes at least 10 seconds to make a pass...

    he was more of a ball hog tonite than he was in houston...at one point, he took the dribbles and shots four consecutive times, the one field goal he did make it was dribble mania, he must have hogged it for at least 15 seconds before he put up a fadeway...

    not to mention his passes just suck...threw it away twice, and his passes are always late and predictable...

    i was cheering his futility the whole way...

    good job houston, you showcased him well before sending him away...could have been done earlier...but hey, could have been worse
  2. sup123

    sup123 Member

    Dec 5, 2003
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    Moochie suck no way! :rolleyes:
  3. HillBoy

    HillBoy Member

    Apr 14, 2003
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    Gee, thank's for the math lesson. Too bad it has no relevance to this discussion. The one fact that you overlook is that a team's ultimate success or failure is not reliant on the personal wealth (or lack of it) of the owner. If that was the case, then wealthy teams like the Knicks would win it all nearly every year. There's a little thing you overlooked called the Salary Cap that levels out the financial playing field. Oh, you can spend your way over the cap but you will pay a hefty price and that's why you see NBA teams - Mavs included - do their damndest to stay south of that cap line.

    So what if Van Exel is PO'd? Last time I looked, this was a business that is based on winning and Mark Cuban & his Mavs team is all business about winning. If that same attitude exists in Houston, it's one of the best kept secrets ever.

    My point is that Cuban & Donnie Nelson turned Nick Van Exel, Avery Johnson, Evan Eschmeyer, Popeye Jones and Antoine Rigaudeau into Antawn Jamison, Danny Fortson, Jiri Welsch and Chris Mills. In this trade the Mavs ditched Johnson, Eschmeyer, Jones & Rigaudeau - basically junk players and got Jamison & Fortson. OK, now exactly WHO came out ahead in that "trade"? Next , they turned the junk they had on hand - Welsch, Mills & Rafe LaFrenz into Anwoine Walker & Tony Delk. You can clearly see the pattern here. The Mavs get their share of junk but they have been able to turn their junk into something better. Each move is designed to acquire more talent for the Mavs. What's different is that Cuban has the balls to take on the big contracts in order to make this happen. That's what I mean by having the "will" to take a chance - to be bold - to succeed. That's a major reason why the Mavericks won 60 games last year and played in the Western Conference while the Rockets got to watch the playoffs on TV as well as the lottery because they didn't even wind up with their own pick.

    The Rockets? Well, let's just say that they managed to turn 3 1st round draft picks into nothing. They turned Moochie, ManBoobs and another no. 1 into Witherspoon aka more nothing. Makes you want to get in line now for those Houston Rocket playoff tickets doesn't it? The Rockets have a fantastic way of turning their junk into...more junk. I can definitely see how moves such as this is going make the Rockets into, how did you put it: "a respectable, long-term winning franchise ".

    The only long term position for this team is going to be in the NBA lottery if this crap continues because as you put it so succinctly:
    "NBA championship teams are built for the long haul".

    As for your take on Nowitzski, you forgot to mention that it was Donnie Nelson who found this guy playing over in Germany and it was the Mavs having to guts to take him with a no. 1 pick (Note: to Dawson: They were able to get a good/great player with only ONE no. 1 pick). So what you have here was an organization that was committed to upgrading the talent base on their team actually going out and finding basketball talent - what an AMAZING concept! I wonder if CD & the Rockets have heard of this...?
  4. GRAYsquirrel

    GRAYsquirrel Member

    Jul 9, 2003
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    HAHAHA!!! LMAO! Too funny.

  5. ron413

    ron413 Member

    May 29, 2002
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    Has anyone else been getting 2-ways lately besides me?

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