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Jan 13, 2008
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Nov 15, 2016
    1. Sports2012
      Thank you for the support.

      I just don't think I always have something more to say when the posters already said it well.

      Look forward to more of your good points.
    2. Sports2012
      Hi, this is the first time I reply to any conversation request and I just found that you had sent me a message. Sorry.

      Yes I do start my own posts but I can't start a new thread yet. Usually it's other posts triggering a thought or a response from me, and I would just like to let the posters know some one supports their opinions. If I have anything more to say, I will say it, otherwise I would just reply with those simple phrases you mentioned.

      I seldom post an objection to any posters and would rather just skip over if it doesn't make sense to me, unless I feel the information or opinion I offer would facilitate rational discussions on the forum.

      See you around and have a great day!
    3. Jedster
      Hahaha! Those kids ain't loyal Lin fans...they tried to scream at every player walking by, but me? I only yelled out to Jeremy (although I might've tried to get Harden's autograph had he bothered stopping).
    4. Jedster
      Actually, I think he was grateful. The other two things he signed were like a back side of a home printed e-ticket, and a folded sheet of white paper that looked very crumbly and wrinkled! He signed them cos they were being held out by young kids. When my jersey dropped in front of him, it was the best thing he had seen!
    5. Jedster
      :-P Might not go down well since it was on his NYK jersey. I wanted to buy the Red/Gold Swingman Houston Jersey before I met him, but it was sold out on the NBA.com store.
      Anyway, he only signed 3 signatures and I was pretty fortunate that he signed mine.
    6. Jedster
      Hey, I was away from CF for a while and guess what, I managed to snag Jeremy's autograph on a jersey! LOL
    7. DBRox
      I agree. Judging from other sites like twitter, it seems like the majority of the ones that comment about him on the Rockets accounts are female, although I have seen males also go a little overboard.
    8. DBRox
      I like Lin but coming to any Rockets forum, twitter, or anything fan related this season makes me despise him when I read their comments and that's when I have to tell myself that I can't let these people mess with the way I perceive my team. I've not liked Rockets players at times before but never despised any. And I don't even despise him, I like him and think he is getting better BUT to compare him to CP3 and Nash and Tony Parker? But I root for Lin like all the other guys on the team. I just wish these people would calm down.
    9. DBRox
      I agree. I find myself defending McHale way more than I want to just because I think he gets way more hate than he deserves. He does make some questionable decisions but he's also developing these players which a lot of coaches don't do. I'm sick of all the conspiracy crap.
    10. DBRox
      gotcha... kind of figured that is what you meant after I posted
    11. Lucky Charm
      Lucky Charm
      Did you do that? it looks real XD
      So, Clutch just gave me a red rep for calling the JOKE!1! thread the "******* of Clutchfans" legit LOL.
    12. Lucky Charm
      Lucky Charm
      I love me some Lin, but I couldn't go to a Jeremy-centric forum. I've been on jeremylin.net and reading the comments I'm like "LOF, is you for real!?"
      Well, Im off for tonight dude. God help us all if Jeremy is benched the 4th tomorrow!
    13. Lucky Charm
      Lucky Charm
      You're a nice troll Superstar! I totally went off on Clutch once, who surprisingly didn't ban me and didn't remove my thread starting privileges during the Linvasion witchhunt. I think he can't find it in him to hate me either lol!
    14. Lucky Charm
      Lucky Charm
      Nevermind, I just bumped it myself, mwhaha.
      God! were veteran members this uptight during the YOF invasion? >:[
    15. Lucky Charm
      Lucky Charm
      On the Beaver? Why would you disrespect Jeremy that way?
      And why did I see you still posting in my (Lin:29pt/9to) thread when you know I already locked it!! XD
    16. Lucky Charm
      Lucky Charm
      BleedRed ignored my post and is still out there literally arguing with himself though lol
    17. Lucky Charm
      Lucky Charm
      Yeah Im a hispanic New York girl! It'd be a straight up sin if I didn't cheer for Jeremy after he graced us with Linsanity. Most posters probably think Im a skinny asian fanboy nerd like you though hehe.
    18. Lucky Charm
      Lucky Charm
      Yeah, the name's Melissa ^_^
      We cant stop making threads out of fear of simple-minded dumbasses who let some overzealous fans affect their opinion of a player from their beloved team. Stop living in fear SuperStar, and rate my thread 5 stars.
    19. Lucky Charm
      Lucky Charm
      I had to make up for my wrongfully outburst against Lin yesterday. lol
      Dont shoot the messenger SuperStar! I just writez it the way I readz it.
    20. LosPollosHermanos
      seriously? Yea I know he has been baiting me into a troll argument more than once. thanks for the headsup and you should post that there.
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