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Nov 15, 2016 at 10:59 PM
Jan 13, 2008
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Nov 15, 2016
    1. tinman
      Everything is cheap to me. However don't buy Insignia, I got one for $99 on black friday, it takes forever to change the channel. It's just for bedroom.

      get a Samsung or LG. If you want go plasma, go get one, they are great. looks much better at home instead of the showroom.
    2. Lucky Charm
      Lucky Charm
      I just logged in today to see what was new, and to my surprise more endless b****ing about my Jeremy >:( Yeah Im staying away as well to keep my jimmies unrustled. See ya next season when Rockets get Dwight! :3
    3. Jedster
      I think it's easier when you realize that while you root for him to succeed, it's not your responsibility to defend him.
      Jeremy believes that he is where he is supposed to be, and that God planned all the good/bad so that he is where he is today. So on that note, I don't worry too much about his ups and downs since he is being taken care of one way or another.

      On the other hand, many other Lin fans don't buy into his own personal philosophy, so they worry for him way too much. But hey, I guess that's love for their hero.
      Mind you, I passionately care that he does well, but he has his own path to walk and I have my own crap to deal with. LOL
    4. Jedster
      Haha buddy...you're asking the wrong guy. You know how I feel about Jeremy. He signed my jersey. Lin #1! ;-P
    5. Jedster
      Haha...you can't compare a C to a PG! Totally different skillsets required right?
      But if you have to...what if we shrunk Asik to 6'3"...would he be better than Lin then?
      OR alternatively, what if Lin grew to 7'...would he be better than Asik?
    6. Hayesfan
      lol I totally read that wrong.. you said fruits basket and I was thinking fairy tail.. lol! I did read the fruits basket manga and yeah it was completely different. I was a little disappointed in the ending to both to be honest. It seemed too simple. A centuries old zodiac curse and it basically just fades out?? I wanted there to be a task or something to break the curse. There were a lot of good scenes in the manga but I liked the anime better.

      Fairy Tail supposedly aired it's last episode this week and that is the one I'm watching right now so I thought that was the one you mentioned. Ouran's manga didn't feel like an ending.. I totally want a "Boston's Ouran host club" episodes :P
    7. jocar
      Yeah, but he's more arrogant and disrespectful than most. Anyways, I had a couple drinks, and my tolerance for douchebags is lowered. I'll try to ignore him if ppl would stop quoting his dumbass. :D
    8. Lucky Charm
      Lucky Charm
      But Im a New Yorker, how can you ask me remove bad words from my vocabulary? :(
    9. Hayesfan
      I'm not surprised... though I heard that the anime isn't completely written off as finished yet... so there may be more of it in the future. I haven't read the manga yet. I figured I'll finish the anime and go back to the manga. that's what I did on Ouran and Fruits basket
    10. Lucky Charm
      Lucky Charm
      In the broken camel's back thread. Give my post a rep Super /bats eyelashes.
      Clutch is doing everything in his power to remove my second little green square, without it, Im nothing! :(
    11. Lucky Charm
      Lucky Charm
      I just called REEKO a r****d and got a neg rep after he went crying to Clutch. LOL.
    12. Lucky Charm
      Lucky Charm
      This place would be much better if only everyone was as objective and mature as I, Im just sayin'.
    13. Lucky Charm
      Lucky Charm
      Btw, how can we tell when someone's been banned? Sidestep was a great non-overzealous Lin fan but he hasn't been on in a long time, I wonder if he got banned :(
    14. Lucky Charm
      Lucky Charm
      Never Superstar! I could never hate you as much as I hate sirbaihu. McHale must be paying his rent. Do you see that tool having a meltdown because some people dare to criticize McHale's gambling?
    15. Lucky Charm
      Lucky Charm
      I compared the JOKE!1 thread to a hairy ******** much different!
      Who called you a bad poster? tell me so I can go rep 'em :D
    16. Lucky Charm
      Lucky Charm
      Excuse me, that just sounds like I'm some w**** lol!
    17. Lucky Charm
      Lucky Charm
      Im right here Superstar! I just didn't want to deal with the LOH's ejaculating all over Clutchfans during Jeremy's bad games :( How bad was it 'round here?
    18. Jedster
      Hey bud, I've been avoiding CF a little cos I needed to focus on writing a tv pilot for a contest.
      Sometimes I find that getting involved in the debates here lingers on in my mind longer than it should, and I can't concentrate!! But I do come on here and there so if there is something interesting you want me to join in, let me know! LOL.
    19. Sports2012
      Just like to clarify. Did you mean my style is going to annoy the posters I reply to? Or the other readers?
    20. Sports2012
      Thank you for your advice. Some other posters have thank me for giving them support though, and to my surprise even when I only said a few words. Personally I would appreciate people letting me know they think what I said make sense to them, even when they just say yes (I try that but the forum requires at least five alphabets). I guess it's just every one has his preference. But your point is well taken. I will try to say more replying to your posts. Hope that you have seen my longer posts.
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