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Feb 13, 1999
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    1. HillBoy
      Clutch, I ran into a security issue when trying to listen to your podcast. Specifically, the certificate for xenforo.clutchfans.com has expired and BitDefender is blocking all access to the site. Just wanted to give you a heads up.
    2. Pat
      Hi Clutch - would you please stop my monthly contribution. I want to change dates and I don't know any way except to stop and start again.
    3. davestrate
      Hey Clutch, you used to post abridged games a few years ago on here. Basically, every offensive play and big defensive plays. Are you still doing that? Where can we access those videos?
    4. BreakYoSelfFool
      I accidentally made 2 threads called best fit for the rockets in 2019 draft can they be merged
    5. 1Deep
      Hey Clutch, How do I go about changing my member name to 1Deep?
    6. rockets1995
      Hey Clutch, Can I Post threads again?
    7. Manny Ramirez
      Manny Ramirez
      Hi Clutch - as you can tell, the link did go to spam. Enjoy the new look of the site and having avatars and stuff is really cool. Can I ask a favor? Instead of having member under my name, could I get a cool forum title in "Music Dude"? Thanks - Manny
      Hey clutch I received a notification the other day about becoming a supporting got busy and forgot about it, wanted to ask what is it and how do I become one
    9. LosPollosHermanos
      Hey Clutch, sorry to bother you. I lost my thread starting privileges a long long time ago (for good reason probably) and never thought to ask for them back as I don't ever start threads. I've been meaning to start one on animal cruelty around houston and would be very much obliged if you would grant me the ability to do so--as this issue is very important to me. Thanks for considering my request.
      1. LosPollosHermanos
        Thanks Clutch! I really appreciate it.
        Mar 17, 2018
        Clutch likes this.
    10. Mr. Dominant
      Mr. Dominant
      Hey Clutch, I've been meaning to message you for years but I keep on forgetting. Could you update me as a contributing member? I donated years ago but I can't pull up any confirmation receipts (due to emails/payments being changed etc). I will be contributing again soon (just saw your new sticky post), but for now I just realized I haven't been labeled as a contributing member after all these years. Thanks!
    11. bleedroxred79
      Clutch, I can imagine your schedule is hectic. The game threads are posted later and later it seems. I'd be honored to start them for you, or only when you're short of time...Thx again for creating the site I visit most daily....by far. If not me, maybe create a thread with a poll.
    12. tmac2k8
    13. fba34
      Clutch, can you update me as a contributing member? I donated in 2014 but I forgot to email you the receipt. Will donate again when the oil n gas industry picks up and my currency isn't so down in the zhitter.
    14. Rockets Pride
      Rockets Pride
      Can you add a "S" to Wins in my thread?
      Rockets are tied for second in most NBA Regular Season Win, last 10 years
    15. Louka
      Could I change pkmagas to Louka? I'd donate to make it happen!
    16. CowboyJeffR
      I'm not sure how all this works, but I sent you a conversation Clutch
    17. Rockets Pride
      Rockets Pride
      Tomball > Klein

    18. saltydawgwoman
      How do you un-become a member I want my profile and member status removed.
    19. Roc Paint
      Roc Paint
      You are more powerful than you can ever imagine. Thank you for creating a space that allows people to come together as one.
      1. GIGO likes this.
    20. mtbrays

      Could you please add me as a contributing member? I've donated twice over my time here on the board, but have never received this designation. I'm happy to email you the most recent receipt.

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