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XFL Draft Results

Discussion in 'BBS Hangout' started by countingcrow, Oct 29, 2000.

  1. countingcrow

    countingcrow Contributing Member

    May 7, 2000
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    XFL Player Allocation Selection System (P.A.S.S.) - The XFL Draft
    Here are the overall results from Saturday's XFL Draft. Each team made ten selections on the first day. Each team also claimed up to 11 territorial players. On Sunday, each team made their next 15 selections.
    Los Angeles Xtreme select Scott Milanovich, QB, Maryland.
    Birmingham Thunderbolts select Casey Weldon, QB, Florida State University.
    Memphis Maniax select Marcus Crandell, QB, East Carolina.
    Orlando Rage select Jeff Brohm, QB, Louisville
    Las Vegas Outlaws selected Chuck Clements, QB, Houston
    San Francisco Demons select Vaughn Dunbar, RB, Indiana
    NY/NJ Hitmen select Charles Puleri, QB, New Mexico State
    Chicago Enforcers select John Avery, RB, Mississippi
    Chicago Enforcers select Paul Failla, QB, Indiana (PA)
    NY/NJ Hitmen select Jermaine Smith, CB, Georgia
    San Francisco Demons select Scott Adams, OT, Georgia
    Las Vegas Outlaws select Tony Edwards, DE, Valdosta St.
    Orlando Rage select Dan Collins, OL, Boston College.
    Memphis Maniax select Darrick Holmes, RB, Portland State.
    Birmingham Bolts select Michael Lies, OL, Kansas.
    Los Angeles Xtreme select Steve Russ, LB, Air Force.
    Los Angeles Xtreme select Derek West, OT, Colorado.
    Birmingham Bolts select Henry Taylor, DT, South Carolina.
    Memphis Maniax select Mike Sheldon, OT, Grand Valley State.
    Orlando Rage select Jonathan Brown, DE, Tennessee.
    Las Vegas Outlaws select Kory Blackwell, CB, UMASS.
    San Francisco Demons select Cordell Taylor, CB, Hampton.
    NY/NJ Hitmen select Curtis McGee, OT, Georgia Tech.
    Chicago Enforcers select Julian Pittman, DE.
    Chicago Enforcers select Quincy Coleman, DB, Jackson State.
    NY/NJ Hitmen select Tony Berti, OL, Colorado.
    San Francisco Demons select David Sanders, DE, Arkansas
    Las Vegas Outlaws select Antonio Dingle, DT, Virginia.
    Orlando Rage select Derrick Clark, RB, Evangel.
    Memphis Maniax select Mike Sutton, DE, LSU.
    Birmingham Bolts select Alonzo Wallace, DE, Maryland.
    Los Angeles Xtreme select Donnell Day, CB, California State Northridge.
    Los Angeles Xtreme select James Harris, DE, Temple.
    Birmingham Bolts select Justin Burroughs, OL, NC State.
    Memphis Maniax select Rico Clark, CB, Louisville.
    Orlando Rage select Ricky Bell, CB, NC State.
    Las Vegas Outlaws select Rickey Brady, TE, Oklahoma.
    San Francisco Demons select Craig Powell, LB, Ohio State.
    NY/NJ Hitmen select Dwayne Sabb, DE, New Hampshire.
    Chicago Enforcers select Chike Egbuniwe, LB, Duke.
    Chicago Enforcers select Tim Lester, QB, Western Michigan.
    NY/NJ Hitmen select Mike Barber, LB, Clemson.
    San Francisco Demons select Pete Elisara, OT, Indiana.
    Las Vegas Outlaws select Paul Bradford, CB, Portland State.
    Orlando Rage select James Roberson, DE, Florida State.
    Memphis Maniax select D.J. Cooper, DE, Arkansas
    Birmingham Bolts select Stepfret Williams, WR, NE Louisiana.
    Los Angeles Xtreme select Dell McGee, CB, Auburn.
    Los Angeles Xtreme select Rashaan Shehee RB, Washington.
    Birmingham Bolts select Duane Butler, DB, Illinois State.
    Memphis Maniax select Basil Mitchell, RB, TCU.
    Orlando Rage select Mario Bailey, WR, Washington.
    Las Vegas Outlaws select Michael Mason, DE, Kentucky State.
    San Francisco Demons select James Hundon, WR, Portland State.
    NY/NJ Hitmen select James Cotton, DE, Ohio State.
    Chicago Enforcers select Chris Ward, DE, Kentucky.
    Chicago Enforcers select Jayson Bray, CB, Auburn.
    NY/NJ Hitmen select Tyree Talton, DB, Northern Iowa.
    San Francisco Demons select Emile Palmer, DT, Syracuse.
    Las Vegas Outlaws select Lamont Burns, OL, East Carolina.
    Orlando Rage select Stephen Fisher, CB, North Carolina.
    Memphis Maniax select Ketric Sanford, RB, Houston.
    Birmingham Thunderbolts select Kevin Landolt, DT, West Virginia.
    Chicago Enforcers select Octavious Bishop, OL, Texas.
    Los Angeles Xtreme select Willie Jones, OL, Grambling State.
    Birmingham Thunderbolts select Oliver Ross, , OL, Iowa State.
    Memphis Maniax select O'Lester Pope, OL, Southern Mississippi.
    Orlando Rage select Jeremy Akers, OL, Notre Dame.
    Las Vegas Outlaws select Leroy Collins, RB, Louisville.
    San Francisco Demons select Terrence Joseph, DC, Tulsa.
    NY/NJ Hitmen select Jude Waddy, LB, William & Mary.
    Los Angeles Xtreme select Jose Portilla, OL, Arizona.
    Chicago Enforcers select Jamie Baisley, LB, Indiana.
    NY/NJ Hitmen select Christian Maumalanga, DL, Kansas.
    San Francisco Demons select Mike Adams, WR, Texas.
    Las Vegas Outlaws select Chris Bayne, DB, Fresno State.
    Orlando Rage select Joe Cummings, LB, Wyoming.
    Memphis Maniax select Jim Druckenmiller, QB, Virginia Tech.
    Birmingham Thunderbolts select Sedrick Curry, CB, Texas A & M.
    Los Angeles Xtreme select John Kirksey, DT, Sacremento State.

    XFL Player Allocation Selection System (P.A.S.S.) - The XFL Draft
    Here are the overall results from Day 2 of the  XFL Draft. Each team made 15 selections. On Saturday, each team made their first 10 selections and also claimed up to 11 territorial players.
    Los Angeles Xtreme select Steve Ingram, OT, Maryland.
    Birmingham Thunderbolts select Jimmy Sprotte, LB, Arizona
    Memphis Maniax select Glenn Rountree, OL, Clemson.
    Orlando Rage select Hayward Clay, TE, Texas A& M.
    Las Vegas Outlaws select Toran James, LB, North Carolina.
    San Francisco Demons select Jim Arellanes, QB, Fresno State.
    NY/NJ Hitmen select Anthony Brown, OL, Utah.
    Chicago Enforcers select Curtis Mayfield, WR, Oklahoma State.
    Chicago Enforcers select Charles Wiley, RB, Georgia Tech.
    NY/NJ Hitmen select Juan Daniels, WR, Georgia.
    San Francisco Demons select Terry Battle, RB, Arizona State.
    Las Vegas Outlaws select Donald Sellers, WR, New Mexico.
    Orlando Rage select Kevin Swayne, WR, Wayne State.
    Memphis Maniax select Earl Scott, OL, Arkansas.
    Birmingham Thunderbolts select Nicky Savoie, TE, Lousisiana State.
    Los Angeles Xtreme select Brett Williams, DL, Clemson.
    Los Angeles Xtreme select Nate Miller, OL, Lousisiana State.
    Birmingham Thunderbolts select Ed Smith, TE, Texas.
    Memphis Maniax select Jeff Kerr, LB, East Carolina.
    Orlando Rage select Ken Anderson, DL, Arkansas.
    Las Vegas Outlaws select Brandon Sanders, DB, Arizona.
    San Francisco Demons select Robert Hunt, OL, Virgina.
    NY/NJ Hitmen select James Battle, WR, Oregon State.
    Los Angeles Xtreme select Leomont Evans, DB, Clemson.
    Chicago Enforcers select Tony Ramirez, OT, Colorado State.
    NY/NJ Hitmen select Juan Porter, OL, Ohio State.
    San Francisco Demons select Kevin Jefferson, LB, Lehigh.
    Las Vegas Outlaws select Hurley Tarver, CB, Central Oklahoma.
    Orlando Rage select Jason Gamble, OL, Clemson.
    Memphis Maniax select John Williams, CB, Southern.
    Birmingham Thunderbolts select Anthony Derricks, CB, Mississippi.
    Los Angeles Xtreme select Thomas McManus, LB, Boston College.
    Los Angeles Xtreme select Josh Wilcox, TE, Oregon.
    Birmingham Thunderbolts select Billy Gustin, CB, Purdue.
    Memphis Maniax select Hillary Butler, LB, Washington.
    Orlando Rage select Cleave Roberts, OL, Troy State.
    Las Vegas Outlaws select Mark Nori, OL, Boston College.
    San Francisco Demons select Darren Hall, WR, Colorado State.
    NY/NJ Hitmen select Ron Merkerson, LB, Colorado.
    Chicago Enforcers select Roell Preston, WR, Mississippi.
    Chicago Enforcers select Larry Fitzpatrick, DL, Illinois State.
    NY/NJ Hitmen select Bob Rosentenstiel, TE, Eastern Illinois.
    San Francisco Demons select Sam Manuel, LB, New Mexico State.
    Las Vegas Outlaws select Blaine Burger, DL, Utah.
    Orlando Rage select Sedrick Clark, DL, Tulsa.
    Memphis Maniax select Charles Jordan, WR, Long Beach City College.
    Birmingham Thunderbolts select Ryan Thomassie, OL, Louisiana State.
    Los Angeles Xtreme select Frank Leatherwood, RB, Appalachian State.
    Los Angeles Xtreme select Curtis Eason, DL, East Tennessee.
    Birmingham Thunderbolts select Dion Foxx, LB, James Madison.
    Memphis Maniax select Jerry Ross, TE, Pittsburgh State.
    Orlando Rage select Jay Hill, CB, Utah.
    Las Vegas Outlaws select Mike Furrey, WR, Northern Iowa.
    San Francisco Demons select Wendell Davis, CB, Oklahoma.
    NY/NJ Hitmen select David Camacho, OL, Oklahoma.
    Chicago Enforcers select Matt Finkes, LB, Ohio State.
    Chicago Enforcers select Lovett Purnell, TE, West Virginia.
    NY/NJ Hitmen select Rondell Jones, CB, North Carolina.
    San Francisco Demons select Mario Bradley, CB, Southern California.
    Las Vegas Outlaws select Sterling Palmer, DL, Florida State.
    Orlando Rage select Andre Purvis, DT, North Carolina.
    Memphis Maniax select Dee Moronkola, CB, Washington State.
    Birmingham Thunderbolts select Steve Smith, WR, Utah State.
    Los Angeles Xtreme select Reggie Lowe, DL, Troy State.
    Los Angeles Xtreme select Rico Mack, LB, Appalachian State.
    Birmingham Thunderbolts select Graham Leigh, QB, New Mexico.
    Memphis Maniax select A.J. Ofodile, TE, Missouri.
    Orlando Rage select Scott Cloman, WR, Southern.
    Las Vegas Outlaws select J.J. Huggins, TE, Alabama State.
    San Francisco Demons select Ryan Christopherson, FB, Wyoming.
    NY/NJ Hitmen select Dino Philyaw, RB, Oregon.
    Chicago Enforcers select Ray Austin, CB, Tennessee.
    Chicago Enforcers select Ronnie Powell, WR, NW St. Louisiana
    NY/NJ Hitmen select Tyrell Peters, LB, Oklahoma.
    San Francisco Demons select Trezell Jenkins, OL, Michigan.
    Las Vegas Outlaws select Kelvin Kinney, DB, Virginia State.
    Orlando Rage select Kelly Malveaux, CB, Arizona.
    Memphis Maniax select Kevin Peoples, DB, CB, N.C. Central.
    Birmingham Thunderbolts select Malcolm Hamilton, LB, Baylor.
    Los Angeles Xtreme select Todd Doxzon, WR, Iowa State.
    Los Angeles Xtreme select Latario Rachal, WR, Fresno State.
    Birmingham Thunderbolts select Fred White, DB, Tennessee.
    Memphis Maniax select Patrick Sapp, LB, Clemson.
    Orlando Rage select Joseph Wesley, LB, LSU.
    Las Vegas Outlaws select Isaac Davis, OL, Arkansas.
    San Francisco Demons select Greg Williams, DB, North Carolina.
    NY/NJ Hitmen select Phil Savoy, WR, Colorado.
    Chicago Enforcers select Ben French, OL, Rutgers.
    Chicago Enforcers select Manuia Savea, OL, Arizona
    NY/NJ Hitmen select Damon Wheeler, DB, Colorado.
    San Francisco Demons select Juan Johnson, RB, Utah.
    Las Vegas Outlaws select Tyrone Taylor, WR, Cal State Sacramento.
    Orlando Rage select Lawrence Hart, TE, Southern.
    Memphis Maniax select Marcus Wimberly, DB, Miami (Fl.).
    Birmingham Thunderbolts select Alan Mogridge, OL, North Carolina.
    Los Angeles Xtreme select Jeff Russell, DB, Pacific",
    Los Angeles Xtreme select Jeremaine Copeland, WR, Tennessee.
    Birmingham Thunderbolts select Keith Council, DT, Hampton.
    Memphis Maniax select Shante Carver, DL, Arizona State.
    Orlando Rage select Michael Black, RB, Washington State.
    Las Vegas Outlaws select Angel Rubio, DL, Southeast Missouri State.
    San Francisco Demons select Sean Manual, TE, New Mexico State.
    NY/NJ Hitmen select Shay Muirbrook, LB, BYU.
    Chicago Enforcers select Rob Murphy, OL, Ohio State.
    Chicago Enforcers select Aaron Bailey, WR, Louisville
    NY/NJ Hitmen select Brad Trout, DB, Valdosta State.
    San Francisco Demons select Barrin Vinson, LB, Mississippi State.
    Las Vegas Outlaws select Patrick Kesi, OL, Washington.
    Orlando Rage select Brian Kuklick, QB, Wake Forest.
    Memphis Maniax select Corey Sawyer, DB, Florida State.
    Birmingham Thunderbolts select Steve Gleason, DB, Washington State.
    Los Angeles Xtreme select Bobby Singh, OL, Portland State
    Los Angeles Xtreme select Keith Smith, QB, Arizona.
    Birmingham Thunderbolts select Jahine Arnold, WR, Fresno State.
    Memphis Maniax select Roosevelt Potts, FB, NE Louisiana.
    Orlando Rage select Cory Gilliard, DB, Ball State.
    Las Vegas Outlaws select Chrys Chukwuma, RB, Arkansas.
    San Francisco Demons select Ben Nichols, OL, Colorado.
    NY/NJ Hitmen select Zola Davis, WR, South Carolina.
    Chicago Enforcers select Tyji Armstrong, TE, Mississippi State.
    © 2000 XFL, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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  2. Rocketman95

    Rocketman95 Hangout Boy

    Feb 15, 1999
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    My favorite team will be the San Francisco Demons with star wideout Mike Adams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. gr8-1

    gr8-1 Contributing Member

    Oct 5, 1999
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    Which team will huepel be on ? J/k [​IMG]

    "I know how hard it is to put food on your family." George W. Bush

    May 15, 2000
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    The XFL will be an exciting league to watch maybe more fun than the NFL,If you knew all the players but I just dont know how well its going to do!

  5. mrpaige

    mrpaige Contributing Member

    Feb 5, 2000
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  6. SJSLAX82

    SJSLAX82 Member

    Oct 18, 2000
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    I think its gonna be a real fun league to watch and all the teams have really awesome logos. I especially like the Demons logo.


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  7. Smokey

    Smokey Contributing Member

    Oct 3, 1999
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    I heard that the XFL will be scripted just like the WWF. The XFL is more than just football. It will be shame that these players cannot show their real talents and will have to follow whatever the storyline is.

  8. mrpaige

    mrpaige Contributing Member

    Feb 5, 2000
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  9. dc sports

    dc sports Member

    Feb 9, 2000
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    The money payout is what's going to make it really interesting. Every player (with a few exceptions like the quarterback and kicker) makes the same amount. But the pay is per game played, and the winner gets much more than the looser (like twice as much). The idea is to take the prima donna factor out, and tie the pay to the wins. It will be interesting to see if Mr. Darwin has them killing each other.

    Not to mention, you wonder what will happen to players that make mistakes -- from their own teammates. -- "You fumbled the ball and cost me $1,500, you jerk!"

    I like some of their other ideas, like, "Celebrating a touchdown isn't prohibited -- It's expected!" It should be interesting to watch.

    Stay Cool...
  10. moestavern19

    moestavern19 Member

    Dec 8, 1999
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    Go Xtreme!!!!!!!!!!!! Milonovich #1 pick .

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  11. cson

    cson Contributing Member

    Jul 22, 2000
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    good find crow!

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  12. RocketsPimp

    RocketsPimp Contributing Member

    Feb 15, 1999
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    Actually that is not true. I met Ketric Sanford a few weeks ago at Fajita Flats and I asked him the same question. It is going to be very real and action packed.

    I'm looking forward to seeing more of the XFL Cheerleaders!! They have some pretty risque commercials for NBC.

    Thought of the day...

    Why do they sterilize needles for lethal

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