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(xbox360) NBA2k12 USA/Olympic Basketball Roster

Discussion in 'NBA Dish' started by legend215, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. legend215

    legend215 Contributing Member

    Apr 13, 2003
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    Don't know if this is the right forum but I figure since there are Olympic threads here it may get more notice.

    Over at the Operation Sports NBA 2K12 forum - http://www.operationsports.com/foru...-historical-world-challenge-roster-360-a.html a guy by the name of "HOKUPGUY" has remade all the classic Olympic since 1984. We're talking a total roster overhaul.

    I've checked a lot of the teams and played a few games and I'll say that he's pretty spot on.

    Be aware that there are a few things that you have to do (turn off NBA TODAY in your settings are it will crash after loading. Set game rules at 10 min quarters etc) but it's well worth it......I actually deleted the NBA Today file through the settings menu of the Xbox dashboard...seemed to work better.

    Wanted to add that I'm not trying to spam the board. just thought that it's something that some of you may be interested in.

    On 2K share, his gamertag is "BIGDaddie9"

    Here's the run down:

    USA Basketball Historical World Challenge Roster (360)

    In honor of the 20th anniversary of the greatest team to play in sports The Dream Team. I made and released a roster regarding many USA Basketball teams. I have done this roster set in the past most recently back in 2010 for 2k10 pre-REDitor. Have done this since 2004 and live 04 on pc.

    You will with ever USA Basketball team since 1984 and against there best international challenger's if they had any,

    I made all uniforms as accurate as possible and logos and courts and arenas. I tried my best to have one other country from that yr for US team to play against, but some yrs they had no one really. I have included 12 Olympic teams.

    I spent allot of time in detail making sure player look them self even the FIBA players so some have CF look a likes and others have cap faces thanks to K_Rad and Portlandblazer. Also spent count less hours of review they look and style of play. Many US player will feel different from yr to yr and some look different as well. Players , coach , teams look like and play like they did for that yr in time.

    I used many many hidden items such as cf , portraits and audio files for player and coaches. You MUST have the DLC to use this roster !!!!! It helped me with player regarding there appearance over time.

    Please find a detailed list of team to be made in the roster.

    1984 Olympics
    1988 Olympics
    1992 Olympics Dream Team
    1992 US Select Team
    1992 Croatia Olympics
    1992 Lithuania Olympics
    1994 FIBA World Championships " Dream Team II "
    1994 Croatia Olympics
    1996 Olympics "Dream Team III"
    1996 Lithuania Olympics
    1998 FIBA World Championships " never got to play = Lockout"
    1999 FIBA Tournament of the Americas
    2000 Olympics
    2000 Lithuania Olympics
    2002 FIBA World Championships
    2002 Yugoslavia FIBA World Championships
    2003 FIBA Tournament of the Americas
    2004 Olympics "Nightmare Team"
    2004 Lithuania Olympics
    2006 FIBA World Championships
    2006 Spain FIBA World Championships
    2007 White Vs Blue Teams
    2007 FIBA Tournament of the Americas
    2007 Argentina FIBA Tournament of the Americas
    2008 Olympics " Redeem Team "
    2008 Spain Olympics
    2010 White Vs Blue Teams
    2010 FIBA World Championships " B Team "
    2010 Turkey FIBA World Championships
    2012 Olympics
    2012 US Select Team
    2012 All 12 Olympic Countries

    Make sure to turn off NBA TODAY in your settings are it will crash after loading. Set game rules at 10 min quarters , turn off goal tending , kick balls and 5 sec back down rule.

    PLEASE NOTE : This roster is a total roster conversation nothing like seen on a console to date. Thanks to Vlad's REDitor Tool. No original teams will be found on the roster or players. This roster was built ONLY for Quick Game Play ! You can not play season , association or playoffs with this roster. It was not my intention to build it this way. So please dont ask me to make because i will not. You also cant export teams from the roster or upload caps. Enjoy it so what it is. I do not recommended any roster editing besides gear or download cap or creating caps into the roster.

    BUG: There is only one bug that occurs at time's with only 5 times during tv intro when you play with them at home 2012 Great Britain , Brazil , France, China and Russia. Just skip the intro and it works fine no other issue then that. There are no other issues at all.

    If i get good response to this roster and enough interest i may release an updated version after the Olympics with 4 more current day fiba teams. And a team to match up against 84 & 88 USA.
    And if you really like it , let me know here
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