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Why isn't the Big 12 showing better in the computers?

Discussion in 'BBS Hangout' started by Desert Scar, Nov 12, 2002.

  1. Desert Scar

    Desert Scar Contributing Member

    Aug 1, 2000
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    This puzzles me.

    Based on non-conference schedules, the Big 12 (36-13) has performed equal to the Pac 10 (29-10), and both the above have performed better than the Big 10 (33-13).

    Plus, look at how the better teams (those teams with wining records) have played versus non-conference comp.

    The #1 Big 12 team has beat the #2 SEC team
    The #3 Big 12 team has beat the #2 Pac-10 team
    The #4 Big 12 team has beat the #3 Pac-10 team, but lost to the #2 Pac-10 team
    The #5 Big 12 team has beat the #2 Big-10 team, but lost to the #1 ACC team
    The #6 Big 12 team has beat the #4 Pac-10 team, but lost to the #4 Big 10 team
    The #7 Big 12 team has beat the #9 SEC team, but lost to the #3 ACC team and the #1 Big 10 team
    The #8 Big 12 team has beat the #2 Big East team, but lost to the #3 Big East team

    How about the performance of the elite teams? Well, OU, Texas and KSU have not lost ANY nonconference games (granted Texas's opponents have been cupcakes--but the other two have beaten top 2 teams from power conferences).

    How about Big 10? They have one huge nonconference win in OSU beating WSU (#1 over another #1)--and fairly badly. But their otherwise it isn't pretty for them, I don't think they have a victory over another power conference's top 5 teams. Also, the Big 10's other conference undefeated team has their lone loss to the Big 12 #5. Also, their #3 team lost to a team so sucky no other conference wants them to be a part of it.

    How about the Pac 10? Well, it is even worse there, their elites have been pounded. WSU (their #1) lost their one tough non-conference game and lost badly, their #2 is 1-1 against lower ranked Big 12 teams, their #3 lost to the Big 12 #3 in their one major nonconference game, and their #4 got pounded by the Big 12's #6 in their one major non-conference game. In sum, the Pac 10 elites are a pathetic 1-4 in their major non-conference games.

    To sum it all up, between the Big 12, Big 10 & Pac 10, there is no question the Big 12 is the toughest of those conferences. There is no way WSU, Iowa or OSU (if they lose) should stay ahead of 1-loss Texas or OU in the computers or otherwise if they stay that way. I can understand a little for UT because their nonconference games have proved to be weak, however they have gone through almost as tough as sequence as possible (all three yearly rotating games were against winning teams) in the toughest conference (they didn't get to play Kansas or Missou). For OU, they will probably get to miss the #3 Big 12 team and the #6 Big 12 team, but you have to figure beating the SEC #2 makes up for that.

    Maybe Major is right from another thread, Texas's is getting killed in the computers by non-conference games. There fate might be up to NMS (currently 6-4) and Tulane (also 6-4) finishing strong so the computers like those victories better. Texas (or anyone) in the future would be better served selecting a couple mediocre/lower 3rd major conference opponents (Kentucky, Mississipi State, South Caroline, California, Oregon State, Illinios) as warm ups than "mid-major" types because you can get credit for the record of the opponents of those teams.
  2. Major

    Major Member

    Jun 28, 1999
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    Couple of things ---

    The B12 plays a lot of REALLY crappy non-conference teams. We have a good number of not-just-lower-division schools, but BAD lower division schools (like Tulsa) in the mix. K-State played two 1-AA teams, I think. I'm not sure if we're worse than other conferences in that regard though.

    What drags our conference rating down is that our lower-division teams (Baylor and Kansas) royally suck ass worse than the worst Pac10, SEC and maybe Big10 teams. That drags all the B12 teams schedule strengths down.

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