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Who would you have taken in the draft....?

Discussion in 'Houston Rockets: Game Action & Roster Moves' started by IzakDavid13, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. IzakDavid13

    IzakDavid13 Contributing Member

    Jan 2, 2011
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    Now that there are a few folks here on Clutchfans questioning the pick of Royce White due to his medical circumstances affecting his availability in pre-season, and the uncertainty of his availability for games during the season I put together this hypothetical thread.

    Not jumping the gun, or knee jerking...this thread is for general knowledge (and possible 'I told you so' bragging rights at the end of season)

    I know that if we didn't take Royce, we may not have gotten Terrence Jones, but assume for the purpose of this exercise that we still took T.J.

    No one is questioning Royce White's talent, which I believe is a rare blend of size and skill, and I am also rooting for this kid to make it, but as I just mentioned...this thread is in response some of the posters here on Clutchfans starting to feel uneasy about Royce being a wasted pick, or not having a place on this team due to the depth...

    So easy question who would you have taken, and why. My picks are in Bold.

    2012 Draft
    1. Hornets

    Anthony Davis

    PF, Kentucky

    2. Bobcats

    Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

    SF, Kentucky

    3. Wizards

    Bradley Beal

    SG, Florida

    4. Cavs

    Dion Waiters

    G, Syracuse

    5. Kings

    Thomas Robinson

    PF, Kansas

    6. Blazers

    Damian Lillard

    PG, Weber State

    7. Warriors

    Harrison Barnes

    SF, North Carolina

    8. Raptors

    Terrence Ross

    SG, Washington

    9. Pistons

    Andre Drummond

    C, UConn

    10. Hornets

    Austin Rivers

    G, Duke

    11. Blazers

    Meyers Leonard

    C, Illinois

    12. Rockets

    Jeremy Lamb

    C, UConn

    13. Suns

    Kendall Marshall

    PG, UNC

    14. Bucks

    John Henson

    F, UConn

    15. 76ers

    Maurice Harkless

    SF, St. John's

    16. Rockets

    Royce White

    SF, Iowa State

    17. Mavericks

    Tyler Zeller

    PF, North Carolina

    18. Rockets

    Terrence Jones

    SF, Kentucky

    19. Magic

    Andrew Nicholson

    PF, St. Bonaventure

    20. Nuggets

    Evan Fournier

    SG, France

    21. Celtics

    Jared Sullinger

    PF, Ohio State

    22. Celtics

    Fab Melo

    C, Syracuse

    23. Hawks

    John Jenkins

    G, Vanderbilt

    24. Cavs

    Jared Cunningham

    G, Oregon State

    25. Grizzlies

    Tony Wroten

    PG, Washington

    26. Pacers

    Miles Plumlee

    PF, Duke

    27. Heat

    Arnett Moultrie

    PF, Mississippi State

    28. Thunder

    Perry Jones III

    SF, Baylor

    29. Bulls

    Marquis Teague

    PG, Kentucky

    30. Warriors

    Festus Ezeli

    C, Vanderbilt

    31. Bobcats, Jeffrey Taylor, Vanderbilt;
    32. Wizards, Tomas Satoransky, Spain;
    33. Cavs, Bernard James, Florida State;
    34. Cavs, Jae Crowder, Marquette;
    35. Warriors, Draymond Green, Michigan State;
    36. Kings, Orlando Johnson, UC Santa Barbara;
    37. Raptors, Quincy Acy, Baylor;
    38. Nuggets, Quincy Miller, Baylor;
    39. Pistons, Khris Middleton, Texas A&M;
    40. Blazers, Will Barton, Memphis;
    41. Blazers, Tyshawn Taylor, Kansas;
    42. Bucks, Doron Lamb, Kentucky;
    43. Hawks, Mike Scott, Virginia;
    44. Pistons, Kim English, Missouri;
    45. 76ers, Justin Hamilton, LSU;
    46. Hornets, Darius Miller, Kentucky;
    47. Jazz, Kevin Murphy, Tenn. Tech;
    48. Knicks, Kostas Papanikolaou, Greece;
    49. Magic, Kyle O'Quinn, Norfolk State;
    50. Nuggets, Izzet Turkyilmaz, Turkey;
    51. Celtics, Kris Joseph, Syracuse;
    52. Warriors, Ognjen Kuzmic, Spain;
    53. Clippers, Furkan Aldemir, Turkey;
    54. 76ers, Tornike Shengelia, Belgium;
    55. Mavericks, Darius Johnson-Odom, Marquette;
    56. Raptors, Tomislav Zubcic, Croatia;
    57. Nets, Ilkan Karaman, Turkey;
    58. T'wolves, Robbie Hummel, Purdue;
    59. Spurs, Marcus Denmon, Missouri;
    60. Lakers, Robert Sacre, Gonzaga.

    Obviously I like the size that Melo & Zeller and believe that Fab Melo would've been the perfect fit for this team.

    I also believe that Arnett Moultrie, Perry Jones III and Sullinger (to a lesser extent) would have made a decent impact on our team.

    Who knows, Royce White might end up playing 82 games, win ROY and all this pre season worry and trepidation will become a distant memory.

    But just for fun...who would you have taken, conversely are you happy with the Royce White pick, and knowing what you now know would you still have taken Royce if you were the GM?
    #1 IzakDavid13, Oct 13, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2012
  2. coachbadlee

    coachbadlee Member

    Feb 5, 2010
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    Although i am pleased with our draft, if there were a chance to do it again, i still would have taken Jeff Taylor.
  3. Firebomb525

    Firebomb525 Member

    Jan 26, 2009
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    I had hoped we would've taken Zeller, as our lack of center depth is apparent and worries me.

    But, I have faith in the Rockets management, and feel Royce White has the potential to be something great in the league.
  4. Raven

    Raven Member

    Jul 24, 2002
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    Zeller or Fab Melo
  5. jayhow92

    jayhow92 Member

    Jan 15, 2011
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    You mean lesser James Harden meets Shane Battier? :rolleyes:
  6. coachbadlee

    coachbadlee Member

    Feb 5, 2010
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    Yes, of course, that's it! Thanks for the reminder lesser Pee Wee Herman. :)
  7. T-Slack

    T-Slack Member

    Jul 1, 2009
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    If we had came out with Zeller Lamb and Jones, it would of been the best draft ever for the Rockets. But two out of three ain't bad.
  8. carayip

    carayip Member

    Dec 22, 2002
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    I would have liked Lamb, Andrew Nicholson and Jae Crowder, in this order. Lamb's a no brainer and is the most nba ready player in the whole draft IMO. I wouldn't be surprised if he beats out Martin (who is an excellent SG himself) for the starting SG spot by the end of year and could become an All Star who could excel at both ends of the floor in a few years once his body fully fills out. The latter two are real big men with actual back to the basket post skills. I think Nicholson would turn out to be a very fine starting PF who could be a go to option in the post which is sorely missing in this current team. Crowder's undersized but he's a hardworking hustle type who could just flat out produce, someone like Scola and would be an excellent option off the bench for this team IMO.
  9. skroodup25

    skroodup25 Member

    Jul 1, 2012
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    I'll admit I wanted to come out of the draft with Rivers, JonesIII, TJ.... thats who i wanted.... Draft Board for our picks went like this:

    12th: Rivers(if he was there) Lamb(if he was there) Perry Jones, Terrence Jones

    16th: Perry Jones, Terrence Jones, Moultrie, Zeller(although I'll admit it was only cause he was a 7footer), Leonard

    18th: Perry Jones, Terrence Jones, Moultrie, or Wroten
  10. MONON

    MONON Member

    May 20, 2002
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    Since we are thin at the 5, I would have preferred 1 of the following with our 3 1st round picks:
    1. Tyler Zeller(& Cody next year)
    2. Fab Melo(We missed out on the other Melo from Syracuse)
    3. Festus (geter done Matthew) Ezeli

    I did not want Royce White, because he's an under-sized pf & we are loaded with pf's.
  11. Yung-T

    Yung-T Member

    Apr 16, 2009
    Likes Received:
    12: Lamb(still can't believe he was available)
    16: Wroten
    18: Fab Melo

    Am extremely satisfied with our picks though, always liked T. Jones. Just think it was bad considering our amount of PFs, no matter if a Dwight deal was in the works.
  12. pippendagimp

    pippendagimp Member

    Sep 1, 2000
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    perry jones looked very good last nite
  13. CisBuds4U

    CisBuds4U Member

    Nov 10, 2009
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    It is waaaaaaaaaay to early for this conversation. There is still a strong chance the Rockets and White will work things out. He showed flashes in the summer league and everyone was salivating over his potential.

    I think the bottom line is, given we had 3 first round picks, the Rockets could afford to take a gamble on one of the picks and pick based on upside/star potential which White has. I don't have any problem with their draft strategy especially since it isn't like that was the only shot we had. If Lamb and Jones turn out to be solid pick-ups (which it seems they are), then we already won this years draft, given our draft position. I'm excited to see White get in the mix as he is a unique talent. People are geetting greedy but drafting 2 great guys is already better than most other teams.

    If I had to play along, maybe a safer pick would've been Zeller in White's spot since we obviously needed a backup C.

    that is all.
  14. jayhow92

    jayhow92 Member

    Jan 15, 2011
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    I would have gone with either Terrence or Perry Jones at 16 and Melo at 18. Can't argue Lamb at 12.

    My pipe dream would have been getting Drummond and Lamb in that draft.
  15. AXG

    AXG Member

    Aug 4, 2006
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    Lamb, Zeller and PJIII would've been my picks.
  16. larsv8

    larsv8 Contributing Member

    Nov 11, 2007
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    Would of been nice to maybe get Faried over Morris last year :)
  17. jocar

    jocar Member

    Nov 10, 2007
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    Fab Melo would've been perfect for throwin down oops a la Tyson Chandler. I still like White though, it (anxiety) won't be as much of an issue once he gets some NBA regularity down.
  18. Rivers

    Rivers Member

    Nov 17, 2011
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    Lamb, PJ3, Jared Sullinger
  19. rolyat93

    rolyat93 Contributing Member

    Dec 5, 2010
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    Kawhi Leonard.
  20. coachbadlee

    coachbadlee Member

    Feb 5, 2010
    Likes Received:
    He looked okay.

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