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What is the best we can expect???

Discussion in 'Houston Rockets: Game Action & Roster Moves' started by Jeff, Aug 13, 2001.

  1. Jeff

    Jeff Clutch Crew

    Feb 14, 1999
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    This isn't a "predict the Rockets record" thread or a "will _____ be a bust" thread. This is all about comparisons.

    The other day, I was thinking about what we could consider a good comparison for our younger players if they reached the PEAK of their potential. What if they became the best player within their own abilities? Who would be the ideal comparison? Remember that this isn't about what they WILL be but rather about what they COULD be within the limits of their abilities.

    Steve Francis - Allen Iverson - I think Francis will hit this mark and has the potential to eclipse it because his all around game could be better.

    Cuttino Mobley - Jim Jackson/Ricky Pierce - great scorer and very quick to the hoop. Not an every-year all star but a guy who should be able to get their at least once. Could be a valuable 6th man later in his career.

    Eddie Griffin - Shareef Abdur Rahim meets Rasheed Wallace without the attitude - I've seen the comparisons to Theo Ratliff and I honestly would be disappointed if that was the best we could hope for out of Griffin. The guy has a much better offensive game already and he's 19. He should be a great defender, rebounder and a solid offensive contributer. Can play multiple positions and is a good guy down low on the post. Not as explosive as Garnett but in that class.

    Terrence Morris - Sean Elliot - Smooth shooter who can get to the hole. Morris could be a better weak-side defender than Elliot but I doubt his upside is such that would make him better. Potentially a key contributer to a team.

    Dan Langhi - Eddie Johnson - remember that Johnson once led his team in scoring. Langhi has all the offensive skills to do that but needs to learn how to get his own shots consistently. Langhi could potentially get to the basket more efficiently than Johnson but this seems to be an appropriate comparison.

    Jason Collier - Joe Klein - Tough on the boards and willing to fight underneath but consistently sticks the 15-foot jumper. Never a HUGE player but a guy who contributes consistently to a team.

    Kelvin Cato - Dikembe Mutumbo - no one thinks the guy will ever get to that point but he has the innate defensive abilities to dominate at that end of the floor. Sadly, Cato is lazy. But, Mutumbo is within his reach because Mutumbo can be a brutal offensive player like Cato. If KC played hard, he would have a shot at leading the league in blocked shots.

    Kenny Thomas - Clarence Weatherspoon - size has relegated Spoon to a back up role but Thomas fits that tough, rebounding, solid footwork mold that guys like he, Spoon and Corliss Williamson have in common. He could ultimately be a valuable conributor off the bench on most teams.
  2. Tmo

    Tmo Member

    Jun 19, 2001
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    It'd be nice if he proved me wrong, but I doubt Tmo has the potential to handle the ball quite like Sean Elliott. Though he is a better shotblocker & rebounder right now, and could end up better on defense.
  3. krosfyah

    krosfyah Contributing Member

    Aug 7, 2001
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    Francis. I hate to compare him to Iverson but that is probably as close as it gets. Maybe Isaiah. But Francis is so more more dynamic. He can dunk on anybody and can rebound like a fiend. Many all time greats are also known for their defense. I'd like to see Steve pick up his D-game this year (as if the rest wasn't enough).

    Langhi to Eddie Johnson? I'd be happy if Langhi could be a slight improvement over Air Bull. Lanhi brings a lot more mobility to the table but the NBA as a whole is more mobile so that kinda cancels itself out.

    TMO to Sean Elliot? I would say a Rodney McCray type. Very servicable and an potentially important role player but not as an important peice as Sean. Sean was an all-star one year, right?

    Cato to Dikembe. Agreed. The potential is there. Esp. since you couldn't script a better 5 for the young team. Well, if you scripted it, I suppose you'd add a touch more HEART. ;)

  4. RocksMillenium

    RocksMillenium Contributing Member

    Dec 28, 2000
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    <b>Steve Francis</b> reminds me so much of Isiah Thomas. He is more athletic then Thomas, but Thomas could get up there himself. I think he will be as explosive as Thomas, and almost as dominant. I think he will be an all-around better player then Isiah when it's all said and done. He reminds me a lot of a cross between Gary Payton and Kevin Johnson.

    <b>Cuttino Mobley</b> comes across as Dumars on freaking speed or something. I think he will have a quiet, but distinguished career like him. Will he be a Hall-of-Famer. The odds says no, but many players have beat the odds. Look at Dumars, and Barkley, and players like that. I look for Eddie Griffin to be what Horry was meant to be.

    <b>Eddie Griffin</b> I look for Eddie Griffin to be what Horry was meant to be. I think Griffin will have the athletic ability and defensive skills of a consistent Horry, and an offensive game similar to Garnett.

    <b>Dan Langhi</b> I guess it's just me, but I see so much potential in Langhi. With confidence and time I think he can be a solid player. I can't think of a player to compare him to, but I think he will be a decent weak side blocker, and offensive rebounder when he matures.

    <b>Kenny Thomas</b> Kenny reminds me a lot of Michael Cage with a better shot. Cage was a solid journeyman who was a outstanding rebounder, and could fit into any system because all he was asked to do was rebound and defend. Kenny has the potential to be a decent scorer. Almost the antithesis of Othella. Othella is a great rebounder and scorer, Kenny is a great rebounder and defender.

    <b>Jason Collier</b> Another Klein or Wennington and that is NOT a bad team. Championship teams need great role players, especially big men. Klein and Wennington had nice jump shots, got to loose ball, hustled, and knew their role.
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