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The H-Files: Musings of the Big Shot Taker

Discussion in 'Houston Rockets: Game Action & Roster Moves' started by conquistador#11, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. conquistador#11

    Jun 30, 2006
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    As we reached the entrance to the conference room, a bright light that could pierce through the soul, began illuminating my dark shadows that had been surrounding me all week. The Light was Big Shot Bob's smile.

    (flashing back to 0600 hours, location: Spring Branch, Houston)

    :phone Rings:

    " V, I know you're in a gloomy mood, but you must cheer up. You'll have your son for the entire Christmas break. Three weeks go by fast. Right now, I have this shoot for Mountain Dew at Toyota center and I need you to be there. Be outside I'm picking you up and I'm not taking no for an answer", she said.

    "What do you need me for? You know how I feel about crowds." I replied.

    I stopped asking questions and picked out my favorite blazer, which I layered over my retro save ferris shirt. The worries of suffering a panic attack were no longer echoes in my head. There was a greater force, one that I could not explain, controlling my actions.

    (back to present day)

    "I just finished an hour shoot with your friend. She is very demanding.", the 6'10 g0d said with a huge smile. "She tells me you're a huge fan."

    At that very moment, my knees started to shake. In 2009, through some friends of Morley's right hand man, I got to meet Morley himself. But not even the genius that is Morley carried himself with an aura of awesomeness like horry tends to do.

    I wanted to tell Horry so many things, like how my dad and I would listen to the spanish broadcast games and would always be thrilled when the announcer screamed trrrrrrrriple, trrrrriple de hoooooorrrry, as if it were a goal scored in a futbol match ; or how he is my son and ex's favorite spur.

    Bllllaaahhh this is on the verge of being a sorry breh, too long did not read thread, so I'm going to stop with the narrative and get to the cliff notes so you guys won't get bored.

    according to the legend himself:

    1. Horry's best time as a player was in this glorious city, more so than any other city he's been in. Hakeem is the best player he has played for, sorry to rub that in L.A. His other favorite teammate is Manu.

    2. He thinks with some seasoning this team will win a title. Loves our back court, yes lin included. he said lin just needs some popovich discipline so that he can always play "pissed off".

    3. He is disappointed with how none of our guys can throw an entry pass. It would open things up more for dwight.

    4. He loves chandler bang. Sees some of himself in Chandler. don't we all?

    5. We talked about my panic attacks and those old childhood memories of mine.

    6. He thinks Mountain Dew typhoon(red) is nasty. Original is the way to go.
    "there goes your sponsorship" we told him. he just laughed.

    I've never met someone so down to earth and so appreciative towards anyone he encounters, steve nash's nose not included.

    My friend said that during their shoot they both talked about their divorces. "welcome to the 85%", was his exact quote when she told him about hers. He signed a ball, as a spur, for my son. He also gave the pretty photog tickets for a couple of games.

    *this was at the beginning of last week, but I had to get my friend's permission to write about it and post pics. Apparently, some chicks don't like it when you start threads about them on the internetz!

    Horry and the photog. taking pics with cellphones is harder than it looks. i now appreciate hippsters who use their phones as main cams
    <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/36908691@N06/11116723076" title="2013-11-22 18.16.07 by natasha ivanova, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5478/11116723076_4dd81450db.jpg" width="281" height="500" alt="2013-11-22 18.16.07"></a>

    the photog herself since cfans are always curious. Be nice she posts on here, well the hangout. I don't think she knows the polarizing garm exists.
    <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/36908691@N06/11116889593" title="2013-11-22 09.15.25 by natasha ivanova, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3756/11116889593_76ba8ff552.jpg" width="284" height="500" alt="2013-11-22 09.15.25"></a>

    there are some more pics of horry being silly putting his head inside chandler:p and by that I mean a chandler cut out. But I don't have the permission from the other brehs (mngt staff) who are in the picture.

    that day was a good day, I didn't even have to use my serotonin-k

    I know....cool story breh! now if I could only meat sasha grey. i mean meet no I meant meat.
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  2. vator

    vator Contributing Member

    Jun 30, 2006
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    Good read. Thanks for sharing. Big Shot Bob or as he said he preferred, Big Shot Rob, which never quite caught on or was quite as catchy I guess. Ahh...Clutch City...the good ole days.
  3. conundrum

    conundrum Rookie

    Feb 18, 2010
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    Horry is a cool dude. I was in Vegas a year and a half ago for a bachelor party. We ran into him at a strip club (Saphires if memory serves me correct) and me and a couple friends went up to say hi (all of wasted of course) and he talked with us a out 5-10 minutes then asked where the groom to be was. We went and brought him over and he just told him "don't do it!". Lol, I know why now.

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