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The Bench Unit Is Being Misused: A Must Read For Lin Fans! (With A Little Bit O' Statz & Lots O' Kno

Discussion in 'Houston Rockets: Game Action & Roster Moves' started by PositivityDome, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. PositivityDome

    Nov 1, 2012
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    Here's a long read. If you nice ladies and gentlemen choose to read it, I'm confident the state of the Rockets will become much clearer to thine eyes.

    The overall bench production of the Rockets has indeed been rather (often) underwhelming at times, but I do not feel this needs to be the case, however IT IS HAPPENING, so it should be addressed. Before addressing the issue at hand however, the homies gotta understand why the issue is happening at all.

    Firstly, to understand what's happening, we've gotta understand THREE things:


    1.) What the Rockets offensive system is!

    2.) What units work well with this Rockets system and Why!


    3.) What units do not and will not work well with the Rockets system and Why!


    First Subject to Address: What is the Rockets offensive system and how often is it used?

    1.) The Rockets play a Read & React system, which in layman's terms just means a perimeter player initiates the offense with dribble penetration, then either looks for a layup, kicks it out for a 3 pointer, (or in the process of driving) passes to a bigman who finishes. That's really the most simple way to describe the Rockets offensive system.

    2.) The Rockets play this system all game long, regardless of personnel on the floor. (The only deviation is Dwight post-ups/Harden isos.)


    Second Subject To Address: What kind of Unit can effectively pull off the Rockets' Read & React system and WHY can they do this?

    In purely offensive numbers, the best offensive rated units on this team are:

    1. Beverley-Harden-Parsons-Jones-Howard at 1.15 at 320+ minutes.


    2. Lin-Harden-Parsons-Jones-Howard at 1.13 at 290+ minutes.

    Notice the common "Harden-Parsons-Jones-Howard" in both units. ;)

    (Also Note: There are higher ranked offensive rated units on the team but none of them have played significant time together, so their sample size is too small to be relevant. (Less than 60 minutes played for these other units))

    From the numbers above, we can see that the Starting 5 of Bev/Harden/Parsons/TJones/Dwight runs the system very well. Now why is this the case? To simply explain it from a basketball standpoint, EACH INDIVIDUAL PLAYER HAS THE INDIVIDUAL SKILLSET NEEDED TO SUCCEED AT THE ROLE THEY ARE PUT IN. It's that simple, but I will map out the reasoning for this idea.

    For example: In the Bev/Harden/Parsons/TJones/Dwight lineup, Harden is the most likely to initiate the offense with penetration on this unit. There's a great chance Harden gets a foul call/lay up attempt on the initial read of the R&R system, as this is what his game is about. However, if Harden can't get a shot off, he can pass to the perimeter for a Beverly/Parsons 3. If the perimeter is not open, there is also the option of passing to a flashing Big who may be open near the rim, ala: Dwight/TJ, who have good ability to finish and throw oops down. (Both players play ABOVE the rim.) It can be seen here then that all the pieces fit in this lineup as the system calls for. (The only time the pieces don't fit is when TJ has gone to set screens and then gets the opportunity himself to be the player in the system that shoots a 3... which... is not a good option.)

    Fun Factz: It should also be noted that with this unit, Dwight occasionally gets post-ups. This is important because it means the offensive flow of this unit is not always stuck in "one gear." The D12 post-up gives the option for this unit to have a change up in the style of play and also the ability to take advantage of a situation where Dwight has a hot shooting night.

    More Fun Factz: It should be noted again that the same unit talked about above, with only Bev replaced with Lin, is nearly offensively identical (overall) in terms of production for the same tactical reasons as broken down above. (All the pieces fit) This unit too then, is also thusly a very good offensive unit.

    The fun sidenote is here though: Regarding efficiency of these two most prolific offense units on the squad... The Lin-Harden-Parsons-Jones-Howard has higher statistics/percentages than the Beverley-Harden-Parsons-Jones-Howard lineup in all of the following categories: eFG (Efficient Field Goal), eFGA and Free Throw attempts. To put it simply... this means that with Lin as the PG, the team gets better quality shots and almost doubles the amount of free throw +/-'s. HOWEVER, the Lin PG unit also has significant worse TO percentages which ultimately then causes the Offensive numbers become a wash. (Take care of the ball Jeremy! You could have such better impact if you did! The numbers are clear!)


    Third Subject To Address: So now we know what units work! But what about the units that don't work with the R&R system and WHY DON'T THEY WORK!?!? GOD DAMMIT WHY!!

    1: No stats for this one guys. Sorry, but the digitz ain't quite there yet because most of the bench numbers listed are irrelevant for the current team. This is because:

    - For most of the season the bench did not include Lin (because Beverly was hurt) so Lin didn't play with the bench.
    - Most of the numbers include Aaron Brooks (who is gone)
    - The numbers don't yet include Josh Hamilton (Sample size of games would still be too small anyway)
    - Asik is not accurately included in the numbers (And he's been out most of the year. Again, sample size.)

    So this part is going to be more about Basketball theory than stats.

    2. The Main Bench Unit of the Rockets runs the Read & React system because the Rockets never go away from it. (As stated in the first subject headline.) This kind of philosophy however, is not fundamentally sound because the BENCH UNIT DOES NOT HAVE THE SKILLSET AT THE INDIVIDUAL POSITIONS TO RUN THIS PARTICULAR SYSTEM. (Unlike the Harden-Parsons-Jones-Howard lineups.)

    3. Example:

    The bench unit for this last Heat game was-
    PG: Lin
    SG: Hamilton
    SF: Parsons
    PF: Dmo
    C: Asik

    The Pathology (or the order) for why this group fails to execute offensively in the R&R are listed below:

    A. The Rockets mainly initiate the offense through dribble penetration. So only either Lin or Parsons can initiate this offense.

    B. On this dribble penetration, the opposing team (Good teams will always do this/And Miami did this tonight) pack and close down the paint preventing deep penetration. This means the point of initiation/penetration is almost always quickly closed whether Lin/Parsons start it. Simply put, when Lin/Parsons drive, there will ALWAYS be two players defending them as they enter the paint. (Note: Not while they are already in the paint, but as they are just crossing into it from the perimeter.)

    C. Flashback! This means the paint is clogged. Now, in this (healthy) situation then, a clogged paint is taken advantage of by the ballhandler by either:

    1.) Looking for a lob to an athletic bigman (whose defender is rotating to the penetrator leaving them open) ala Dwight/Jones or

    2.) Looking for a kickout 3 (ala Bev/Parsons) which WILL BE OPEN (because a clogged paint also means that there then exists a relatively open perimeter. The Defense can't be in two places at once, son.)


    D. There's no way to take advantage of the clogged lane + defensive pressure with a Lin/Hamilton/Parsons/Dmo/Asik lineup because neither Dmo or Asik can play above the rim and finish.

    E. With the paint ALREADY packed against the principle system of the R&R, the opposing bigs are ALREADY PREDETERMINED to defend the initiating ballhandler (Lin/Parsons) even if the bigs they are leaving are competent finishers. However, since neither Dmo or Asik are threats to play above the rim and finish, the opposing bigs ARE EVEN MORE FREELY ABLE to aggressively attack the penetrating Lin/Parsons, as they over-rotate to help defend while disregarding Asik & DMo! It is seen here then, that the opposing defense has gained a MASSIVE advantage while the Rockets bench and Read and React system has been UNDERMINED.

    F. With the paint even more locked off than usual because of the inability of Dmo or Asik to play above the rim, the initial dribble penetration will almost always fail and be stopped prior to deep penetration.

    Fun Conversationz To Now Have:
    Q: Jeremy Lin, y u pick ur dribblez up so much when u drives!
    A: Oh... tha paint is alwayzpack. I see now i understands this is why...

    G. Continuing on. There's no way for the bench unit to unclog the lane for floor spacing because even if DMo is spaced out to the perimeter, he can not shoot reliably and so his defender will remain closer to the paint than on him anyway, and thus the packed paint situation doesn't change at all. (Still the Rockets have been parking DMo at the 3 point line anyway, hoping his defender comes and gets him.) It's not really been working. Ever wonder why you get to see WIDE OPEN Dmo 3's about twice a game when he plays even 15 minutes or so? I'll give you a hint. IT'S BECAUSE THE OPPOSING TEAM ISN'T GUARDING HIM.

    H. This leaves Hamilton on the perimeter for catch and shoot 3s. And Hamilton is cool... but he is in a role where he is limited to spotting up, and his man will most likely not leave him if they are a smart defender because a Hamilton 3 is a much better Rockets option than a contested paint packed shot from Dmo-Asik. Because of this (Against good teams especially) Hamilton should in theory, (When playing with a Lin-Parsons-Dmo-Asik lineup) never be able to get a great look at a 3 pointer unless the defense totally blows it.

    I. Almost done explaining the woes of it all! To polish it off where we started it off!: If Lin initiates, Parsons is left on the perimeter for a catch and shoot, which is the best offensive option for this bunch but his man (Also like Hamilton's) is likely never to leave him because he is the best option, so he will almost never get open looks. (Opposite is also true, Parsons initiates = Lin on perimeter for a CONTESTED catch + shoot). However, Lin/Parsons will also most likely get trapped before they get to the basket on drives should they be passed to on the perimeter and elect to drive the ball, because as explained above, the defense is waiting for penetration to begin with and so Lin/Parsons, either on penetration or even on kickout 3's will almost ALWAYS be contested. Contested shots everywhere!

    Hilarious/Sad Ending Subplot: Other opposing defenders can also semi-double team Parsons/Lin on the perimeter because when Asik + Dmo set screens, they are useless offensive players on the perimeter, so there's really no need to guard them. Instead they can just focus on Parsons/Lin! Contested shots and double teams on perimeter players with no repercussions! Yeahhh!

    End Result: Poor offensive results for the Bench Unit while running the R&R system. Who would've thunk it?!



    - Q: Ever wonder why Jeremy Lin does so well when Harden is out and he starts at SG? Are you a Jeremy Lin fan? I'm a Jeremy Lin fan. Are you excited when James Harden is not playing? I'm excited when James Harden is not playing. Why are you excited James Harden isn't playing? Why am I excited if James Harden is not playing?

    A: Because man... I think Jeremy is going to have a good game. And he almost seemingly always does. Why is this happening man?!?!? Jeremy is being repressed! Ugh! Ahh! Now Jeremy is playing 20 minutes only when Harden comes back and he scores 8 points! Ahhh! Ughh! Lin being marginalized! But he scored 20 in the game without Harden and the Rockets looked fine! Why! The Rockets don't know what they have! Ahhh!

    A to the A: I understand. Look at the initial readings above for guidance! What role does Harden have on this team? Penetrating initiator with two three point shooters on the wings and two great finishing big men. What role does Lin have on this team? Penetrating initiator with two three point shooters on the wings and two below average finishing big men. But hey... it turns out... if you put Lin with the two great finishing big men, he suddenly "gets more offensive ability to create and blow up," and looks competent and even pretty good... Well yeah dude! Spacing is a billion times better for him in this role and he doesn't have to be mauled by multiple defenders. It's just basketball logic. So yes. If it's basketball logic for why Jeremy succeeds, it is also logic for why he fails. The two are mutually exclusive! There's no conspiracy in the team. Jeremy Lin is not being shunned! Jeremy Lin also does not have a bi-polar disorder, (and/or whatever other ridiculous comments have been started on this board). Jeremy Lin is simply a product of his system. There is only the system. THE SYSTEM DOMINATES ALL RESULTS. (Speaking of systems, there is a lot of racism going on at this site. Word.)

    - The Lin-Hamilton-Parsons-Dmo-Asik unit shouldn't run the R&R. It's not a matter of "getting the hang of it," the unit as a whole simply can't run it properly.

    - You can't fit a round peg into a square hole. Or is it the other way around? Who cares! The point is that the R&R system is clearly not the system for a bench unit that could never dream of executing it properly with their collective skillsets. SO... Instead of forcing that unit to play it... they should play another system! A simple system that doesn't need to be invented with 20+ games left in a season! Pick N' Roll! Or maybe even just some sort of basic spread system! Have Hamilton/Parsons sit in the corners where their men can't leave them, have Asik set a screen at the top of the key in PnRs with Lin and have Dmo sit on the baseline for a 15ft jumper he can actually make(?!?). Initial PnR action with kickouts to corner 3's! A rolling cutter and a baseline J for Dmo instead of his terrible 3's! Maximize the corner three while playing a system that unclogs the lane! And while you're at it, start playing at a slower pace when the bench unit is in to fully take advantage of Asik's great rim protecting! All of this sounds logical! And you only have to do it for at maximum 10-15 minutes per game in the regular season! Probably only 8-10 in the playoffs! Exclamation points!
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  2. Gimmmethemike

    Gimmmethemike Member

    Apr 21, 2009
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    Too long didn't read... Good night.
  3. Rockets12

    Rockets12 Member

    Feb 27, 2011
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    Lol at the "A Must read for Lin Fans" part.
  4. PatBeverleyFan

    Mar 10, 2013
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    Great post! Would have repped if I could.
  5. CometsWin

    CometsWin Breaker Breaker One Nine

    May 15, 2000
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    Apparently defense doesn't exist in the LOF world but when Lin stinks it's not because of his play but rather because of coaching, systems, teammates, and racism. Great.
  6. mr. 13 in 33

    mr. 13 in 33 Member

    Oct 23, 2010
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  7. Aleron

    Aleron Contributing Member

    Jun 24, 2010
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    Will people stop calling reading the defense read and react, that's not what read and react is, and every single offense in the history of the nba reads and reacts to the defense, it's literally what basketball iq is.
  8. Zboy

    Zboy Contributing Member

    Aug 19, 2002
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    Pat Beverley?

  9. meh

    meh Contributing Member

    Jun 16, 2002
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    tl;dr version. Not Lin's fault he's sucking. Rockets just hate the guy. Can't blame a guy for having employers that hate him and make him fail.
  10. Penetrate&Creat

    Jan 12, 2013
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    legit TL;DR

    going to bed
  11. reliableman

    reliableman Member

    Jun 23, 2011
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    I think I get what you wanted to say, but I didn't read the whole thing. It's not about Lin...it's about the way we play our bench. Some good points made. Also, it's REALLY hard to tell when you're serious or kidding, but I enjoy the mystery.
  12. cmellon

    cmellon Member

    Dec 17, 2002
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    Please summarize in one paragraph.
  13. PositivityDome

    Nov 1, 2012
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    I thank you for posting in my thread, and it is true that the PBev led teams have higher DTRs than the Lin led teams! You make a great point! I too am a Comets fan! Sheryl Swoopes was a true baller that H-Town should always be proud of!

    That is A-okay! I realize my post was very long! I hope you are enjoying the Rockets win over the defending champion Heat!

    Sidenote!: I watched 13 in 33 live and remember it! It was amazing! I was sure that game was over but of course TMac had other plans! Ha! Ha! It was just a shame the stands had emptied out and missed that historic moment! If only Tracy's back would've held up, I truly believe Houston would've had at least TWO titles from the TMac + Yao years!

    There have been numerous instances from the Rockets players' social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, etc) in which all members of the teams have shown great camaraderie! More importantly, this level of brotherly love and spirit of the team is at heights never seen since the Tmac + Yao days with the scrappy Sura + Barry + Other Misc. Roleplayers way past their prime group! The Rockets love Jeremy Lin and Jeremy loves them as well!

    The Rockets organization is also truly an elite one! Daryl Morey has turned a decimated and aging roster (Post-Yao Ming) into a young upstart franchise on the rise! (And with capspace in 2015!!!) Expertly handled finances and recruitment of two big stars in two consecutive years screams A+ level management skills!

    Thank you! PBev had a great game tonight! Set the tone defensively AND offensively with that barrage of threes at the beginning of the game! It was an amazing sight to behold!

    Tomorrow's game against Orlando should be very intense! Last season when the Lakers (With Dwight) played Orlando, the game was extremely heated! Orlando has a bit of a vendetta against D12 for the way he left there. The atmosphere should be amazing and if push comes to shove, I know PBev will be there to stand up to the adversity!
  14. Alvin Choo

    Alvin Choo Member

    Aug 11, 2007
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    the system is there, the shots are there. If the personal do not fit the system, then stop the 5 in 5 out rotations.

    Lin is producing with the system? Then put him in to rest Harden. Asik and DMO cannot play above the rim? Then have either Jones or Dwight there.
    Hamilton's man not leaving him open? Then have him play more minutes with Dwight/Harden.

    Its all about the rotation. And its the coaches who have to decide. Yes, the starting 5 are much better playing together, but whats the point when your bench 5 is giving up points?
  15. ribbit

    ribbit Member

    Jan 17, 2011
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    Good read.

    Short version:

    R&R game applicable to starters, because the skill set required of players is perfect fit. R&R is not applicable to bench because of mismatch in talents. Bench needs more P&R or set offense.
  16. Deckard

    Deckard Blade Runner
    Supporting Member

    Mar 28, 2002
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    I think you're positivity trying too hard.

  17. Yohohoho

    Yohohoho Member

    Jul 7, 2013
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    Up for anything. Bench have got to start producing.
  18. CometsWin

    CometsWin Breaker Breaker One Nine

    May 15, 2000
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    Yes, defense matters. Lin has free rein off the bench to go crazy with the offense. They want him to come in, push the pace, and throw in a bunch of hoops when Harden goes out. He's just not doing it. He's hesitant, he's indecisive with the ball, and does not have the ball handling skills to beat good pressure. He seems to lack the kind of confidence that he needs to do his job. Instead of coming into the game gunslinger style like Jason Terry or Manu or any number of very good sixth men in past years he's just passive and timid. He too often gets stuck with nowhere to go and jumps to pass to nobody. What it looks like is he's a college shooting guard trying to play NBA point guard. Defensively he just seems to get lost at critical times. That open three to Dragic last week was a great example. There was no excuse to even let Dragic catch the ball without pressure behind the three point line, much less let him take a three. If he doesn't break out of this in the next few weeks then Canaan should get time so he can get some experience before the playoffs. I just hope Lin isn't thinking of his play like his fans. It's not McHale's fault or his teammates or the system, it's just him. He just needs to play better, the team needs him to play better. If you have an open shot, make it. If you have the ball, go make something happen. Do something, no excuses. If you want to run a pick and roll, call it and run it. You don't have to ask permission. This isn't high school.
  19. benchmoochie

    benchmoochie Contributing Member

    Nov 17, 2003
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    LIN is scared to make mistakes
  20. HardenWay

    HardenWay Member

    Nov 11, 2013
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    You have a really basic idea of what our read and react offense it. It is not, dribble penetration then score or pass it off.

    Read and react just means, read the defense and react to it. It doesn't have to be from dribble penetration.

    You state passing the ball into the post is not read and react...it is. Dwight needs to read the double team, where it is coming from, who is double and then react. The player who catches the pass from the post then reads and reacts. Shot the open shot or if being closed out make the next pass.

    You have a set, then react based on the defense.

    The problem with the bench is that Lin is playing like **** and Asik still hasn't got his gas tank back (He is playing hard but clearly wants to start somewhere else). The idea is Asik holds down the defense, spread the floor so Lin has room to create 1on1 or with the pnr.

    Against Miami the pace was to much for the bench. Dmo is still young, Asik's tank, Lin's confidence.

    The other key, the most important problem with the bench is DEFENSE! Miami made there run based on having so many open looks because our bench couldn't deal with the pace of the game.

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