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Sell or Sign

Discussion in 'Houston Rockets: Game Action & Roster Moves' started by Coach E, Feb 26, 2022.

  1. Aruba77

    Aruba77 Contributing Member

    Jul 7, 1999
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    but how do we have the minutes to develop all of these players? I like guys like Martin and KPJ too, but I don’t see how we have minutes to develop more than half the guys on the list.
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  2. steddinotayto

    steddinotayto Contributing Member

    Aug 10, 2001
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    I've been pulling for Porter since the beginning. I think the experiment to put him into the point guard/playmaking player made sense but it's clear that that shouldn't be his role. People wonder "well if he's not a good shooter and he can't be starting-caliber point guard then what can he do??" probably forgot that Porter did pretty damn well last year (and this year) when the objective for him was just to try and score. If he continues to develop his game (keeping his defense to a respectable level), at worst, he'd be a fantastic 6th man.
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  3. JayGoogle

    JayGoogle Member

    Nov 3, 2007
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    People way underrate athleticism on this forum in particular. So with Sengun they see a skilled 19 year old who could only get better while ignoring that his lack of agility or vertical might put a ceiling on how good he could be. Doesn't mean he will be a bad player but Sengun might just be a very good starting center in the league in his prime.

    Meanwhile, they ignore Green's athleticism and how that means his ceiling is just higher...it just is. Because the more skills Green gets the easier it will be for him to dominate games with his speed, agility, and vertical.

    While there are guys that have got by with mediocre athleticism (and this is relative. I know Sengun is more athletic than 99% of the population) it just is the exception when it comes to star players. Everyone says Jokic but there is one Jokic. What we actually might have is a taller Luis Scola, which is a nice player to have.

    I think anyone selling Green now is HIGHLY impatient. He's actually been the best offensive rookie the past month or so, putting up the most points with the highest Orating among rookies that matter (guys that's played enough minutes to matter) so he has actually been getting better and better...and he's 20 years old.

    People want RIGHT NOW but for players like Green, it wasn't going to be right now. I blame the gleague narrative for this, the whole "Most NBA READY" narrative has hurt the perception people have of him...but he's a super athletic guard that is still working on his skills. If he gets those down his ceiling is all-star and if his defense continues to get better than his ceiling is...who knows. We're not even close to seeing the finish product here, we're like 5 seasons away from it.

    Sengun is working against it. He can be an all-star player but the team is going to have to tune up his usage a lot more and play through him a lot more so he can develop. It doesn't seem like Silas is the coach that wants to play through a post player that much so Sengun, on the Rockets at least, better improve his shot.

    All in all, these are both good prospects, along with KPJ, could develop into stars...keyword...Develop. That means they will look bad sometimes, terrible even, and sometimes they'll flash.

    That's what makes star players star players. Consistency. If they were consistently good then they'd already be star players.

    Also, before people get all excited about whoever we draft next they should also understand that we'll be drafting another 20 year old player that will have to grow into a star. That's what we should expect, at least.
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  4. Astrodome

    Astrodome Member

    Apr 23, 2015
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    Tate - sign and trade
    Wall - trade if possible
    Jgup - keep and play
    Jalen - keep and grow
    Gordon - retire jersey #10
    Sengun - meh
    Wood - trade for a 1st if possible
    Nix - put on strict diet
    Silas - fire
    KPJ - 1 more year
    KM jr - explore trade value

    Draft height
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  5. Aruba77

    Aruba77 Contributing Member

    Jul 7, 1999
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    Couldn’t agree with you more. I would have no problem extending him at $10-15 mil a year if he would be okay playing the 6th man role. Take Nwaba’s $5 mil and find the rest in cap space. If he continues to improve his shooting he can be a better 6th man than Lou Williams in his prime (and I really liked Lou Williams).

    the problem is that if you commit to KPJ as the 6th man there really is no place for Christopher. I honestly think the rockets are ultimately gonna have to chose between those two.
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    Last edited: Feb 28, 2022
  6. Bobbythegreat

    Bobbythegreat Member

    Jan 23, 2013
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    I think he's been just fine at PG considering it's really his first full season at the position. He started the season pretty rough, but since the first of the year his assists have been up and his turnovers have been down while shooting over 40% from 3.

    He' d look even better if he had a shooting guard next to him that could shoot and Sengun out there to help keep things moving off ball.

    If you look at who Green passes to, who he sets up for assists, he foolishly attempts to set up Jalen Green more than anyone else but Wood and Jalen Green is only managing to shoot 35% on shots after KPJ sets him up....basically the lowest of anyone still on the team.

    To compare that to other teammates, Mathews is shooting 45% after passes from KPJ, Sengun 43.8%, KMJ 43.9%, Wood 51.8%, Gordon 43.6%, Tate 46.9%

    Basically he's wasting his time passing to his worst teammate WAY too much.....more than 20% of his total passes, and that has really hurt his numbers.

    Now, that said, I like that they like one another, and I like that KPJ still keeps trying to get his scrub teammate going despite how terrible at basketball he's been this year. I think the 2 players could eventually complement one another if Green ever develops into an NBA caliber player. That's what I'm hoping for.

    When it comes to the 2 of them, I'm concerned about KPJ's mental state and I'm concerned about Jalen Green's basketball ability. If those 2 players fail, I feel like that will be the reason.
  7. sydmill

    sydmill Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Or you find a way to make the pieces fit. Look, KPJ may not be the perfect ying to Green's yang but he is one of the few two way players that the Rockets have. None of the guys that Green has (unfortunately) been compared to played with a pure point guard. MJ had Paxson/Armstrong and later Harper, Kobe played with Derek Fisher and Lavine plays next to Lonzo Ball. I think that KPJ can be as good or better than all of those guys in the role of secondary playmaker and defender. I think Lonzo is kind of exactly what KPJ should be trying to mimic. Defend hard and either spot up when playing with Green or be the primary ball handler when their minutes are staggered.
  8. jim1961

    jim1961 Member

    Jan 26, 2010
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    So, we have one player most agree we should keep. Hmmm. This is going to be a very long rebuild.
  9. eliefor3

    eliefor3 Member

    Mar 8, 2019
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    I think garuba is a year in dleague for me until he starts to dominate. Another thing they helps with development is defined roles. Rather then telling kmj you have to be good at everything, you say you are going to be 2nd or 3rd guy off the be bench, we need you to develop your 3 and your defense bc your niche is play defense, use athleticism to run out and cut or shoot 3s.
  10. Nook

    Nook Member

    Jun 27, 2008
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  11. Le$$

    Le$$ Member

    May 28, 2016
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    Wood was sold, KPJ + Segun package for a Star?
    Tate and Martin as well.

    Do the rockets have bidders yet come trade deadline?. Who knows.

    I would sell on these two and rebuild around Jalen.
  12. T for 3

    T for 3 I'm having fun.

    Mar 27, 2012
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    Only thing I would change about this now is Sell Tate - Sign Garuba
  13. ApacheWarrior

    ApacheWarrior Member

    Aug 3, 2017
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    Your game is whack....is it about building a losing franchise for the next 10 years? Is that the
  14. napalm06

    napalm06 John Lucas University™
    Supporting Member

    Sep 30, 2008
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    Cleverly disguised "I'm unaware that Garuba is the greatest 3 point shooter in history" post

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