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[Sekou Smith's Hang Time Blog] UP 3, TIME RUNNING DOWN: FOUL OR DEFEND?

Discussion in 'Houston Rockets: Game Action & Roster Moves' started by TTNN, Nov 21, 2013.

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    Nov 16, 2012
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    Very interesting read, and it is nice to see how different coaches explain how they would like to address this situation, and compare to what they did, or how their team executed in game.

    Ironically, I found this McHale's sports790 interview podcast after they came back from the NYK game, and sure enough, the first question was about the foul situation.

    <iframe width="670" height="377" scrolling="no" src="http://www.sports790.com/player/embed.html?autoStart=false&useFullScreen=true&mid=23981820&startButtonColor=0xA33335&share=http%3A//www.sports790.com/media/podcast-kbmeam-podcast-790interviews/pallilo-with-mchale-111513-23981820/&podcastFeed=790interviews.xml&programName=podcast" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" ></iframe>


    Start at 1:10.

    What I found the most strange part is starting at 2:10 when McHale start to talk about the Philadelphia game, and he basically talking about that they do not want to foul early, but does want to do that when the clock winding down. And then he proceed to call out a player mistake, that Jeremy did not see the ball pass over, and when James Anderson got the ball, he had one dribble, and get the shot off. McHale was saying that when James Anderson having that one dribble, Jeremy should reach in at that time to foul, but he didn't.

    That is what I feel the most strange part. Well, in Philadelphia game, it is a different situation to what we were in NYK, as in 4th quater, Rockets had only 2 team foul, thus we had one foul to give, so as long as the team is not foul at the shooting motion, 76er don't even get free throws. So there is no argument whether you want to foul or not, or whether you will get into continuation risk, you for sure should foul, and let them reset and cut down the shot clock.


    If you look at the play here, 76er guard Tony Wroten receive the ball and give it a good 7-8 s dribble from top of the key to the base line. Beverley was guarding Tony, and when a very soft screen comes, he switched! And left Dwight alone chasing the guard around the court. Instead of recovering or double on Tony to keep pressure on the ball handler, Beverley stayed in the paint and trying to box out their center. Come on, it is obvious 76er are looking for a 3, and you are boxing out a center under the basket?

    Since Rocket has a foul to give, fouling Tony is the best situation as he is in no shooting mode. However, by the way Beverley and Howard played, there is obviously no intention to foul.

    Yet, after the ball was passed to James Anderson, Jeremy is in no position to foul, as with that quick of motion, if the initial foul was not seen by the referee, it could be easily a continuation or a shooting foul, that would be three free throws, which totally defeated the purpose of fouling and wasted the foul to give.

    That' why I totally don't understand, this play cost us a win, and it is not in game response, or not even after game interview. This is two days after the game, and McHale for sure have enough time to review the tape, and analysed the execution. yet he would give this answer to the media.

    It is really hard to say whether it was a coaching mistake or team did not execute well, but even we consider it is an execution mistake, there are multiple players on the team did not execute well, McHale could simplely admit the team did not execute in perfection, but he actually called a player out, strangely.

    I know there is a thread regarding McHale do not trust Jeremy or something like that, I don't want to go with that conspiracy theory, but, isn't that more scary if our head coach really think that way? I mean two days after the lost, and with all the time of tape review and McHale would draw that kind of conclusion? (I'm actually haven't talking about that he is not owning his mistake even, but dump that on your player?)​

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