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QFTOS: What the Lakers fans think~

Discussion in 'Houston Rockets: Game Action & Roster Moves' started by raskol, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. raskol

    raskol Contributing Member

    Jul 18, 2012
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    It's the old all stars vs the new age. The Lakers are coming into H-town on a 3 game losing streak and won't like to lose this one. Kobe's been talking about showing what they're made of in their next 3 games starting with us, make or break he says, so expect a dangerous old team with their backs against the wall. Also, Nash has made a challenge to his team to keep their opponents to under 25 a quarter. It'll be interesting to see whether we can overcome their attempts to slow down tomorrow's game. You can bet that's what McHale's drilling into our boys as we speak. Over 100 or under? What do you guys think?
    I'll start early as we have a day to go and add interesting comments as we go. Go Rockets!

    Source: http://forums.lakersground.net/viewtopic.php?t=154998
    Source: http://lakernation.com/forums/index...ames-will-they-decide-the-lakers-post-season/


    "I say we win this one lol, Lakers 105 Rockets 102"
    "Lol. Oh boy, Rockets are playing well right now. It going to be hard to snap their winning streak @ their home. Look forward for Harden going to the line a lot w/ his flopping jerky body movement against us."

    "Rockets by 30."

    "With Howard, Pau, and Hill out, the Rockets should take advantage of the lack of a decent frontcourt. Most of the Rockets are young and willing to run, and this will be evident tomorrow. Prepare to watch a fun game because the Rockets will always be running. Basically the only way any team wins against the Rockets is by running with them and playing good transition defense. So if the Lakers can't run with the Rockets, then prepare to watch a blowout. However, word is Parsons is questionable, so if he doesn't play that goves Kobe a much easier night. Overall, it should be a good game, but the Rockets are streaking and the Lakers are down even with Howard and Gasol."
    "Don't you belong on Clutchfans or something?" - The poster above is named "rocketsexpert"

    "LA Lakers: 119 Houston Rockets: 83"
    "Rockets 112 Lakers 100"

    "I want to say we win but it will be hard. Rockets offense flat out scary. Harden and Lin might penetrate at will and Asik will neutralize Dwight, Gasol will be drawn out to the 3 point line by their stretch 4. their bench packs a wallop..."

    "Laker fans, THIS is the definition of a must win, this season. Not a game vs the clippers,or the heat,or the thunder, NO. any game vs a mediocre-bad team, is a must win"

    "The Clippers aren't playing well right now, we are better than Houston, we SHOULD beat Denver, we should lose to OKC but they just lost to Brooklyn and are vulnerable to loss, and San Antonio is a great team but I think they can be defeated for sure."

    "Nothing to see here, Lakers are going to get destroyed."

    "Defeating Denver and Houston is vital because of the standings position."

    "We need to slow the game down and force them to play half court.
    If we run with rockets, it will be ugly. They dismantled the Knicks and other fast paced teams"

    "can we get a rain delay?"

    "without lakers having any serious shotblocking power harden and Lin gonna attack rim relentlessly...and Asik will probably have 20-20 night...cant see how lakers win this one except some miraculous chemistry occurs due to a hard time team is going through and new players being in rotation getting opportunity to show up...watchout also for undrafted rookie Greg Smith he had a career high last time 20 something on a high percentage and all that with dwight being there..."

    "Asik gonna have a career night, most likely in REBs."

    "Hopefully the Rockets get overconfident and lose."

    "Between Harden and Lin (who is playing better) this will get very ugly. The only semi-good thing is that we're not expected to win like we were before when we were at full strength."

    1st Half

    "I love Parsons."
    "Parson... Laker killer"
    "Kobe is gonna make Parsons a millionaire"
    "Dang, Parsons plays good against the Lakers."

    "Rockets keep attacking us by running straight to the paint. But Harden is cold as ice right now."
    "Eurostep aka travel right there"
    "Some how harden picks up his dribble behind the free throw line and gets all the way to the basket without traveling"

    "delfino always kills us"
    "Leaving Delfino open is a no no. He can drain those shots"
    "Stop leaving carlos open."
    "(bleep) OFF DELFINO, (bleep) scrubs playing ball (bleep)."
    "Adios lead."

    "delfino is gonna score 30 at this pace"
    "Freaking Delfino. No one is seeing him"

    "Lin is so overrated. He been nothing but disappoint since he's on the ROckets."
    "Lin that little (bleep) (bleep)"
    "Linscrubity blowing by our defense."
    "Lin = most overrated NBA player."
    "Jamison can't contain Lin!*This is how low this dude hit!*Like through the Earth and hit the bottom of the Universe."

    "nash and kobe could be the best backcourt in the NBA (besides wade and lebron) if we play small ball all the time"

    "LOL. Harden just pulled a Kobe."
    "KOBE MAD!!"
    "I hate Harden's game....all he does is try to get the defender into a foul."
    "When will they call a travel on that Eurodubstep biatch Harden?"
    "no can stay in front of harden"
    "Harden needs to be guarded better... jesus"
    "james harden what a talent"
    "Need help defense on Harden"
    "Kobe owned by harden lol"

    2nd Half

    "hmm. oh well. good plays by houston*
    we are just a weaker team overall"

    "Just like that. Rockets got the lead."
    "Here is where the blowout begins"
    "Rockets getting to the hoop at will"
    "Rockets living in the paint."
    "3rd quarter collapse incoming..."

    "Parson is a VERY good defender."
    "f*** you chandler parsons! even though i think you’re great"
    "I wish he was a Laker."
    "me too."
    "LMAO at Parsons looking like a superstar."

    "How the hell is Asik making 5 mill a year for being a scrub?"
    "hack a sheik"
    "smh racism"
    "Asik is starting to look like a steal this season""

    "Jordan would be a jealous of the touch fouls Harden gets."
    "Harden flops every possession, both offensively and defensively"
    "Harden getting the wade treatment."
    "Harden is almost unstoppable."
    "damn i wish harden was on the lakers. beast."
    "if you look at Harden long enough it will be a technical"
    "Harden gets away with a lot of contact...he hacks guys on his way to the basket"

    "harden is a poser."
    "I know Bin Laden wants his beard back brotha"
    "that beard is just gross, i don't understand why he thinks it's the coolest thing that ever happened to him."
    "it can look allright, he needs a little trim, and you think with all that money this cat has he hasnt fixed his f ed up teeth yet. Some people are just lucky i guess, to have straight teeth"
    "Is he posing as a homeless man?"

    "i think that harden might actually travel more than lebron. i know that sounds crazy, but i might be right."
    "he travelled as u typed that"

    "James harden is a far better passer/assist-racker than kobe. he played some point in OKC,and is avg over 5 assist per this season."

    "23 fta's to 13, most in the 2nd half whenever anyone would look cross at Harden or Lin."

    "Ohh man Houston's announcers SUCK!!!!"
    "Houston commentators are big homers."
    "they are not big homers, they are just terrible"
    "super terrible"
    "super extra terrible"

    "holy (bleep) delfino is in"
    "how the hell are they leaving Delfino time and again?"
    "What's delfinos contract? Get him Mitch!"
    "Delfino should die."
    "i f***ing hate delfino"
    "Screw Delfino, seriously"
    "somebody kill delfino."
    "delfino da god"
    "Delfino is terrible, shooting 28% on 3′s for the year, just hot this game (in part because he has been wide open, but also just lucky)."
    "Lakers turning Carlos Delfino into Larry Bird"
    "lol Delfino faces"
    "lol the duck face"

    "Oh well that was a fun 20 minutes"

    "Argh. Rockets are hot again."

    "worst perimeter defense i've seen in my life from this year's team"
    "Kobe can’t guard harden! Come on mike use your head or your mustach!"

    "as a spurs fan i find it very laughable when the lakers think the league is out to get them. stern even said his ideal nba finals is lakers vs lakers lmao.*
    as for the fouls, harden/lin (and even parsons when they bite on his pump) are getting layups near every time. the only way the lakers have been able to routinely stop the penetration is with the "bumps" everyone is referring to. but really, look how many times defenders are jumping at harden at the 3 point line. literally jumping"
    "I do not agree with your opinion."

    "96 points in 3 quarters...LOL"
    "How did this get away from us? Jesus..."
    "The have 100 in 3 Quarters"
    "That escalated in a hurry"

    "Lin for 3 what the heck?"
    "Jeremy Lin channels DFish"
    "Lin shoots rainbows"
    "Lin woke up."
    "now jeremy lin is penetrating at will"
    "Lin driving the ball in and sacre fouls..times like these you miss Howard."
    "Why did MWP insist on making Lin (a terrible defender) look like Lebron James there?"
    "Make Lin go left. Amazing how we play like we don't have scouts or scouting reports"
    "Lin just travelled before the dribble, no call, then gets fouled for a 3 point Play. Good work refs."
    "i mean the guy only goes right!!!!!"
    "jeremy lin never goes left, make him go left lol"
    "Lin's so good when he's not shooting. Guy should just drive all the time."

    "holy **** just tuned in. Lin is destroying MWP. Why the **** is he guarding Lin? He can’t check quick PG any more."

    They jump on Nash = NO CALL!*
    Touch on Lin and Harden = FT!

    "9 point game feels like a 30 point deficit."
    "Well at least having the lead was fun for a little while"

    "Game over. Thanks Kobe"

    "Why are people even criticizing right now? Did you ever think that we could beat the Rockets with the people we have left? We are basically playing a bunch of D-league players with a 34 yr old Kobe and a 38 year old Nash. Rockets should be embarassed"

    "when harden goes off it dosent feel like hero ball."

    "No one ever fouls in Houston, they're magical."

    "This is why Houston is 11 of their last 15"

    "Everybody was asking what the heck the rockets were doing this year? They looked like a 15 win team this summer. Instead they got Asik, Lin, and Harden and will win 45+ games."

    "Well it was good while it lasted. That's a dagger by Lin."

    "I can't believe we had a 14 pt lead at one point."
    "we SUCK so much"

    "rockets are penetrating at will"
    "we allow more penetration that a prostitute"
    "The Lakers are playing the Prostitute defense."*
    "more penetration..."

    "Lakers letting another PG rip em apart"

    "this team is done.. no playoffs"

    "Houston's gonna score at least a buck twenty on us.."
    "Saved by the clock, they ONLY scored 125 points on the Lakers...." 
    "We ran out of gas."

    "we knew we'd lose this game anyway. tomorrow will be funny to watch, i predict spurs by 30"

    "how are the rockets 21-14? mediocre talent"

    "LA outplayed HOU for three fourhs of this game—unfortunately, that twelve minute stretch from the middle of the third through the first half of the fourh was so lopsided in HOU’s favor, LA couldn’t survive it."

    "Houston is #1 offensive team. It's not that surprise that the Rockets dropped 120+ points on a team."

    "this hurts a lot"

    It seems to be evenly divided among those that know that a whooping is coming and those who have no idea who the Rockets are. We'll see soon enough.
    #1 raskol, Jan 7, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2013
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  2. Carl Herrera

    Carl Herrera Contributing Member

    Feb 16, 2007
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    Contrary to one of the quotes, Omer hasn't been that good against DH. Greg Smith was better and was part of the bench group that helped in a comeback win. We will see how it plays out this time around.
  3. bongman

    bongman Member

    May 20, 2002
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    Rockets will definitely slow the game down if 4th quarter is close by fouling DH :grin:
  4. roxxy

    roxxy Member

    Jul 4, 2012
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    The Knicks aren't a fast pace team. In fact they are really slow. The Spurs are the only team faster than us I believe & they beat us. Can't wait until after the game. Hopefully we win & we see some more QFTOS.
  5. cw3k

    cw3k Member

    Dec 18, 2012
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    Lakers is pathetic. Watching their game is painful. So many great players, ZERO chemistry.
  6. SuperStar

    SuperStar Member

    Jan 13, 2008
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    Not Bill Walton Not Bill Walton ‏@NotBillWalton

    Thoughts of self doubt Am I a fish? Do I have gills? Will you eat me? I REFUSE to give in to these thoughts. #strongwill #countonchallenges
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  7. just a word

    just a word Member

    Nov 14, 2012
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    I loved that you started this thread early! I would also love to see this for the other games actually, just to get a sense of the buzz.
  8. Someguy1229

    Someguy1229 Member

    Jun 22, 2009
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    Surprising since we beat them just a month ago.
  9. onreego

    onreego Member

    Jan 29, 2008
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    Time to hack a ho
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  10. raskol

    raskol Contributing Member

    Jul 18, 2012
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    Half of the Lakers fans are still in denial. Maybe I would be too with the squad they have. Metta had predicted before the season began that they would challenge the 72-10 record the Bulls put up.
    But definitely we are playing better basketball right now and we should play to run em back to LA with a spanking. They talk a good game of slowing us down, but they just lack the speed. My only concern is that we've been starting off really slow lately. We'll see.
  11. cytrynowa

    cytrynowa Member

    Nov 17, 2012
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    "mediocre-bad team"?

    **** off
  12. theaesirsfinest

    Jul 21, 2012
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    HAH, another gem by NBW.

    Despite feeling slightly sympathetic towards the knowledgeable Lakers fans out there...after reading the following hot garbage,

    "mediocre-bad team" "LA Lakers: 119 Houston Rockets: 83"

    I want to blow these b****es out of the water.
  13. BraveFox

    BraveFox Member

    Nov 3, 2012
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    ditto...Idea of the month!
  14. Nero

    Nero Member

    Jun 12, 2002
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    If anything throws a wrench into our beating the Lakers, it will be foul trouble, Kobe getting the star calls, killing our momentum and putting Harden on the bench early in foul trouble.

    Other than that, what can they do? Kobe can't beat us by himself, not any more, and we will just run them ragged, just like everyone else lately.
  15. cytrynowa

    cytrynowa Member

    Nov 17, 2012
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    83 -- LOL

    #1 points scored vs a team with defensive troubles -- yeah, Rockets are gonna score 83.

    Maybe if both Harden and Lin have some sausage.
  16. sophiaaa19

    sophiaaa19 Member

    Nov 22, 2012
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    But really, same here. Disrespecting our team when they are clearly below us.
  17. cytrynowa

    cytrynowa Member

    Nov 17, 2012
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    Is Dwight playing? If he's out, I can't imagine anyone stopping the Rockets.
  18. DAROckets

    DAROckets Contributing Member

    May 8, 1999
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    I think he's out ... undergoing mri today,just reported on espn
  19. teebone21

    teebone21 Member

    Dec 4, 2011
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    if parsons continues to suck on offense like he has the last few games we will lose.
  20. NotApollo33

    NotApollo33 Member

    Oct 28, 2012
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    Laker b****es

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