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Discussion in 'NBA Draft' started by gucci888, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. gucci888

    gucci888 Contributing Member

    May 20, 2002
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    With a little over 3 days til the draft, I wanted to post my mock draft just for fun. Feel free to comment, bash, or do your own mock as well:

    1. Milwaukee- Andrew Bogut: Always draft big first, 7 footer w/ skills.
    2. Atlanta- Chris Paul: They need a PG and Paul fits the bill.
    3. Portland- Marvin Williams: I think they might trade the pick, but if not...
    4. New Orleans- Deron Williams: Stock has skyrocketed, good PG for future.
    5. Charlotte- Gerald Green: Great shooter and very athletci.
    6. Utah- Raymond Felton: Best PG not named Chris Paul & Deron Williams.
    7. Toronto- Danny Granger: A SF that does everything.
    8. New York- Channing Frye: They need a true C that blocks and rebounds.
    9. Golden State- Hakim Warrick: A big guy that could run w/ BD & JRich.
    10. LA Lakers- Andrew Bynum: They need a big guy, period.
    11. Orlando- Joey Graham: Would make up for lost years w/ Hill.
    12. LA Clippers- Martel Webster: They can't resist the high schoolers.
    13. Charlotte- Sean May: A May/Okafor front court would be pretty good.
    14. Minnesota- Antoine Wright: Good scorer, would replace Spree.
    15. New Jersey- Charlie Villanueva: Odom-esk player, good fit w/ Kidd, VC.
    16. Toronto- Roko Leni Ukic: Foreign project w/ supposedly a sick game.
    17. Indiana- Rashad McCants: Good scorer.
    18. Boston- Yaroslav Korolev: Foreign SF project.
    19. Memphis- Julius Hodge: Little high, but has intangibles West loves.
    20. Denver- Francisco Garcia: They need a SG, Garcia fits the bill nicely.
    21. Phoenix- Fran Vasquez: Unlikely to fall this low, but what the hell.
    22. Denver- Johan Petro: They need some real size upfront.
    23. Sacramento- Ike Diogu: Won't fall this low, gets picked just to piss us off.
    24. Houston- Wayne Simien: Cliche'd but would be a great pick.
    25. Seattle- Jarrett Jack: Good backup for Ridnour, entirely different game.

    Too lazy to do the rest.
  2. micah1j

    micah1j Member

    Jun 12, 2002
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    1. Milwaukee- Andrew Bogut
    2. Atlanta- Marvin Williams
    3. Portland- Gerald Green
    4. New Orleans- Chris Paul
    5. Charlotte- Deron Williams
    6. Utah- Raymond Felton
    7. Toronto- Danny Granger
    8. New York- Channing Frye
    9. Golden State- Fran Vazquez
    10. LA Lakers- Martell Webster
    11. Orlando- Yaroslav Korelev
    12. LA Clippers- Antoine Wright
    13. Charlotte- Joey Graham
    14. Minnesota- Hakim Warrick
    15. New Jersey- Sean May
    16. Toronto- Johan Petro
    17. Indiana- Rashad McCants
    18. Boston- Roko-Leni Ukic
    19. Memphis- Ike Diogu
    20. Denver- Francisco Garcia
    21. Phoenix- Andrew Bynum
    22. Denver- Ersan Ilyasova
    23. Sacramento- Charlie Villanueva
    24. Houston- Wayne Simien
    25. Seattle- Andray Blatche
    26. Detroit- Julius Hodge
    27. Utah- Martynas Andriuskevicius
    28. San Antonio- C.J. Miles
    29. Miami- Jarrett Jack
    30. New York- Chris Taft
  3. oldman

    oldman Contributing Member

    Feb 18, 2003
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    1. Milwaukee- Andrew Bogut
    2. Atlanta- Marvin Williams
    3. Portland- Deron Williams
    4. New Orleans- Chris Paul
    5. Charlotte- Gerald Green
    6. Utah- Fran Vazquez
    7. Toronto- Danny Granger
    8. New York- Channing Frye
    9. Golden State- Joey Graham
    10. LA Lakers- Raymond Felton
    11. Orlando- Martell Webster
    12. LA Clippers- Yaroslav Korelev
    13. Charlotte- Sean May
    14. Minnesota- Antoine Wright

    19. Memphis- Jarrett Jack
    24. Houston- Wayne Simien
  4. mr_gootan

    mr_gootan Member

    May 23, 2001
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    1. Milwaukee- Andrew Bogut
    2. Atlanta- Marvin Williams
    3. Utah from Portland- Chris Paul
    4. New Orleans- Gerald Green
    5. Charlotte- Deron Williams
    6. LA Lakers from Portland From Utah- Raymond Felton
    7. Toronto- Channing Frye
    8. Memphis from New York- Danny Granger
    9. Golden State- Fran Vasquez
    10. Portland from LA Lakers- Martel Webster
    11. Orlando- Julius Hodge
    12. LA Clippers- Antoine Wright
    13. Charlotte- Hakim Warrick
    14. Minnesota- Joey Graham
    15. New Jersey- Sean May
    16. Toronto- Roko Leni Ukic
    17. Indiana- Ike Diogu
    18. Boston- Yaroslav Korolev
    19. New York from Memphis- Andrew Bynum
    20. Denver- Chris Taft
    21. Phoenix- Wayne Simien
    22. Denver- Rashad McCants
    23. Sacramento- Francisco Garcia
    24. Utah from Houston- Martynas Andriuskevicius
    34. Houston from Utah- Alan Anderson
    51. Houston from Utah from Chicago- Dwayne Jones
  5. Hakeem06

    Hakeem06 Member

    Aug 15, 2003
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    i sure as hell hope we don't trade ANOTHER 1st round pick. sorry but this draft isn't very deep at all and #24 probably wont get us a player that will give us the impact we need and two 2nd round picks probably won't even give us players who will make the active roster.
  6. micah1j

    micah1j Member

    Jun 12, 2002
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    Ya, we're trading our #24 for two second round scrubs! I don't think so. :rolleyes:

    Especially since there is a good chance both these guys will go undrafted!
  7. Dubious

    Dubious Contributing Member

    Jun 18, 2001
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    (my academic exercise)

    1. Bucks -Andrew Bogut C Utah

    2. Hawks -Marvin Williams SF UNC 6-9
    It's like taking all the good RB's in fantasy football. Someone will eventually overpay to get one of their young F's.

    3.jazz -Chris Paul PG Wake Forest 5-11
    Portland gets #6 and #27, they don't want the #3 anyway and the Jazz want one of the top PG's. Frankly I hope this doesn't happen.

    4. Hornets- Deron Williams PG Illinois 6-3

    5.Bobcats -Raymond Felton PG UNC 6-0
    Tarheels sell tickets

    6. Portland -Gerald Green SF/SG Gulf Shores Academy 6-8
    Probably the same player they would have taken but better choice with #6 that #3 and they get.....

    7. Toronto -Danny Granger 6-8 225 SF

    8. Knicks -Channing Frye PF/C Arizona 6-10

    9. Warriors -Joey Graham 6-7 225 SF

    10. Lakers - Roko-Leni Ukic 6-5 185 PG
    Have to take the best PG available if they can't move up.

    11. Magic -Fran Vasquez C Spain 6-11

    12. Clippers -Antoine Wright SG/SF Texas A&M 6-7

    13. Bobcats -Sean May 6-8 260
    I know, this makes no sense but it makes the Carolina fans happy

    14. Timberwolves - Martell Webster 6-7 235 SG/SF

    15. Nets- Hakim Warrick SF/PF Syracuse 6-8

    16. Raptors- Rashad McCants 6-4 207 SG
    He will be so unhappy in Canada they will think he is Vince Carter's cousin.

    17. Pacers - Francisco Garcia G Louisville 6-7
    Someone to finally replece Reggie

    18. Celtics - Charlie Villanueva 6-10 240 SF/PF

    19. Grizzlies - Ike Diogu 6-8 255 PF
    Mostly because the know the Rockets fans want him, bastards.

    20. Nuggets - Johan Petro 7-0 260 C

    21. Suns - Ersan Ilyasova 6-9 210 SF
    Let's hope the next Mursad Turksan or however you spell it

    22. Nuggets - Salim Stoudamire PG Arizona 6-1
    A first rounder when teams have to play D on him in thin air.

    23. Kings - Chris Taft 6-10 260 PF/C

    24. Rockets - Wayne Simien 6-9 255 PF
    Maybe not the biggest upside but he is ready right now to back-up J-Ho and could play in his place if he gets injured. Can't miss bench help is the safe bet for the team that busted on EG and hasn't had any #1 picks in years.

    25. Sonics - Julius Hodge SG NC State 6-7

    26. Pistons- Jarrett Jack 6-3 202 PG
    A Billups clone to be a back up

    27. Portland - Martynas Andriuskevicius 7-3 225 C
    A second Sabonis?

    28. Spurs - Andray Blatche 6-11 230 PF
    The next Robert Horry? Well after a couple of years in the NBADL

    29. Heat - Julius Hodge 6-7 205 SG/SF

    30. Knicks- Andrew Bynum 7-0 270 C
    Shaq envy
    #7 Dubious, Jun 26, 2005
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2005
  8. micah1j

    micah1j Member

    Jun 12, 2002
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    Very Dubious indeed! :D
  9. Dubious

    Dubious Contributing Member

    Jun 18, 2001
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    Dam, after about an hour, when you get to the bottom you sorta get lost, but I like him to Portland so I'll fix the Spurs. Nobody actually reads those Euro names anyway.
    #9 Dubious, Jun 26, 2005
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2005
  10. tierre_brown

    tierre_brown Contributing Member

    Jun 22, 2003
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    1) MIL- Andrew Bogut
    2) UTA (from ATL)- Marvin Williams
    3) POR- Gerald Green
    4) NO- Chris Paul
    5) CHA- Deron Williams
    6) ATL (from UTA)- Raymond Felton
    7) TOR- Danny Granger
    8) NY- Channing Frye
    9) GS- Fran Vazquez
    10) IND (from LAL)- Joey Graham
    11) ORL- Martell Webster
    12) LAC- Andrew Bynum
    13) CHA- Antoine Wright
    14) MIN- Jarret Jack
    15) NJ- Hakim Warrick
    16) TOR- Charlie Villanueva
    17) LAL (from IND)- Roko Ukic
    18) BOS- Ike Diogu
    19) MEM- Martynas Andrus...whatever
    20) DEN- Rashad McCants
    21) PHO- Johan Petro
    22) DEN- Francisco Garcia
    23) SAC- Sean May
    24) HOU- Wayne Simien
    25) SEA- Andray Blatche
    26) DET- Luther Head
    27) ATL (from UTA)- Chris Taft
    28) SA- Yaroslav Korolev
    29) MIA- Julius Hodge
    30) NY- David Lee
  11. Hakeem06

    Hakeem06 Member

    Aug 15, 2003
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    1. Bucks - Andrew Bogut
    they fall victim to the hype of Bogut, kick themselves down the road for passing up Green, both Williams', Granger, and Paul.

    2. Hawks - Chris Paul
    if they don't trade the pick, they have to take a PG becase of the young talent at the 2,3,&4 positions. paul is the best PG for them because of his abilities to create offense for himself and others.

    3. Blazers - Marvin Williams
    again, if the pick isn't traded, Blazers take Williams because he has such a promising future and is simply the best talent available.

    4. Hornets - Deron Williams
    need A LOT but they know that JR Smith looks to be very good SG of the future so they'll take anything but a SG.

    5. Bobcats - Gerald Green
    they're good up front with Okafor and Brezec, so they look to the wing and point. Green is by far the best available at the wing and the Bobcats have plenty of time to wait and develop the youngster.

    6. Jazz - Ray Felton
    could very possibly be traded but if they keep the pick they go with an experienced PG who has shown the ability to run a team and win.

    7. Raptors - Danny Granger
    they'll probably be unloading a lot of excessive salary with either Peterson or Rose, so they need a cheap replacement. Granger is the best all-round player on the board and can help immediately.

    8. Knicks - Channing Frye
    could take Webster or Graham but the likely QRich trade leaves them looking for help upfront.

    9. Warriors - Hakim Warrick
    they'll either look big or look athlete. vazquez is a very likely pick but with baron davis and richardson on the same squad they'll look to run and at either F spot Warrick fits the bill very well.

    10. Lakers - Joey Graham
    should and likely will trade the pick if one of the top PG's doesn't fall, but if they stay they'll take Graham because it's looks like either Butler or Odom is out of town and a SF replacement is needed.

    11. Magic - Martell Webster
    they need a young athletic wing player because they are set up pretty nice everywhere else. Webster can shoot so you know the Magic are interested because defense isnt' in the vocab.

    12. Clippers - Fran Vazquez
    need a big man to compliment brand very badly. vazquez should come in right away and help. a trade is another possible option.

    13. Bobcats - Antoine Wright
    they need a PG too but Wright is the best player available and is better than anything they currently have at the 2 or 3 spot.

    14. T'Wolves - Jarrett Jack
    may think this is too high for a PG so a trade down is very possible, but if they stay they know they need backcourt help and jack is one of the draft's real sleepers.

    15. Nets - Charlie Villanueava
    they need versatility and athleticism up front after they killed themselves in the k-mart trade. warrick is a possibility if still available.

    16. Raptors - Andrew Bynum
    need a big man after blowing a pick on araujo, and it happens again this year with bynum.

    17. Pacers - Francisco Garcia
    18. Celtics - Roko Ukic
    19. Grizzlies - Sean May
    20. Nuggets - Rashad McCants
    21. Suns - Ike Diogu
    22. Nuggets - C.J. Miles
    23. Kings - Luther Head
    24. Rockets - Julius Hodge
    It sounds like we're going to go guard or swingman and guys like Warrick and Diogu are gone. Head is choice #1 but Hodge has a lot of intangibles and is much better athlete than given credit for. should play a role on the team. simien is also a very possible option.

    25. Sonics - Andray Blatche
    26. Pistons - Martynas And.....
    why not spend another 1st rd. pick on an unproven, overhyped forgein bigman????

    27. Jazz - Wayne Simien
    28. Spurs - Yaroslav Koralev
    can afford to keep the youngster overseas and hopes he develops the lottery-talent he supposedly has.

    29. Heat - Chris Taft
    30. Knicks - Johan Petro
  12. Dubious

    Dubious Contributing Member

    Jun 18, 2001
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    Damn...but It looks like they are going with Deron Williams over Paul.

    I was this close. []
  13. SupermanSK

    SupermanSK Contributing Member

    Sep 20, 2003
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    24. Houston Rockets Julius Hodge SG/SF or Jarret Jack PG
  14. giddyup

    giddyup Contributing Member

    Jan 24, 2002
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    I heard the Bucks player development guy (Dave Babcock?) on Fox Sports Radio this morning. He was very circumspect, but I get a feeling that the Bucks are going to tab Marvin Williams #1.

    Every time he talked about the two candidates, he said "Marvin and Andrew."

    When asked about each of their weaknesses, he led with Bogut-- although he said that both of their weaknesses were minimal.

    Interestingly, he also talked about Marvin Williams being a 4 not a 3...
  15. emjohn

    emjohn Contributing Member

    Jul 29, 2002
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    I don't get good vibes about M Williams. He could become another KG-level guy, but I also have Tyson Chandler and Eddie Griffin coming to mind.

    Thanks to Portland clearing things up a lot!

    My picks:
    Position Team Pick
    1 MIL Bogut
    2 ATL Williams
    3 POR Trade (UTA), D Williams
    4 NOH Paul
    5 CHA Green
    6 UTA Trade (POR) Webster
    7 TOR Frye
    8 NYK Bynum
    9 GSW Warrick
    10 LAL Felton
    11 ORL Granger
    12 LAC McCants
    13 CHA Vazquez
    14 MIN Wright
    15 NJN Villanueva
    16 TOR May
    17 IND Andriuskevicius
    18 BOS Graham
    19 MEM Ukic
    20 DEN Garcia
    21 PHO Hodge
    22 DEN Miles
    23 SAC Morris
    24 HOU Diogu
    25 SEA Jack
    26 DET Head
    27 POR Petro
    28 SAN Simien
    29 MIA Taft
    30 NYK Ilyasova


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