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[Podcast] Tracy Murray

Discussion in 'Houston Rockets: Game Action & Roster Moves' started by J.R., Apr 18, 2011.

  1. J.R.

    J.R. Member

    Jun 30, 2008
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    Tracy Murray:
    Hi Tracy, how you doing?
    Hey guys, how's it going?
    Remember the greatness of a Richard Justice back in your Washington days?
    (laughing)How you doing Richie, doing alright man?
    Hi Tracy, good to hear from you. How are you?
    Doing good, thank you.
    You never want to say anything bad about the UCLA pact. Very protective with your basketball program.
    Very sensitive and protective. We're down right now. We're not the UCLA of old. No one is scared of us.
    How much pressure is on an UCLA player because of the greatness that comes with putting on that uniform?
    Tremendous amount of pressure. Coach Wooden set the bar high. Had great players like Walton and Wilt and Lew Alcindor. They set the bar high. This is why you wear the uniform. You want to achieve that.
    You there?
    He is there. ... I do want to focus on the NBA playoffs but also your time in Houston. Obviously the championship in 95. Take us back to that day --you and Clyde were announced. Tell us about it.
    I was the throw-in in that trade(laughing). No but great feeling to walk through that tunnel. Even though they're bringing the homeboy back, it was great to be part of that trade. I was out of a situation that was, in my opinion, wasnt going anywhere. I was a young guy on a vet team that had their rotation. To come in that trade with Clyde and stumble on a championship and play with great players like Hakeem--who made things so much easier, a young Sam Cassell, Kenny Smith, Mario Elie, Chucky Brown, these guys were such a great team. Had 2 great players but such a great team to play with. They were unselfish, ball movement, everyone rotated defensively, I wish I could've been on that team a little longer.
    You start with the Blazers - a great team, go to the Rockets -a great team, then wasnt so great. You go to the Raptors, Wizards, Nuggets. Talk about winning early in your career and then...
    When you play on a great team and team full of vets, and you're a young guy, you're gonna win but not gonna play much. I was very hungry. I wanted to prove myself. I wanted to play. Later on, then I end up on the mediocre to bad teams because they need guys who have experience in winning to come there and play a role to win some games. I was on talented teams, we just didnt know how to win. Thats the difference. Difference is guys know their roles, they accept it, they win games. On young teams, when everyone is trying to prove themselves, then thats why those teams lose games.
    When you were at UCLA, what was Wooden's influence over you and the program. How much did you see him or talk to him?
    I grew up watching UCLA basketball, wanting to be part of UCLA basketball. Watching the end of Wooden's career at UCLA, he was every single game and tons of our practices. So he had a major influence in terms of support. He wasnt hands on but he was there watching. Sometimes you catch yourself making a play and looking over at Wooden for approval. Am I doing ok? You look to him for approval. We all had a chance to talk to him a lot. I talked to him quite a few times before he passed. Being the broadcaster for UCLA, I would go sit over there and talk to him before the games. I was very blessed to been able to soak up some knowledge from a great guy, great coach, great man, and great teacher.
    Not only throughout the NBA and UCLA, you went overseas to play as well. Tell us about the European basketball experience and worst thing you saw.
    Worst thing is, you can go over there and they will not give you your money. I mean it is a business. You're there to play basketball, have fun, give in to the culture, those are the great things. You are playing different competition, a lot of talent over there, to witness the culture, meet new people, go to places you've never been before, experience the fan support over there, its unbelievable. The business side over there is a lot different than there. 1st and 15th, your checks come here. Over there, you have to track your money down or else some days you wont get paid and thats probably the biggest problem over there.
    Did you have to hire a hitman or anything to get your money?
    You better a hire a couple hitmen because you may not get out of that country.
    You were there when players today like Ginobili, Gasol, who are considered European players, were coming up and learning from the NBA guys but did you think the European influence would be this great this fast in the NBA?
    I knew it would. Given the chance, anybody can have an influence or impact on the game. I played against Marc Gasol over there, I played against Luis Scola over there. These guys are making an impact over here and I knew they would. I was calling people from Europe telling people about these guys like "Hey, these guys are good enough to play over here. I dont know why they arent over here." A lot of these guys dont want to play over here because such a big fish in a small pond, they may be a little afraid to go out on a limb and give it a shot. Those who have and have had courage to do it, are successful.
    Lets talk some NBA. Talk about, if Paul is the Paul we remember, how tough could this be for LA?
    Real tough. No one can stay in front of him. No disrespect to my buddy Fisher but hes getting older but staying in front of Paul is a problem and I dont think Blake can do it either. If Paul is going to maintain that level, will be hard to guard him every night, and to deal with NO.
    I thought Phil was outcoached. Why is Pau coming out on him? Get the ball out of his hands. Why did they let Paul beat them?
    I dont know. I see that a lot in the league. You always put yourself in a situation "If I was in that place, what would I do?" I would get the ball out of Chris Paul's hand. I wouldnt of left Ray Allen wide open for a 3 to win it. No way I let Durant and Westbrook beat us by themselves. There are certain things you dont do. Atlanta had a decent game plan. Let Howard get his and stop everyone else. You have to come with a solid game plan and know what you're going to do. If you're gonna stop Paul, get the ball out of his hands and dont let him touch it again. You have to have guys who will take the challenge and take things away from the star players.
    That has always been an issue with Fisher and Jackson. If you have speedy PGs, they will have issues. Parker in 03, they lock it up and made it hell for Parker in games 5 & 6, Aaron Brooks a couple years ago at all costs and then locked it up in game 7 and they bullied the smaller PGs and that is when Parker was considered soft. You cant bully Chris Paul. That will be hard to do.
    You're not bullying him. He got the size to take the pounding. Hes fast and got size. He hits you before you hit him. Thats the key. Chris is strong enough to finish.
    What else is going on in your life? Any charities or anything?
    On the board of the Las Vegas Boys and Girls club. Also doing Fox Sports taping of Ball Up Street Ball. Its entertaining. Got the best street ball players in the world I'm coaching. Not really doing much coaching but you put these guys out there, they do what they do. They're entertaining and athletic. Make some amazing plays. They're the best at what they do. I'm into the streetball scene now. Helping my brother train kids with the Prodigy Athletics and Prodigy Mentors. We're training kids and preparing them on the academic side as well. There are a lot of scholarships for kids to get and they're getting it on potential. You want them to be more prepared to step into a college situation and be ready to be an impact on and off the court. In the classroom. Thats not happening a lot now days. Got a lot of raw potential coming in, they dont develop in 1 year, and then they jump into the NBA and then our product is not good. Then you have guys from overseas who are developed because they work on the fundamentals that we used to work on and they're more ready, battletested to do something compared to our kids. So we have to reach back and grab a few and try to develop them so thats what I'm trying to do. And people are starting to hear me a little more. I'm on the broadcast of UCLA Bruins radio when Don MacLean switches over to TV.
    Your time with Rick Adelman. Spent some time with him. Talk he could leave the Rockets. Thoughts on him in his time in Houston and overall?
    Rick is a fantastic coach. One thing I really love about him is he gives you freedom as a player to go out there and play. He doesnt hold you back. He communicates with you. When I was going through my problems in Portland and not playing, he was honest with me: "Tracy, we went to the Finals last year. These are my guys. This is what got me there. We're trying to get back there again. You will play sometime during the season, you have to be prepared to go in there and be ready so you got to do your work before practice, gotta do your work after practice, gotta do your conditioning." He was honest with me. He was teaching me the business and I've always appreciated Rick Adelman for that. Anyone that has played for Rick, they know what I'm talking about. He is one of the gentlemen of the league, him or Rudy T or Jerry Sloan, these guys are great coaches. If he steps away, thats another great coach that we will miss.
    Appreciate the time.
    Sure. Thanks for having me. Take care.
    http://www.1560.tv/podcast/files/Tracy Murray.mp3
  2. NMS is the Best

    Nov 10, 2009
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    ^ This is the slower person in the group...;)
  3. J.R.

    J.R. Member

    Jun 30, 2008
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    Ha, no!:p
  4. txppratt

    txppratt Contributing Member

    Jun 11, 2006
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    i yelled some things at tracy at a game in houston once (after he had been traded away) something like: "that's why we traded your @ss!"

    he flicked me off.

    i always felt bad about that.

    so... sorry tracy! :(

    glad youre doing good.

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