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Orlando Scandrick is destroying sick kids at Madden

Discussion in 'Football: NFL, College, High School' started by Two Sandwiches, Dec 12, 2014.

  1. Two Sandwiches

    Two Sandwiches Contributing Member

    Feb 6, 2002
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    I find this hilarious, though others will not.

    ESPN article

    IRVING, Texas -- Cornerback Orlando Scandrick didn't turn off his competitive spirit when the Dallas Cowboys made their annual visits to children's hospitals to spread the holiday spirit.

    Scandrick's tactics while playing a young patient in the "Madden" video game Tuesday earned playful grief from several teammates, including injured linebacker Justin Durant, whose tweets about the matchup at Medical City Children's Hospital in Dallas went viral.

    Do not hold your breath in anticipation of an apology from Scandrick; he is not sorry.

    "Nothing is going to be given to you, so I don't think I should have gave him anything," Scandrick told ESPN.com on Thursday. "I made him better if anything.

    "I wasn't teaching any lessons, but when you play a competitive game, you've got to expect to be competitive. If they didn't want you to go for two and to kick onside kicks, it wouldn't be on the game."

    Scandrick, a seven-year veteran who has earned a reputation as being one of the Cowboys' most intense competitors and blunt personalities, considered the game against his approximately 9-year-old opponent to be friendly competition.

    "I didn't talk trash to the kid," said Scandrick, who was told that the patient would be released from the hospital later in the day. "It was all in fun."

    However, Scandrick was certainly playing to win. He attempted to justify the surprise onside kick by pointing out that Cowboys fullback Tyler Clutts walked in front of the screen on the child's first touchdown of the game, so Scandrick felt like he needed an extra possession to make things even. Plus, Scandrick felt like he needed the practice.

    "You've got to work your craft," Scandrick said. "You've got to work your stuff. I might need it in a different 'Madden' game. I need to know how to do it. Sometimes you might be playing an intense 'Madden' game and you might need to steal a possession. Sometimes you might not be able to stop the other team or it might be hard for you to score points, so I had to see if I still had my onside kick.

    "I wanted to see if my two-point plays were good enough in a heated game. You've got to try them sometime. You don't have a practice for 'Madden,' so you have to practice when you get up.

    "It was all in fun, though."
  2. TheRealist137

    TheRealist137 Member

    Jan 27, 2009
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    let me guess, Scandrick also ran no huddle, abused the same play over and over again because the kid couldn't stop him, and went for it on 4th down every instance.

    let me get at Scandrick, I'd make him pay for using those cheesy tactics.
  3. Dairy Ashford

    Dairy Ashford Member

    May 20, 2002
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    Hearing him explain himself just gives a little more depth to an athlete's mindset. You see physical gifts and personality, and some are just filling a niche they've fit and gotten positive feedback on since childhood, but for others there's a real ethos and self-determination there. There was a part at the end of Jordan's SportCentury where he remembered playing some nerf basketball game with his son and said he got a "luck shot," that stuff is always on for some people.
  4. Junkyard_Dog

    Junkyard_Dog Member

    Apr 30, 2013
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    The comments at the bottom of this ESPN article about Chappelle were the first thing I thought of too.

    In yo face Billy! :eek:
  5. Air Langhi

    Air Langhi Contributing Member

    Aug 26, 2000
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  6. Bob Barker 007

    Jul 7, 2014
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    Playing Orlando Scandrick in Madden is like playing Kobe in 2K15.

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