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[Official] Astros Off-Season Thread

Discussion in 'Houston Astros' started by Castor27, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. Castor27

    Castor27 Moderator
    Staff Member

    Jan 17, 2001
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    The season's been over for a few hours lets get this thing going. Offseason talk goes here. Acquisitions will get their own thread as well as newsworthy events. This thread will be for general off season talk and potential moves.
  2. oelman44

    oelman44 Member

    Mar 24, 2012
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    Wondering people's thoughts on the year? It was a bit of a dissapointment considering the expectations from last year, but it was still fun experiencing meaningful baseball after so many years of irrelevance. I think we have a good chance to make noise year now that more of the pieces are together. Should be an interesting off-season.

    Starting point in free-agency needs to be starting pitching. At least need some more depth, but we could use another ace with Keuchel and McCullers health in quesion.
  3. red

    red Contributing Member

    Jun 16, 2001
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    2017 World Series Champs here we come...

    What if are pitching is worse next year.
  4. dockerland

    dockerland Contributing Member

    Jul 18, 2005
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    Going to be an interesting off season to see which direction the FA heads. We have some top class young talent locked up to very good contracts in Springer, Altuve, Correa and Bregman and after the disappointment of missing the playoffs you would hope the FA can get creative in the way they build the roster. It's such a shame the SP free agency market is so poor this year, we definitely need some serious help there.
  5. mrm32

    mrm32 Member

    Jun 26, 2006
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    Can we get some quality pitchers that can go a full 7 innings?
  6. Snake Diggit

    Snake Diggit Member

    Mar 12, 2012
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    Priority list:

    1. Ace
    2. Outfielder
    3. Catcher
    4. DH/1B/OF bat
    5. MoR SP (if McCullers or Musgrove is traded)
    6. Another DH/1B/OF bat
    7. Closer
    8. LH Reliever

    #s 1-2 are must haves in order for the offseason to be considered anything but a failure. 3-5 are important for the offseason to be a true success. 6-8 are luxuries.
  7. Snake Diggit

    Snake Diggit Member

    Mar 12, 2012
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    Potential blockbuster targets from other teams:

    White Sox: Sale, Quintana, Abreu, Robertson, Shields, Cabrera

    Rays: Archer, Cobb, Smyly, Boxberger

    Braves: Teheran, Freeman, Inciarte

    A's: Gray, Davis, Doolittle, Vogt

    Royals: Volquez, Gordon, Ventura

    Reds: Bailey

    Padres: Ross, Myers, Norris

    Snakes: Greinke

    Angels: Calhoun

    Rockies: Gonzalez, Blackmon

    Pirates: McCutcheon

    Yankees: Pineda

    Potential Free Agent Targets:

    C: Ramos, Castro, Weiters, Suzuki, Avila, Ianetta, Soto
    1B/DH: Encarnacion, Pearce, Moss, Napoli, Moreland, Morales, Alvarez, Holliday
    OF: Cespedes, Fowler, Reddick, Beltran, Desmond, Pagan, Bautista, Saunders, Jay, Smith
    SP: Hill, Cashner, Nova, Anderson, Fister
    RP: Chapman, Jansen, Melancon
  8. leroy

    leroy Contributing Member

    Jun 25, 2002
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    Encarnacion, Sale, Tehran, Cespedes. That would make a fantastic off season. Would be expensive as hell but would make us immediate favorites.

    Springer RF
    Bregman 3B
    Altuve 2B
    Correa SS
    Encarnacion 1B
    Cespedes LF/DH
    Gurriel DH/LF/3B
    Gattis C
    Marisnick CF


    I get a sense that Bregman might end up being the everyday leadoff guy eventually. I think he's better suited for it than Springer long term.
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  9. kaleidosky

    kaleidosky Your Tweety Bird dance just cost us a run

    Mar 20, 2002
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    This is the first offseason in which I expect and require significant moves by the FO. Make it happen, guys! We've discussed them ad nauseam already..most of which are already summarized above.

    @leroy , I don't see Bregman as a leadoff guy. Let's see if his walk rate improves and K rate comes down, but combine those w/the fact that he's already around .800 OPS and ~25HR power makes me feel like I'd rather have him as a run producer unless the team *really* shores up the rest of the lineup. Bregs leading off would be a luxury.
  10. Progs

    Progs Member

    Oct 17, 2012
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    I would trade McCullers honestly, just because any day, he may break down for good. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  11. Snake Diggit

    Snake Diggit Member

    Mar 12, 2012
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    That would indeed be a crazy offseason but I don't see how they have the payroll for 2 top FA (Cespedes and Encarnacion), and I don't think Luhnow will part with the prospects necessary to land 2 ToR SP. Here's my best guess for the opening day roster:

    OF Springer
    3B Bregman
    2B Altuve
    SS Correa
    DH Gurriel
    C Gattis/Castro ($34M/3yrs)
    1B Moreland ($9M/1yr)/Marwin
    OF Reddick ($55M/4yrs)
    OF Marisnick/Kemp

    Sale (for McCullers, Martes, Feliz, Fisher, and K Tucker)
    Shields (salary dump comes with Sale)

    Bullpen: Devenski, Fiers, Peacock, Gustave, Sipp, Harris, Gregerson, Giles

    AAA: Stassi, Moran, White, Aplin, Teoscar, P Tucker, Rodgers, Paulino, Hauschild, Elieser Hernandez, Emanuel, Guduan, West, Jankowski, Hoyt

    DFA: Singleton, Fontana

    Lost in Rule 5: Grills, Holmes
  12. No Worries

    No Worries Contributing Member

    Jun 30, 1999
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    Astros’ Search for Carolina Home Progressing

    September 30, 2016 By Josh Norris

    The Astros’ high Class A affiliate will be in the Carolina League next year, that much is certain. Where the team will play, however, is still up in the air. There have been efforts in recent days to begin the assembling and trimming of potential temporary homes for the new team, which will eventually be based in Fayetteville, N.C.

    Wherever the new team lands, it will play there for two seasons until the proposed new stadium is ready for the 2019 season.

    Now, Astros president of business operations Reid Ryan says, it’s time to start looking for homes for the present.

    “We’re just looking right now at lots of places that we could go,” Ryan said. “We really don’t have a public plan or a defined plan. We’re sort of doing an inventory of every place that we think might be a possibility right now.”

    Ryan didn’t elaborate on where the Astros had been looking, but noted that he and other Astros officials had been in and out of North Carolina in recent days and that the team hopes to have a facility in place by the end of October. He also said that the team had been looking primarily at old minor league stadiums and current college stadiums.

    Financing for an eventual permanent home in Fayetteville isn’t done yet, but is progressing.

    Cumberland County this week unanimously approved their proposed part of funding the stadium, which is expected to cost a total of $33 million. The county is on the hook for between 16 and 20 percent of that cost, which will be paid for in part by a tax increase.

    “Everything on the Fayetteville end is moving ahead on schedule, if not ahead of schedule,” Ryan said.
  13. raining threes

    Supporting Member

    Jun 26, 2008
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    Great list

    If it were me and I dont know the contracts or $$$$ involved I would,

    Sign Hill to a 3 yr deal and knowing the cost of trading for Sale/Quintana etc I would trade for Pineda depending on the cost.

    My big offseason move would be trading for McCutcheon.
    #13 raining threes, Oct 3, 2016
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2016
  14. zeeshan2

    zeeshan2 Member

    Feb 20, 2013
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  15. Nook

    Nook Member

    Jun 27, 2008
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    Solid list.

    I would add that the Astros have interest in Greg Holland.

    CJ Wilson has been linked in the past.

    The Twins and Astros have discussed Ervin Santana in the past.

    The Astros like Shoemaker in Anaheim.

    Yordana Ventura is a favorite of the front office.
  16. Hey Now!

    Hey Now! Contributing Member

    Jan 20, 2000
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    Rich Hill is 36 years and the last time before this year he started double-digit games was 2009. He is a big time pass for me.

    Is this a thing? He's making $28.5MM the next two years and was not very good this year. Why would the Pirates move him - unless they think this year was the beginning of the end?
  17. RocketManJosh

    RocketManJosh Contributing Member

    Apr 1, 2003
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    Incredibly sad to see this thread before the playoffs start :(
  18. Hustle Town

    Hustle Town Contributing Member

    Dec 25, 2012
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    It sucks that we aren't in the playoffs, but there's no reason to be anything but optimistic. Our pitching staff needs a lot of help, and that's my biggest concern going into next season.

    SP 1: McCullers
    SP 2: Keuchel
    SP 3: McHugh
    SP 4: Musgrove
    SP 5: ?

    Obviously, you give Keuchel a chance to regain his mojo, but you thank Fiers and Fister and tell them to pack their bags.
  19. sew

    sew Member

    Apr 8, 2009
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    90% certain Encarnacion will be signing with the Sox when you consider Ortiz is gone, they have $$$$$$$$$$ to spend and Edwin absolutely mashes at Fenway.
  20. Nook

    Nook Member

    Jun 27, 2008
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    The local media in Chicago is reporting that the White Sox privately do hope to trade Chris Sale this winter..... but is likely to hold on to Jose Quintana. Chris Sale and Adam Eaton both are not terribly popular in their own clubhouse, and played a part in Robin Ventura not wanting to return.

    Chris Sale is going to come with a hefty cost; but what I don't think gets much coverage outside of Chicago is that Sale had issues during the course of the season with velocity. He had stretches where his fastball dipped and he was hit hard. Obviously the Astros should go after Sale, just be aware that he is not a sure thing in the future. His era has been good but not great the last few years. I am not sure he is a guy that should go over 200 innings a season.
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