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[OCRegister] Game 5 is Assured Lakers win

Discussion in 'Houston Rockets: Game Action & Roster Moves' started by Hayesfan, May 11, 2009.

  1. Hayesfan

    Hayesfan Contributing Member

    Nov 3, 2006
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    I normally don't pay much attention to the media of our opponents unless they are good basketball people like the Blazers fans are...

    But this guy is smug. So smug that he belittles everything that isn't a Lakers strength.

    Do I think the Lakers will come out with more energy in game 5? Absolutely, but when the media sounds smug it just ticks me off.


    Lakers will win Tuesday, mark it down
    Ding column: They took Sunday off, but they'll be back with or without Odom.
    The Orange County Register

    HOUSTON – With or without sore-backed Lamar Odom, the Lakers win Game 5 Tuesday night. Easily.

    To understand why, an explanation for this lame Lakers effort Sunday is necessary… an educated explanation instead of some kneejerk overreaction that wrongly condemns the Lakers as now fraudulent favorites.

    The Lakers are a deep and talented team, good but not dominant on defense, not quite what they would be if Andrew Bynum were feeling big and strong, and above all not experienced enough to bring stellar focus if the circumstances don't prompt them.

    Is it really in any way surprising that a team Phil Jackson felt needed Mehmet Okur to get up and play last round in order to find focus would let down upon hearing Yao Ming is down and out?

    The Lakers showed what they can do when engaged by putting together a complete Game 3 victory in Houston amid the swirling adversity of Derek Fisher's NBA suspension. But true to form, then came immediate contentment with the accomplishment and minimal devotion to Game 4.

    That's just who they are. They were all smiles Saturday at practice, and in the locker room before the game Sunday, it was more clowning.

    Trevor Ariza acted surprised to see Fisher when their paths crossed an hour before tip-off. Fisher smilingly re-introduced himself ("Derek Fisher, No. 2," he said earnestly), and Ariza responded: "Oh, you're that older guy." Then Ariza stayed in little-kid character and chased after Fisher, asking: "Can I have your autograph?"

    Lamar Odom was showing people a candy collection of literally eight different kinds of bags or bars of sweets, poured out Halloween-style on the floor by his locker. In more dire times, Odom will at least ask reporters who observe his pregame sweet love not to report what he's eating to his coach.

    Pau Gasol was being described the day before by Kobe Bryant this way: "I don't know if he knows how good he is. He tends to forget. You have to remind him." With that gentle mentality, it was predictable that Gasol would come out for this not-much-needed game taking it easy instead of taking care of business by lifting up a long leg and making stubby, red-colored Chuck Hayes his personal fire hydrant.

    This doesn't mean Ariza, Odom and Gasol can't be champions, though. It's actually much more important to be able to play brilliant ball under the pressure of the bright lights than in pickup games on easy street.

    Here's an illustration for everyone assuming Cleveland, which swept a crumbling Detroit team and is now dispatching injury-decimated Atlanta, has become the titan you'll remember: A year ago, the Lakers swept defenseless Denver, eased past Utah and breezed through a San Antonio squad weighted down by Manu Ginobili's bum ankle. The Celtics were staggering that entire time, but when locked in for the NBA Finals, amazing happened.

    Even more than the Lakers staying in complacent character Sunday, though, the Rockets were predictable. They're truly admirable go-getters who love to compete and play together, and they might be really scary next season if brainiac general manager Daryl Morey can flip Tracy McGrady's expiring contract for something good like Chris Bosh, Elton Brand, Vince Carter or Michael Redd.

    Consider how uniquely fired-up the Rockets were entering Game 4:

    - They had played three games on their home court against the Lakers this season and lost every one.

    - They were told at practice Saturday that Yao, even when it was believed he had just an ankle sprain, would not play Sunday – so they were mentally prepared to go without.

    - They became accustomed to playing shorthanded this season without oft-injured Tracy McGrady, and the universal truth anyway is that teams always rise up immediately (albeit only temporarily) upon losing a star player.

    - They had the perfect new game plan to probe the Lakers' weakness against little-guard dribble penetration. It was the perfect setup for feisty Aaron Brooks, who had just been humbled last game by college rival Jordan Farmar.

    - They were coming off a rare substandard effort as a team in losing Game 3. (Shane Battier: "We were really disappointed in Game 3 that we didn't give the effort that we had given in front of our fans all year.")

    So a strong-willed, well-enough-equipped team gearing up for one last hurrah in front of its home fans faced a now-bitter rival who was letting down and didn't even study video footage of Houston's five regular-season games without Yao ("We didn't bring those along," Jackson said).

    The result was "probably our worst game of the year," according to Odom.

    Here's what Jackson said: "Absolutely no surprise."

    OK, then.

    Moving forward, the Lakers will benefit from the way Adelman framed his Saturday game preparation as surviving just one game without Yao. Human nature dictates that the Rockets can't help but let down after playing their Super Bowl, and the snap back to reality is that they're just not good enough without maximum effort to beat a Lakers team that is actually prepared.

    Another factor is the Lakers' fourth-quarter push Sunday, cutting their deficit from 29 points to 10. Teams usually carry momentum or confidence from strong yet losing finishes on the road into outstanding and overwhelming starts at home the next game. That explains why Jackson had Bryant and Gasol in there so late in Game 4. Jackson was intent on re-establishing flow to the Lakers' attack so this next home game can again be the Lakers' gold standard, even after this last road game was such an ugly, purple welt.

    That bolded line is what garnered my attention. Talk about an arse.
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  2. durvasa

    durvasa Contributing Member

    Feb 11, 2006
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    I expect the Lakers to win. But I'll never predict the Rockets to be beaten handily. They play with too much heart and toughness. They'll make the Lakers earn it.
  3. WhoMikeJames

    WhoMikeJames Contributing Member

    Jun 28, 2005
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    The media are a bunch of Lakers nut huggers... Unbelievable.

    First it was Lakers in 4,

    then Lakers in 5 (Long break, weren't ready for Game 1)

    then Lakers WILL win in Houston without Yao, Lakers in 5

    now Lakers WILL win tomorrow (easily their worst game of the season yesterday! :rolleyes: )

    As Phil Jackson said, "GIVE THE ROCKETS SOME ****ING CREDIT!"
  4. rucer

    rucer Member

    Nov 22, 2007
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    will rockets win a final title this year? i dont think so. i still support them and watch their games because of their amazing plays and the joey i got from them. every win is a bonus to me. so curious to see how far we can go.
  5. Landlord Landry

    Mar 3, 2008
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    wow, this guy REALLY does not know what he is talking about.
  6. mic

    mic Contributing Member

    Feb 22, 2008
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    LOL... I thought their "weakest game of the year" was Game 1 in this series. Now it's apparently yesterday's game, or what we now like to call the "Mother's Day Massacre." ;)

    Funny, the Rockets seem to bring out their weakest game(s). Why is that?

    Don't underestimate us. It's not going to be an EASY win.

    That garbage makes me cringe, but you just have to sit back and laugh at it.

    I also like how the media is acting like we are just now the underdogs with Yao's latest injury. Because we weren't before?

    Fairweather fans are coming out of the woodwork from my pool of somewhat casual Facebook friends, and a few of them have been saying things like, "Called it... Lakers won" (on Game 3). Like that's really a hard call to make...

    Or, "What's your excuse now?"

    F off, seriously. Where were you all season?

    I'm so sick of everyone not giving credit where credit's due. The Rockets are a force to be reckoned with. We've already beat the odds at 2-2.

    Even if we don't come out on top this series, I am nothing but proud of this team.
  7. D-rock

    D-rock Member

    Jun 29, 2006
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    This guy should change his name to Kevin Ding-Dong. Complete drivel, w/out a shred of insight.
  8. vlaurelio

    vlaurelio Contributing Member

    Jan 26, 2005
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  9. SamFisher

    SamFisher Contributing Member

    Apr 14, 2003
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    Amazing how the Lakers just happen to have their "worst game of the year" twice, in the span of less than a week, against the Rockets in the playoffs.

    As Phil said - give them some f-king credit.
  10. rocksclo

    rocksclo Member

    Feb 18, 2009
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    I am worried about game 5. We have all our weapons in game 4. I am sure Lakers will respond to our offense plans like with half court trapping to react to our high pick and roll. Winning a road game requires STAR player more than role players. Only if Ron comes out big with 30+ points and AB with 20+. We will lose game 5, IMO.
  11. professorjay

    professorjay Contributing Member

    Oct 20, 2006
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    I love how he thinks YAO GETTING INJURED made it the perfect storm for us to win. As if this was a lucky break for US. I'm just baffled.

    BTW, I heard an interview w/ Pau before the game where the reporter asked about his new-found advantage inside due to height. Pau basically said they need to make a conscious effort to go inside so he could exploit them. He had no intention of taking it easy if you listened to that interview.

    The excuses for game 1 ('our worst game ever, their best game ever') and now game 4 are getting comical.
  12. rucer

    rucer Member

    Nov 22, 2007
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    so interesting that lakers fans also complain about media because they are counting out lakers, haha...

    forget these stupid media, lets tell kobe and his lakers how amazing the nba is in their home court
  13. Dave_78

    Dave_78 Member

    Oct 12, 2006
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    One game at a time. Anything can happen.

    I know those are cliches but this team has surpassed nearly everyone's expectations and after yesterday's game their confidence has to be through the roof. The other advantage is that Adelman is free to experiment and throw out different looks. The pressure is off, confidence is high and these guys are ready to fight tooth and nail for this series.

    Win game 5 and the Lakers are going to crumble at Toyota Center in game 6.
  14. Nice Rollin

    Nice Rollin Contributing Member

    Mar 30, 2006
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    damn i really wanna win this series. I dont care what happens after that. dont get me wrong. i'd like to go to the finals too, but i just want this one really bad.
  15. desi tmac91

    desi tmac91 Member

    Jun 26, 2008
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    I absolutely love this, maybe the Lakers will come out with that same 'assurance' and get blow out again.

    LA media is r****ded.
  16. across110thstreet

    across110thstreet Contributing Member

    Mar 17, 2001
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    what a brave bold prediction in a soCal based Rag
  17. cson

    cson Contributing Member

    Jul 22, 2000
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    I'd expect them to think the Lakers win tomorrow. Most people not posting in this thread agree. But for this person to say yesterday's game was predictable is just idiotic!
  18. The_Yoyo

    The_Yoyo Contributing Member

    Dec 25, 2001
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    i like how he tries to diminish the cavs perfect run so far calling the pistons crumbling (which is true) but the jazz were a complete mess as well and played without their starting center and the calls the hawks "injury-decimated"

    the hawks have some injuries yes but i did see al horford and marvin williams play out there. The Rockets are far more "decimated" by injury than the hawks were

    missing our starting all-star shooting guard, starting all-star center and our backup center.

    whatever the lakers may win game 5 and the series but this is the sort of attitude that will prevent them from winning it all. it does bug me knowing that had the rockets been at full strength we could have really exposed the lakers for what they are
  19. GMNot

    GMNot Member

    Jun 14, 2002
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    After watching game 4 I don't think it out of the realm of possibility for the Rockets to win game 5. We've all been so inundated with the inevitability of the Lakers winning the WC that we respond like a kid who keeps getting told over and over again, "You'll never be anything. What are you thinking?"

    The Lakers have to defend differently now with Yao gone. No doubt they will make adjustments for game 5 to pressure Brooks. But I think with some small tweaks the Rockets can give them an overall slightly different look but end up with the same opportunities for Brooks to create mischief -- again. Actually, Brooks has put pressure on the "paint" for the Lakers, just in a different way than Yao does. He does it with speed. In some ways, that can be harder to defense. I only worry that Brooks (and Lowry) is still a year or two shy in experience to be able to handle the defense he'll see on Tuesday. But, hey, maybe wearing a flaming red sports coat will be like a magical mantle. :)
  20. Gimmmethemike

    Gimmmethemike Member

    Apr 21, 2009
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    how the hell is the win from last night predictable when our Best Big Man Yao Ming was out lol and top of that no Tmac and Deke lol basically no Centers except 6 foot 6 Chuck Hayes holding down the paint. And you have the balls to say it was predictable? Lol thats why the ROckets gave them an ass whooping in H-town.

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