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Observations from Continental Arena

Discussion in 'Houston Rockets: Game Action & Roster Moves' started by ROCKET RICH NYC, Nov 5, 2003.


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    Feb 15, 1999
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    As many of you saw on TV, the arena was pretty empty. Empty seats behind the baskets, Upper level only half full, and even empty seats on the floor. No celebrities at tonight's game, well with the exception of Naughty By Nature if you still consider them celebrities.

    They gave out Nets "Karate Kid" - like Drums to everyone last night which, I suppose was to honor Yao Ming. Even at half-time they had some Chinese dancers performing. However, the crowd last night was pretty quiet. Not as many Rocket fans as last year but there were definitely some Yao fans in the stands. Yao's spin move and dunk over Mourning got the Yao fans and crowd "ooohhh-ing".

    First half of the game, the team looked tired at some moments but what do you expect when the plane from Chicago landed in New Jersey at 3am with team meetings at noon.

    Second half was of course a different story. I guess everyone drank a Red Bull and woke up. Even the crowd started getting into the game and it started to feel like a playoff game. I don't understand the public affection of Nets fans for Scalibrine but everytime he scored, the crowd went nuts as if he was their MVP.

    Yao was trying on some new pair of Reebok shoes which, I was told were a prototype for his new show line. Maybe his low scoring last night was attributed to the shoes after all? :)

    Many of the Rocket fans around me were really pleased with the addition of Jim Jackson, but were puzzled to the addition of Scott Padgett. Padgett doesn't look like he belongs there. C'mon there isn't anybody else better out there than him?

    Great game for Rocket fans last night of course Nets fans will argue they didnt have Kenyon Martin, Rodney Rogers, and Lucious Harris. Oh well it's a win for the Rockets!

    By the way, I didn't get a chance to post about my Toyota Center Review on opening night because I just got back up North, but that place is beautiful. I've been to many arenas and this has to be in the Top 3. I've never seen an arena with a great 5 star Restaurant inside. The food was really good complete with a Sushi bar. If you can manage to sneak your way downstairs into the Lexus Lounge, do it!

    Opening night was really fun despite some technical difficulties like the banner ceremony, fireworks, and the fire alarm going off in the 4th quarter. I got to see some old Rockets as well like Matt Bullard, Scotty Brooks and Sleepy Floyd.

    I can't wait to go to Houston for Superbowl weekend. The Rockets play the Nets at home that saturday before the Superbowl! That should be a great game!


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