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[NY Daily News]: Leave Dwight Howard alone! The Hawks got a steal

Discussion in 'NBA Dish' started by Os Trigonum, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. francis 4 prez

    francis 4 prez Contributing Member

    Aug 15, 2001
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    i don't hate dwight, but dwight is simply too much of a disaster in the post as far as i can tell, although i'm not sure what the numbers say. deandre jordan shot 70% and got 6.6 fga/gm last year. neither can post up, and even if they do get their man pinned or actually make a good post move, they just get fouled and are too terrible at free throws to make the defense pay. the rockets offense finished 8th in efficiency not giving the ball to dwight. if our offense has to be held ransom based on the threat of hurting our defense because dwight won't play D without getting the ball, then i'm not sure why we should want dwight on the team.

    people wondered why dwight didn't get the ball in orlando. then they wondered why he didn't get the ball in LA and from reports didn't want to run the PnR. and now they wonder why he didn't get the ball in houston and from reports didn't really want to run the PnR. at some point if you aren't going to play to your strengths then you aren't helping the team.
  2. Invisible Fan

    Invisible Fan Contributing Member

    Dec 5, 2001
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    I can't hate Dwight in light of the service and rep he brought to the city of Houston. Dwight as a player though, I can't help shake my head every time he's mentioned.
  3. HayesIsBack

    HayesIsBack Member

    Jul 29, 2015
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    If Dwight was willing to be a PnR operator even with his declining athleticism, he would have been loved.
  4. riko

    riko Member

    Mar 30, 2014
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    Lol blew up right in there faces cause less then 12 months later he is throwing hissy fits

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