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NBAtalk.com on the Rocks game Thursday Night...

Discussion in 'Houston Rockets: Game Action & Roster Moves' started by Rockets R' Us, Nov 3, 2000.

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    <A HREF="http://www.sportstalk.com/nba/boxscore/index.shtml</p>" TARGET=_blank>http://www.sportstalk.com/nba/boxscore/index.shtml</p></A>
    <p align="center"><font size="4">Behind the Boxscore&nbsp;</font></p>
    <p align="center">

    By NBAtalk Columnist Kelly Dwyer&nbsp;</p>
    <p align="left">

    It is a bad year to be white and have hair in the NBA. Sure, we’d like commend the streamlined locks of Dallas rookie Eduardo Najera, or the modern-as-tomorrow angularity of Spur guard Steve Kerr’s southwestern style. But otherwise, it’s a wash. The problem starts in Sacramento, where more than a month after media day, Scot Pollard still thinks he can get away with that crap. Do we like the fact that he’s developed a better post game? Of course. Can we complain about his defense? Not at all. But the ‘turning Japanese’ look is scaring little children.&nbsp;
    Pollard’s problem is he got married too early. He can’t let himself go in the usual, Matchbox 20 lead singer sort of sense, so he has to get freaky some other way. His wife either needs to give him a week on the couch, or she needs to start hanging out with Chris Webber to put the real fear of the Lord in Scot’s mind. Down in Dallas, it looks like the Maverick boys have been laying on the muscatel pretty heavy. Steve Nash is running a fine offense, but he looks like a damn Foo Fighter. Teammate Dirk Nowizki has it all screwed up: gel-ed and coifed on the top, and looking like a shingle repairman in back. He’s two good brush strokes away from a kickin’ pompadour, and he doesn’t even know it. We’ll let him off with a warning; he’s recently taken up the alto saxophone.
    I’m not sure about high ankle sprains, most of my ankle sprains happened right around my ankle area and usually included me screaming 'why me' at a cast of uncaring onlookers. Either way, Houston’s Kelvin Cato has one, and could be on the shelf for over month. Be it a high or low ankle sprain, you can rest assured, ESPN.com will have it listed under the wickedly clever tag of 'Ouch, my knee!' tomorrow morning. Ouch, my patience.
    Since when did Zan Tabak starting pulling the 19-footers off, going left with a hard dribble and swishing the bombs on the road? Nice game, except for the crushing 1 of 6 at the line.
    Portland really needs more athletes, or Bonzi Wells to become a better defender. Their backcourt defense is abysmal.
    The AP says that DA’s 29 points were the most for a Spurs guard since Jaren Jackson’s 31 in April, 1998. Charles Jones was on an active roster back then.&nbsp;
    Walt Williams had a night to remember. We had huge hopes for the Wiz coming out of Maryland, but he took to the three-point line, and never became the all-around star we’d hoped he’d be. He could have been the answer at the three for each of his teams, straight up, but the faltering light of Glen Rice must have had some effect on him. Now, build on this: 28 points on 16 shots, ten boards, four assists. Post up. Drive. Handle the ball. Make a difference. Get a paper route. Take it to the streets. 'You don’t know me, but I’m your brother…'
    Before they started playing like my favorite New Wave band, Tall Men Without Scouting Reports, the Hawks had their way with New York’s big men (no quotation marks this time). Alan Henderson was running the Mikan Drill over Larry Johnson, cats were getting layups while Marcus Camby sighed longingly at Charlie Ward’s 'PG,' and the Atlanta outside opened up accordingly. As the game droned on, however, New York took care of business. A few loose balls here, a few blown assignments there, and the Knicks get a 25-point win. Tell me, again, why you were rushing to stop Marcus Camby as he drove in from half-court? He was going to do, what? Tell me. An offensive what? An offensive move? Right.
    Erick Dampier at center and Adonal Foyle alongside him at power forward, at the same time? Yikes. Still, ten blocks between the two in the Golden State loss.&nbsp;
    Rough night for Jermaine O’Neal, playing like a Dupri and missing all four shots in 20 minutes. A few hard knocks early in the contest against Dallas put him out of his game.
    Othella Harrington, scoring machine. He only has a few moves, but you can’t stop him. Michael Dickerson was just as potent tonight, but he can’t seem to shake that Nick Anderson mindset when it comes to free throws. No attempts tonight for Michael.&nbsp;
    Wally Szczberiak for Ron Artest? The Timberwolves would kill for an athletic one at the 2 or 3. Wally’s nice, but Chicago should lay off.&nbsp;
    I’m not a fan of Shandon Anderson’s slicker look, but he held off the Bucks tonight and fouled Ray Allen out. Shandon drops 25, shoots 13 of 15 from the line, and holds Ray to 6 of 17 shooting.&nbsp;

    An active night from Charlie Ward and Chris Childs. Ward initiated the offense, even in the half court, by getting to the hoop and setting the porous and undersized Hawk defense on its heels. Nice way to start. Chris Childs was just as bouncy, getting to the rim and finishing with the short or long jumper. 14 points, 6 of 8 shooting, eight assists in 49 minutes between the two. Seven turnovers, but, hey, something’s gotta keep Jeff Van Gundy from a restful eight hours.&nbsp;
    'From an effort standpoint, we looked like we were out of shape,' Mike Dunleavy. Who, specifically?
    Will Clark retires, and the world is a lesser place. You had to love the Thrill. He was a throwback, back to the days of cranking Boston in your Fiero, spraying rookies with shaving cream, and 4 for 4 nights with that sweet, sweet swing. His run with the Cards this late summer was something else, and we’ll miss him.
    Who knows what Moochie Norris could do for the Clippers right now? Of course, sign and trades aren’t the Clipper way.

    Watch the burgeoning chemistry between Tim Duncan and either Antonio Daniels and Derek Anderson. Now imagine those two guards starting, with TD, two years from now. It’ll make Avery Johnson and the Admiral seem like Bob Cousy and Easy Ed Macauley.
    Austin Croshere was ineffective tonight, and Sam Perkins needs a high percentage on his treys to make his minutes count. No more of those loping runs to the basket, the world doesn’t need another Kukoc, and what did David Stern say about that do-rag? Croshere, again, needs to make each possession count. Sometimes it’s as if he has too many moves, he needs to concentrate and go with one shot for a while. Whatever block, over whatever shoulder, going whichever way; I don’t care. Just make it a 60% thang.
    Corey Maggette heats up in a hurry on both sides, two games running now. 20 turnovers were a killer for the Clippers.
    Nice night for Vonteego Cummings, especially in light of Mookie and Larry Hughes’ 10 for 36, with 18 points on 6 for 10 shooting. Problem was, he was the only threat off the bench for the Warriors, Chris Mills dropped a dozen but needed 14 shots to do it. Meanwhile, Denver’s Keon Clark, Voshon Lenard, and George McCloud give 50 points, make all their free throws, and hold off the Golden State runs.
    Anthony Johnson, can, shoot?
    25 really rough turnovers for the Trail Blazers against the Suns.
    Darius Miles will make you smile with runs like these. Early in the 1st, then during the Clipper comeback, little flashes that get fans to load up on season tickets for 2003-04.&nbsp;
    The Timberwolf scourge: 10 of 15 from the line, as opposed to 27 of 30 from the Spurs.
    Dallas wins another nice one but get outrebounded 40-32. A bit of a worry as 7-6 Shawn Bradley plays 31 minutes and can only bring in seven against a tiny Indiana front line. Loy Vaught was inconsistent tonight, as expected in his first real game as a Maverick. He was out setting screens for guards who didn’t want them, and was nailed to the floor on his first few rebound attempts. After he started flowing, however, things starting looking up for the Michigan product.
    A good game for rookie Daniel Santiago off the Phoenix bench, registering 11 and 4 in 20 minutes. Fine rookie minutes out of Jake Tsakalidis and Paul McPherson, both going two of two in 15 combined minutes.
    Robert Pack is back, out of control, but pushing the ball in the open court and finishing with five assists.&nbsp;
    Jason Terry was no fun to be around tonight, he’s had a few too many turnovers and he needs a ride home. One of seven shooting, his socks are chafing, and they don’t serve chicken fingers in the NYC metropolitan area.&nbsp;
    Dallas takes care of the ball, just 13 turnovers, and Shawn Bradley registers five blocks.
    70 damn first-half points? Houston can put whatever they want on their headbands, bring Jim McMahon in for guidance for all I care, if they keep doing that. When they’re done with Jimmy Mac, send him to Indiana, so he can teach me how to be the Funky KD.

    Kurt Thomas, chill. No reason to get excited, the Jeff he kindly spoke. We’d like to see you starting, too, as you’re the only Knick with a viable post game down low (Marcus Camby’s startling turnaround jumper over Jim Jackson notwithstanding).&nbsp;
    A nice unnecessary shove from Dale Davis on Chris Dudley tonight.
    Maurice Taylor: one rebound in 25 minutes.&nbsp;
    Dunno what it is, but Dave Cowens is looking like a smart b*stard these days. It’s nothing tangible, just a feeling I get when I look at him. I’ll figure it out.&nbsp;
    Wouldn’t want to have to arm wrestle Jim Jackson for the custody of my child, no way.

    Francis out top, 9 seconds on the clock, he gives a no look pass to Cuttino Mobley, 4 seconds left, Mobley passes to an open Langhi in the corner with 1 second left! Langhi at the buzzer.......YES!!! How Sweet It Is!!</p>



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