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My Brothers Horrible Ex-Girlfriends Roommate That Was a Friend of Mine.....

Discussion in 'BBS Hangout' started by 3814, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. 3814

    3814 Contributing Member

    Aug 4, 2002
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    Okay...so this last summer, my younger brother had a girlfriend named Tiffany. Everything was cool with them. They had been going out on/off for about 2 years (mostly on). Then during the summer, she said that she had a job opportunity in Calgary, Alberta (we live in Vancouver, British Columbia area) that she was going to take to get some experience in the field that she is studying at University (nursing or something like that). So...she goes to Alberta - and he stays in BC. Everythings cool until she tells him (two weeks in) that she still hasn't been working and that the job is still there, just hasn't started yet. Since she goes to University in Alberta and had a boyfriend there during one of their "off" times, (the same University as me - small private university in Lacombe, Alberta) - he starts to get suspicious about what she's really doing in Alberta.

    Anyways...they keep on talking on the phone for a couple hours every night, but he keeps on getting more and more suspicious about things. One time, he finally decides to just check in a bit and see if there's anything to worry about - so he traces the number she phoned from (call display was blocked) and sure enough, it comes from Jarrod's house (the guy that she dated for a bit during the off time).

    So my brother pretty much says, "I bought you a ticked for a flight out tomorrow, if you don't take it then we're through." She comes home and they kinda patch stuff up. She says that she had nowhere to stay and that things weren't working out right, and she was just staying there until she could figure something out. He, of course, knows that's BS - seeing as how if it were true, she would have told him that she was in such a jam and maybe asked him what she should do like most loving girlfriends would do (yeah, she always told him that she loved him).

    So, my brother is still kinda suspicious about it all. One night he's going for dinner with my Mom and she needed a computer, so he let her borrow his (which he had loaded with keyboard loggers and something that filmed what was happening on the screen). During the couple hours my brother was with my Mom for dinner and talking or whatever - Tiffany told a couple of her ex-boyfriends on msn that she was in love with them and that she wore rings and stuff that they gave her all the time to remind her of their love and all that kinda thing.

    My brother showed her all of the messages and totally busted her on everything.

    She for some reason, thinks he's an ******* for "not trusting her and infringing on her privacy" - yeh...sorry for not trusting a cheating girlfriend...but whatever.

    Anyways. The school year has started again - so she's back in Lacombe going to school at the same University as I am - and she's rooming with one of my sorta friends (a girl that I almost dated a couple years ago and have always got along with). So I talked with this girl (Tiffany's roommate) and she basically agreed that we'd both stay out of it and that it's really none of our business. She knows that I don't like Tiffany cuz of what happened with my brother and I know that she's friends with Tiffany - so I won't be an ******* to either of them about the situation.

    Tiffany, however, keeps her **** going by telling my brother about a week ago that she's doing good here - studying hard, barely sees Jarrod and is just really focussed on school. My brother finds out through other friends here at this school that she is going out with Jarrod and that she's started drinking for the first time in her life (something that he doesn't agree with and she said she'd never do). So he sends her an email along the lines of...well...here, i'll just quote it:


    I dont know, seems like youre trying to piss me off... I was gonna retaliate but im not gonna... do what you want...

    Just do every guy in alberta a favour and dont cheat on Jarrod again alright?

    but i mean... if you love the guy why would you ever cheat on him eh...

    so many people are talking to me.. i might as well change my msn name to... "yes i know she is hooking up with jarrod... yes, you are the 10th person to tell me she drinks now" thanks for that...

    i typed this onto my nexus profile but took it off.. im not gonna get into this again.. then your macho boyfriend would be all like " im gonna come down there and knife you in the back" but this is what i was gonna type under the dislikes section


    The only thing i hate more than lies... is when you find out your girlfriend has been cheating on you with two guys...

    But i wish them the best of luck anyways... :gjob:

    Who will win Jarrod or Caleb?

    Just so you know guys... when she tells you straight to your face that she doesnt talk to any other guys, shes full of it. But hey, if youre willing to go to bed wondering if she hooked up with anyone else. or moved in with anyone else... go nuts...

    oh... one more thing... the word "love" doesnt mean anything when she still says it to all of her x-bf's...

    Right now im placing my bets on Jarrod though, he lives the closest... Seems to be the trend... But look out, she might go home for christmas...

    ...beat 10
    yeah.. i think his reaction would of been pretty good after reading that... and hey if youre just looking for someone to hook up with then go for it... just if youre looking for something more long term, you and i both know, and have agreed... you could do much better... atleast go with Caleb, switch it up a bit... keep people guessing. haha... anyways just tell all of your friends to stop telling me because i really dont care...

    im not trying to burst your little love bubble... let the partying and good times continue... i gave my two cents... maybe take a 4 week challenge... wait you wont make it... since caleb... the first time.... youve never made it 4 week without hooking up with someone haha... well alteast i dodged the bullet... have a good night...


    if youre having such a good time in alberta stop the emo screen names... makes me wanna swallow glass...


    i loved the "yeah i might see jarrod around, i dont think we'll ever hang out though" then its like "hey baby i love you too, lets go drinking and makeout some more" makes you look like an awesome person...


    anyways...i don't really care that much about whatever is happening between my brother and her. I guess he's kinda hurt by it all, but I'll agree that he needs to move on...this is where I get pissed off.

    Tiffany's roommate (my friend...or old friend i guess) replies to his email:

    Hey you ****ing *******,
    Firstly, no we dont know eachother, but you do know my BEST FRIEND. Who the **** do you think you are talking to my best friend like that. What is wrong with ******* guys like you . I dont care what kind of history you guys have together, but as far as im concerned, no girl absolutely no girl deserves to be talked to the way you were talking to her. You need to reasses what kind of person you are taking advantage of knowing a person and then saying the things you said because of what they may or may not have done to you in the past. You are a little b**** as far as im concerned, because no guy would hide behind an email, and no MAN would talk to a woman the way you just did. Grow up, you dont have any idea what kind of person tiffany is, and honestly you dont deserve to ever know what kind of person she is. You are a controlling manipulative b*stard that needs to move on
    with his own life and stop controlling another person's life. You may ask yourself how you control her life, well first of all the way you TRY to make her feel guilty is the weakest thing i have ever seen. You should feel guilty for even thinking of even talking to tiffany, even if it was just a hello. BUT THE FACT THAT YOU FELT YOU HAD THE RIGHT TO EVEN PRETEND TO KNOW HER AT ANY POINT IN YOUR LIFE, WELL ITS OBVIOUS IN THE END YOU DIDNT. She moved on, you need to too. Get over yourself, seriously, who would want to ever date a guy like you. I dont even know you, but i dont ever want to know you or hear about you from tiffany again. IF i ever hear that you email her again, unless it is the hugest ****ing apology, i will convince her and any other girl who may or may not know you to never even go near you or your ****ing brother. You will both be ****ing b****es in my eyes and hers.
    DONT even think about disrupting my best friend's life like this again, because if you think you gained something from that, you didnt ....actually you did......a bad ****ing reputation. YOU ****ING *******. You deserved everything she did to you.....and you asked for it.
    GET A ****ING LIFE.
    DONT EVER ****ING judge her or any other person again, because guess what, it isnt your RIGHT or your PLACE, AND NOONE CARES hahaha....hope your cool with all this......later loser

    --- (i couldn't edit all the swear words, would've taken too long - hope the site fixed them all)

    So, all of a sudden Tiffany and her roommate are best friends...and instead of following along with the "lets stay out of it thing" - she obviously has decided to get involved. But not only that - but she brings me into it as well. "I will convince her and any other girl who may or may not know you to never even go near you or your ****ing brother. You will both be ****ing b****es in my eyees and hers." Well damn, amiga, what is up with that?

    She obviously doesn't think I'd find out about this email (I just found out now - five days after the fact, and she's been normal around me all week)...and she obviously is being a b**** about it all. And...I also don't quite get what she's sticking up for...cheating and b****ery? Good way to help your roommate in the long run.

    My brother replies with:
    wow awesome...you have no clue what is going on... thanks though...

    Lets just say this... ok?

    We dated... she moved in with her x bf.. she apologized, i forgave her... she called him every day without telling me, i forgave her... she msn'd her other xbf saying how much she loves him, and that she wearss his ring every day... i forgave her for that too... then one day she lied about the fact that jarrod sent her 7 roses on their would be 7 month.. that was the last straw... so maybe, maybe you might see how its a little hurtful, when a month later, she is hanging out with him every day, and messaging him saying that she loves him... thats my side... not that its your business, but youre her roomate and you probably know anyways...

    what exactly does chad have to do with this? you know youre the one that would look like an idiot if you started talking trash about him... chad is awesome!

    her reply (the last one, since my bro's not replying to either of them):
    Listen......i dont think you read what i just wrote you.....you are a ****ing b****.....you should never ever talk to any girl the way you talked to tiffany......DONT YOU GET IT....its abusive....it is accusatory...and the fact is, is if you had something to say...you should have said it to her...when you had the chance 1 MONTH AGO. SO **** OFF AND APOLOGIZE YOU ****ER....and chad is your brother...thats what he has to do with this *******....if you both came from the same parents ....you both OBVIOUSLY DONT ****ING KNOW HOW TO TREAT A LADY....go **** yourself.....and apologize to the person who obviously deserves an apology. OK...THANKS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> HAVE A GOOD NIGHT.

    Not only is her definition of a lady a little different than mine...but she's also really bringing me into this mess. I just left her a message on her phone saying "i need to talk to you sometime, let me know when will work best for you."

    What should I say to her? Two weeks ago we both agreed to stay out of it all. Now she's all involved and she's been saying crap about me as well.

    What would you do?

  2. KDavis

    KDavis Contributing Member

    Oct 12, 2005
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    Cue: Sappy Music.

    "And these are the Days of Our Lives"


    Seriously: Ignore her, it doesn't seem like you two were ever really friends. She is two faced and is trying to hook up with her roommate. Thats why she is acting all big and tough via Email. She knows how to treat a lady.
  3. DallasThomas

    DallasThomas Contributing Member

    Jul 10, 2002
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    Dude, give me her email address and I'll have some fun with her. Women like that bring out the complete ******* in me, and I love being an *******.

    Those emails were really hard to read, by the way. I don't know exactly why, but they were kinda disturbing.
  4. francis 4 prez

    francis 4 prez Contributing Member

    Aug 15, 2001
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    is there a cliff's notes version of that other than "b**** is crazy!"?
  5. Stone Cold Hakeem

    Stone Cold Hakeem Contributing Member

    Oct 26, 1999
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    Its admirable that you want to take the high road and allow this chick a chance to explain herself, but to be honest, neither sounds like they're worth the drama. If it were me, I'd drop the issue, drop the friend, and advise my brother to do the same.
  6. m_cable

    m_cable Contributing Member

    Dec 12, 2002
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    You just had to get this part in, didn't you. :p
  7. Rashmon

    Rashmon Contributing Member

    Jun 2, 2000
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    She sounds like a keeper. Tell your brother to marry her and everything will be fine for the rest of their lives.
  8. Pringles

    Pringles Member

    Mar 25, 2006
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    are you sure its her? it could be tiffany in my mind.... if you two were realy good friends its either that shes two faced or she didn't do anything. i would investigate a little more.
  9. Faos

    Faos Contributing Member

    May 31, 2003
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    Can you please post a photo of her? That'll help give us a better understanding of the story.
  10. Silk

    Silk Member

    Jun 12, 2001
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    Did you ever see that jessica alba looking hooker. Jessica Alba ruins my ramadan.
  11. FranchiseBlade

    FranchiseBlade Contributing Member
    Supporting Member

    Jan 14, 2002
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    I would start off laughing at your friend and say, "I thougth we were going to stay out of the whole Tiffany situation.

    If she responds by getting mad about the e-mail. Then say that yes when a lady acts like a lady she would never deserve that. But when she is dishonest and doesn't have the courtesy to give her boyfriend honest then an e-mail detailing what's been going on, would certainly be warranted.

    Then remind her how lady like it is to call people F****** b****es. Finally laugh and tell her how funny manufactured drama is, that you wonder why people turn situations that don't need to be dramatic into such drama.
  12. hooroo

    hooroo Member

    Oct 16, 2003
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    It's not like they're married. If your brother can't break up with her and completely remove her from his life then he's the one with the problem.
  13. lost_elephant

    lost_elephant Contributing Member

    Mar 7, 2003
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    Both of these girls are nuts. Stay away. Don't even bother trying to talk to the roommate, just ignore them.
  14. MR. MEOWGI

    MR. MEOWGI Contributing Member

    Jul 2, 2002
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    You taking the time to type all of that stuff (which Iwould never read) proves to me that you are all nuts.
  15. rezdawg

    rezdawg Contributing Member

    Feb 15, 2000
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    Yeah, guys shouldnt treat ladies like that. However, nothing wrong with treating a lying w**** like that...

    This story kinda pisses me off...I hate both of those girls.
  16. MiddleMan

    MiddleMan Contributing Member

    May 20, 2005
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    listen to this man give him her email then he will post the replies :D
  17. bejezuz

    bejezuz Contributing Member

    Jun 26, 2002
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    If you friend feels compelled to defend her roommate's whorish behavior, then she's probably a w**** too.

    Plus, I don't get why your bro's original email is that outlandish enough to require a third-party, curse-laden reply. Most college girls are crazy, which is probably why they're so slutty.

    Bros before hoes, dude. Literally.
  18. ima_drummer2k

    ima_drummer2k Contributing Member

    Oct 18, 2002
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    3814, with all due respect, this is all really stupid and childish.

    Why do guys get into all this nonsense instead of just dropping the chick the first time she cheats? :confused:

    Reading both of those emails (I quit halfway through because I could feeel my IQ going down) was like reading a note that the teacher picked up in a 9th grade science class. The chick is in college and she's a w****. That's it. That's really all you needed to type.

    If your brother wants to date a w****, go for it. If not, why bother with all this silly drama?
  19. TBar

    TBar Contributing Member

    Aug 6, 2001
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    One word man


    None of this is worth it. If you do meet with her you be a gentleman and never bring this stuff up. Do not get pulled into this-- nothing good will happen.
  20. rezdawg

    rezdawg Contributing Member

    Feb 15, 2000
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    ...an hour later and Im still pissed...

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