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[Movie] Rambo 5

Discussion in 'BBS Hangout' started by Jeremiah, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Jeremiah

    Jeremiah Contributing Member

    Jan 18, 2008
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    Seems like a weird premise, but if Stallone is behind it, and the way his movies have been money makers lately, it will probably get made.


    UPDATED with Sly Voicemail! AICN Exclusive: RAMBO V: THE SAVAGE HUNT - a touch of science fiction...

    Hey folks, Harry here again. Woke up to a voice mail from Stallone that he wished for me to share with all of y'all. This is the actual and complete voice mail from Sly as he explains that this isn't UNIVERSAL SOLDIER, but something different. I thought about transcribing it, but honestly... Sly's voice explaining his thoughts about RAMBO 5... well, it should be heard. For me, I'm excited as hell about this because it doesn't at all sound like any of the prior Rambo scenarios. I love the idea of Rambo tracking, hunting and using his cunning - rather than just blowing people to itty bitty pieces... though I hope there's a bit of that here too. Can never get enough of dissembling an enemy with a high powered automatic weapon. Right?

    Anyway, here's what it is like to get Voice Mail from Sylvester Stallone!

    Hey folks, Harry here... I'm fascinated by the conversation I had spontaneously just had with Sylvester Stallone. Apparently there are a lot of rumors out there about the next RAMBO, some of which have been floated by the Trades - but the reality is quite a bit different. It does involve Rambo back in the United States. But from what Sly told me, it is structured quite a bit different.

    You see, it is set in the Pacific Northwest. Back in the general area where we first were introduced to John. It seems that somewhere in that Area there is a U.S. Military installation that is doing experiments on elite soldiers as part of some sort of program where they're attempting to tap into that SAVAGERY that we have deeply embedded into us. The plan is create brilliantly instinctual killer soldiers that have no qualms about taking life. Sly brought up the ancient Immortals, which were cartoonishly glimpsed in 300. In reality, they were children trained from the time they were infants to kill.

    Well as happens with Government Experiments to create the perfect killer - it goes exceptionally well... and then exceptionally badly. And Rambo is brought in with a Black Ops squad ("Like in PREDATOR") to hunt, capture or kill this worse than Rambo killer.

    As you should know, it is early on the project. They've whipped up a quicky one-sheet that will be somewhere around the Toronto Film Festival beginning tomorrow. You can see it here!

    What has me excited about this story is the idea that Rambo is now the man chasing instead of being chased. The idea of John Rambo tracking a killer in the woods of the Pacific Northwest is just very cool sounding. So, what do you guys & gals think?
  2. BigBenito

    BigBenito Member

    Sep 5, 2002
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    I told my wife about the new indiana jones and she made a joke that they should make another Rambo.

    I told her they did.

    she followed with, well they should make another rocky.

    me, they did.

    I guess they subscribed to her newsletter. When is the next Rocky coming out?
  3. Surfguy

    Surfguy Contributing Member

    Sep 23, 1999
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    I thought for sure Rambo was over when they showed him at the end of the last one going to his home farm...like he had been lost since Vietnam up until he finally came to peace and went home. I guess not.

    This is seriously getting ridiculous now. Anything to keep taking growth hormones I guess.
  4. conquistador#11

    Jun 30, 2006
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    sounds like the ubersoldats in castle wolfenstein.
    They should add a time machine and teleport rambo to the 40s, that would be gold!
  5. Dave_78

    Dave_78 Member

    Oct 12, 2006
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    god bless him.
  6. DonkeyMagic

    DonkeyMagic Contributing Member
    Supporting Member

    May 22, 2006
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    i'm sure the movie will start out with Rambo working on the farm...ragged shirt...head band...carrying two trees he just cut down, ala Commando
  7. JuanValdez

    JuanValdez Contributing Member

    Feb 14, 1999
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    Haven't they done this story? Many times over?

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