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Mint Mobile

Discussion in 'BBS Hangout' started by CometsWin, Sep 13, 2020.

  1. CometsWin

    CometsWin Breaker Breaker One Nine
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    May 15, 2000
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    Anyone ever used it? The Rick Moranis thing caught my eye. Their plans are priced much better than AT&T, that's for sure. It looks like it runs on the T-Mobile network.

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  2. Duncan McDonuts

    Duncan McDonuts Contributing Member

    Nov 4, 2008
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    It's been alright in Austin. Only issues I've had is the LTE gets throttled at popular times in popular areas (eg lunch time, concerts/events) that I'd have to use local WiFis. Other than that, the speed and calls are good on T-Mobile's network. Been on it for about a year and a half.
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  3. xcrunner51

    xcrunner51 Contributing Member

    Jun 19, 2002
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    There's a bunch of different network resellers (also known as "Mobile Virtual Network Operators" or MVNO's) in addition to Mint Mobile. If you're happy with your current AT&T network signal where you live, I'd recommend sticking with an AT&T MVNO unless you're in a densely populated area where every major carrier has good signal.

    I live in downtown Austin and I switched from AT&T to Spectrum Mobile (on Verizon network) without complaint 98%+ of the time.

    Price is obviously the biggest pro for using an MVNO. Not only are the plans cheaper but most are tax/fee inclusive. My unlimited Spectrum Mobile plan is $45/month and I pay exactly $45/month.

    The drawbacks are usually some combo of:

    - Throttling. As Duncan said, in busy times, cell phones on MVNO plans can get throttled in favor of the major carrier's customers. It can sometimes be difficult to make a call, send a text or call an Uber when you're at a concert/sporting event.
    - Data speed caps: some MVNO plans cap the speed of your data. So while the major carrier customers get the full benefits of 4G/LTE, the MVNO's are often hard capped at a lower speed. Furthermore, a lot of MVNO's limit streaming (e.g. youtube/netflix) to 480p while the major carriers will allow 1080P or greater.
    - Hotspot: some MVNO plans don’t allow hot-spotting. I find it super convenient to have a couple of gig’s of hotspot data in my plan so I can tether my laptop to my phone while traveling instead of joining random public WiFi networks. This was important for me.
    - WiFi calling: some MVNO's don't have Wifi calling possible in their plans. This was super crucial for me. I work in monolithic hospital buildings and usually the signal for every carrier sucks down in the depths. I hop on the WiFi and everything's gravy again.
    - Roaming: not sure if this is a consequence of Verizon vs AT&T or specific to my Spectrum Mobile service but the roaming out in New Braunfels/San Marcos is garbage. I think the major carriers have better roaming than their resellers.
    - Customer service: usually total crap. I fortunately haven't had any CS issues but if you do have a problem it’s often harder to reach a resolution than with the major carriers (who have large/expensive customer service teams).

    Another option: most major carriers have cheaper pre-paid plans that are similar MVNO's. They have some of the above-mentioned drawbacks but are usually a decent bit cheaper than the traditional post-paid plans.
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