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Let's face it folks, Rockets have 3 options...

Discussion in 'NBA Dish' started by Rocketredglasse, Jul 4, 2016.


What is the future strategy?

  1. Try trade for Boogie

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  2. Stay the course

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  3. Blow it up!

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  1. Rocketredglasse

    Rocketredglasse New Member

    Jul 4, 2016
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    Hey fellow Rocket fanatics. I am a long time lurker but today's news has made me crawl out of my hole! Even the most optimistic of Rocket fans have to admit that the Durant to GS news pretty much garauntees that we have NO shot to beat Golden State as we are currently constructed. To go a step further, the NBA as a whole will not be very interesting to me next year given GS and Clev are virtual locks for the finals IMO. So with all that said my favorite team has only 3 realistic options to approach the future...

    1. Do any and everything to trade for Boggie Cousins.
    Reason: the only way to compete with GS now is to exploit their weaknesses.
    With the impending losses of Bogut and Ezili their weaknesses will be
    Rebounding and low post defense. I do understand that our assets are
    Limited and this type of move will start with Capela/DMo and future draft pics
    But why stay the course when GS will have this core for at least 6 years?

    2. Stay the course, hope that MDA's system appeals to impending free agents in
    2017, and swing HARD for the fences next year.
    Reason: Harden is still a top 10 player, and even though GS is much better,
    Maybe Harden, superstar X, and a team of athletic bigs and multiple shooters
    Can win it all in 2-3 years. Of course you run the risk of swinging and missing
    In free agency (again), then Harden leaves to form a super team somewhere

    3. MOST LIKELY POSSIBLE! Trade Harden now for young players and draft picks.
    Reason: as stated earlier, GS will be a powerhouse for the next 6 years at
    Least. Why not start a 5 year clock with young players and multiple assets
    Ala Boston and hope we get luckier than Philly in the draft. Now I know the
    Responses about Les and his vision but someone has to talk some sense into
    Him on this one.

    Please understand...I am no Warrior nut hugger, I am just realistic as to what this means to my team competing for a championship based on current roster and future assets. Free agents aren't seeing us as a destination. Harden surely sees that and that does not make for a good sales pitch when he is up in two years. I am open to any rebuttal that I am over reacting but there is no denying Durants impact as a player and on that team. Share your thoughts...
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