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It looks like we'll get the 7th pick in this years draft.

Discussion in 'Houston Rockets: Game Action & Roster Moves' started by carlit0, Mar 21, 2002.

  1. carlit0

    carlit0 Member

    Jun 8, 2000
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    I looked through the schedules and it looks like things are going to end up like this:

    Here I show my predicted seasons end records and the only probable wins from each team, from here on out till the end of the season:

    1 Bulls---------18-64-----May beat Denver for one more win
    2 Warriors----19-63-----Hou,Den
    3-4 Nuggets--20-62-----GS
    4-3 Griz--------20-62-----GS,Hou,Den
    5 Cavs---------27-55-----Chi,Phoneix
    6 Hawks-------28-54-----Chi,Clev
    7 Houston-----30-52-----Pho,Sea,Mia,Mem,Den
    8 NY------------31-52------Atl,Den,Orl,Chi,Mia,

    We are basically competeing with the Cavs, Hawks and NY for the 5-8 spots.

    Chi, Warriors, Nuggets and Griz are out of your reach and should have the top four spots locked up between them.

    We have to hope that the Cavs, Hawks and NY start winning fast. Because, I can see the Rockets maybe winning 6-7 more games.

    How do you all think the records are going to end up?
    #1 carlit0, Mar 21, 2002
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2002
  2. DarkHorse

    DarkHorse Contributing Member

    Oct 9, 1999
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    You do know that Miami has been insane recently, right?

    I haven't looked at all the schedules, but I tend to believe that our draft position is going to get worse before it's going to get better. The only reason we're down so low anyway is cause Steve missed the first quarter of the season, and there's been a lot of inconsistancy in the lineup. Some of that has leveled out. (not with Eddie/KT being hurt, but you know) Steve being back is the main thing. We're going to win probably a little less than half our games. This is about a .500 ballclub I think right now at best.

    Not great but there are worse teams for sure.

  3. A-Train

    A-Train Contributing Member

    Jan 1, 2000
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    Don't worry, we'll get the first pick in the draft...
  4. Hottoddie

    Hottoddie Contributing Member

    Jun 27, 2000
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    I think we'll win 5-6 games the rest of the way. We need to find a way to tank at this point. None of these guesses on my part take into consideration the way the teams are playing lately, how they've fared against their remaining opponents, or where the games are to be played. That's mainly because I was too d*mned lazy to compile the information. It looks like we might finish with the 8th seed. :(

    Houston(25-42) 5-6 more wins

    22 Fri @ Seattle
    24 Sun @ Golden State
    26 Tue @ Utah - Maybe
    28 Thu Sacramento
    30 Sat Phoenix
    2 Tue Seattle
    4 Thu San Antonio
    5 Fri @ Memphis
    8 Mon @ Orlando
    9 Tue @ Miami
    11 Thu @ Dallas
    12 Fri Portland
    14 Sun Memphis
    16 Tue @ Denver

    17 Wed @ Portland

    Atlanta:(26-40) 3-4 more wins

    21 Thu New York
    23 Sat Chicago
    24 Sun @ New Jersey
    26 Tue New Jersey
    28 Thu Toronto unless they get it turned around
    29 Fri @ Miami
    31 Sun Sacramento
    2 Tue Milwaukee
    4 Thu Indiana
    6 Sat Charlotte
    8 Mon @ Detroit
    10 Wed @ Charlotte
    12 Fri @ Toronto see above comment
    13 Sat Cleveland this is a pick 'em
    16 Tue Orlando
    17 Wed @ Boston

    Cleveland(25-43) 4-6 more wins

    22 Fri Toronto
    25 Mon @ Phoenix
    might split with Phoenix
    26 Tue @ L.A. Lakers
    28 Thu @ Utah
    30 Sat Charlotte
    2 Tue Phoenix
    4 Thu @ Orlando
    6 Sat Chicago
    8 Mon @ Indiana
    10 Wed Milwaukee
    12 Fri @ Charlotte
    13 Sat @ Atlanta pick 'em
    16 Tue Indiana
    17 Wed @ Toronto

    New York(26-40) 3 more wins

    21 Thu @ Atlanta
    24 Sun @ Philadelphia
    25 Mon Denver
    27 Wed @ Detroit
    29 Fri Minnesota
    31 Sun @ Orlando
    Apr 2 Tue Charlotte
    4 Thu @ Portland
    5 Fri @ Seattle
    7 Sun @ Sacramento
    9 Tue Orlando
    11 Thu Chicago
    12 Fri @ Boston
    14 Sun @ Miami
    16 Tue @ Washington
    17 Wed New Jersey
  5. outlaw

    outlaw Member

    Feb 15, 1999
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    didn't SA have the 6th worst record when they got Duncan?
  6. aggie007

    aggie007 Member

    Dec 6, 2001
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    I remember them having the second worst, next to Boston.
  7. Desert Scar

    Desert Scar Contributing Member

    Aug 1, 2000
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    To tell you the truth I have tried this predicting record based on likely wins or probabilities but it doesn't work. The problem is the probabilities are not indepedent--often a win and "mo" can lead to another win, or a discouraging road loss can suck the life out of a team. NY or the Rockets do have the talent to win 3-4 in a row home or away with hot guard play, they could easily lose 5-6 in a row. Now Atl and Cleveland, I can't see them winning more than 2 in a row. But Atl is ahead of us now, and SAR and Terry are playing well--they are +4 in home games left and have most of the WC games behind them. We play in the West and have -2 home games left. It is no sure thing or even better than 50-50 Atl ends the season behind us in the standings.

    Basically, we will just have to wait it out and we don't know where the chips will fall. The fact we won't consciously tank (based on recent history in late hopless seasons) despite being the logical one to do so--I think Atl is still trying to prove their trade for PR and build chemistry next year and I see Spree or Houston as too compititive to purposely lose (neither will tank for different reasons).

    IMO I think we will likely be ahead of Clev in the standings, and it is a toss up with Atl and NY. But again it is all up in the air and will likely come down to the last game or 2 for each team.
  8. Sane

    Sane Member

    Jun 29, 2000
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    "You know that they're going to get a lot of shots up and you know that they're gonna start hitting them," Cleveland coach John Lucas said.

    ``We should have won the game going away,'' Cavs coach John Lucas said. Person said: ``We all have to make smarter decisions in that situation.''

    These guys are Pros, we better catch up. Tanking has begun.
  9. ricerocket

    ricerocket Member

    Aug 10, 2001
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    Even if we get the seventh pick, wasn't Griffin # 7 ? There should be some real talent at that spot. Plus, we may trade up again (Kenny Thomas) if there is someone they really want.
  10. JoeBarelyCares

    JoeBarelyCares Contributing Member

    Jan 9, 2001
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    I also thought San Antonio had the 6th worst record during their tank year.

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