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Greatest Sports Streaks

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by armyman7894, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. armyman7894

    armyman7894 Member

    Apr 29, 2007
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    This past Sunday marked the first time in franchise history that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers returned a kick-off for a touchdown, taking a mere 32 years to join the rest of the league, including the disgraceful 8-year old Texans. With this inspiring moment we went ahead and took a look at some of the other strange streaks in sports, both those that remain intact and those that were also broken Sunday.

    Streaks still alive

    * Herm Edwards' 78 games (nearly 5 seasons) without a playbook
    * Vinny Testaverde's 27 consecutive games with at least 1 interception (quite safely intact we think)
    * Norv Turner's impressive 19 straight coaching gigs without registering 10 wins
    * Philadelphia Eagles: 108 consecutive home games with at least 14 arrests
    * Eli Manning's unprecedented streak of 1,352 weekend afternoons filled with indifferent shoulder shrugs
    * Manu Ginobili's streak of falling on the floor at least 3 times per game
    * Arizona Cardinals: 407 straight games blacked out locally
    * Mel Kiper's 19-year streak of saying the word "ability" like no one else on the planet
    * Steve Nash's 179 games of 'licking fingers, tucking hair behind ears' routine
    * David Ortiz's 810 games of hocking a giant loogie into his hands and clapping
    * Patrick Ewing's 23 consecutive years of sweating profusely
    * Ric Flair's 103 years of wrestling professionally
    * Darko Milicic's 2 days of not drinking blood
    * The Undertaker's vaunted 15-0 record at WrestleMania
    * Mike Tyson's 14 straight years of being criminally charged with something
    * John Clayton's 12 Sundays in a row without receiving a 'Benny Hill slap to the dome' from a member of the Countdown crew
    * 16 straight weeks of Keyshawn Johnson and Bill Parcells flirting on NFL Countdown (they should just bone already)
    LeBron James new 5-day streak of biting nails, after his previous 4,235-day streak was snapped due to injured hand
    * MLB's 16,848 consecutive games where at least five players grabbed their balls

    Other streaks broken this past Sunday

    * Jason Fabini's 23rd day in same underwear snapped after discovering Underoos on Ebay
    * Someone finally survived one of Jumbo Elliot's farts -- however the victim remains in the ER
    * Joe Buck miraculously worked a game involving Tony Romo without climaxing on live television
    * The last man to still consider Brian Billick an offensive guru came to his senses


    I don't what the hell he's trying to say about the Texans? We've existed for 6 years not 8.
  2. WhoMikeJames

    WhoMikeJames Contributing Member

    Jun 28, 2005
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    Only 2 of those are real... I think it's a joke article.
  3. Faos

    Faos Contributing Member

    May 31, 2003
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    The number of MLB pitchers who have boned Alyssa Milano is a pretty good streak.


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