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Free Agents That Would Fit Dantoni's System

Discussion in 'Houston Rockets: Game Action & Roster Moves' started by Miracles, May 28, 2016.

  1. Miracles

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    May 28, 2016
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    1. Kent Bazemore

    - Now this will depend on if Dantoni wants to play Harden as a point guard. If that is the case (and IMO, I think he should do that since Harden will control the offense anyway), than Bazemore should definitely be high on the Rockets list. He would be the perfect 3 and D SG to fit Dantoni's style offense since Raja Bell. On a system that caters to creating space and giving open shots to players like Bazemore, he succeeded and embraced his role ten folds. Also fun fact: Bazemore played with Dantoni before when he was on the Lakers, and averaged 13 points there with the highest offensive efficiency numbers he has ever had under Dantoni.

    2. Ryan Anderson

    - quite frankly, the Rockets should have acquired Anderson years ago, but better late than never I guess. His fit with the team sorta speaks for itself for those that are already familiar with him. Can space the floor at the 4 spot as he is a knockdown shooter from anywhere on the court. But he's also not so one dimensional as he is also capable of posting up depending on the opponent that is defending him. He does have flaws of course, one of them being that he's not a good defender...at all, a average rebounder and has a shaky injury history. But with him playing next to Clint Capela, a guy that can counter and maybe cover Anderson's main weaknesses, and if Anderson's injury past doesn't bother him right now, than Anderson should also be very high on the Rockets's list.

    3. Luol Deng

    - This will depend on how the organization feels about Ariza. Ariza has regressed a lot this season, so they could go a different direction at the SF if that is the case. Which is where Deng comes in. He's still an effective player on both sides of the court. Solid defender and a good enough shooter that can knockdown open shots, especially if he gets hot as he is also capable of having a big scoring game from time to time. Which makes Deng a pretty good target for the Rockets I think. However, if the Rockets feel Ariza can bounce back next season, than Deng is probably not worth the money that he will likely demand.

    Assuming the Rockets can pull these moves off financially, this would be my ideal lineup for this system and next season:

    James Harden
    Kent Bazemore
    Luol Deng
    Ryan Anderson
    Clint Capela

    I think this lineup gives what Dantoni's needs and wants the most. His offense relies on one player being the decision maker that can attack on transition, score in the half court, and excel at getting the ball to the players that can knockdown the 3s (James Harden at point, Bazemore, Deng and Anderson), while having a good willing pick and roll bigman to create more offensive opprtunites (Capela and Anderson from time to time if they want to pick and fade).

    While Dantoni is obviously not known for coaching a good defense, he's also not known for making his players play worse at defense. During his years with the Suns, players like Raja Bell and Shawn Marion were great defenders in their own right and Dantoni absolutely DID NOT make them worse in that regard. It's just he's not able to teach players how to play defense better. Big difference. Which is also why I think Bazemore and Deng signings fit in this because of the fact they can defense just as well as creating space on offense. Capela also being a solid interior defender himself.

    That's just my thoughts and opinions but who do you guys think would be better fits for this roster?
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