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Fantasy Football Rankings

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports' started by moestavern19, Jul 13, 2002.

  1. moestavern19

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    Dec 8, 1999
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    Posting my Picks for the Top 10 in the Major 4 categories since Kickers and Defenses are always a crapshoot.

    Quarterbacks -

    1.) Kurt Warner Rams - With a recieving corp to die for and a solid back field, this is an easy #1 if he stays healthy.

    2.) Peyton Manning Colts - Will still be running most of the same offense, EJ is back (hopefully) and Harrison is still elite. He needs to watch the INT's still.

    3.) Jeff Garcia 49ers - 30+ TD's in the last two seasons speaks for itself. He can run them by the bunches as well. Thats all you need to know.

    4.) Brett Favre Packers - Got back into classic Favre Form last season, With new WR's Favre should put up good numbers, Picking Bubba Franks looks pretty damn smart now.

    5.) Donovan McNabb Eagles - even though he has to do much on his own, he should get help from a running game this season. Still look for 28-30 Total TDs.

    6.) Rich Gannon Raiders - Supposed to fade away two seasons ago, Gannon is thriving in Oakland. Very Accurate mistake free, but never goes deep. Look for 25-28 in the air and 4-5 on the ground.

    7.) Daunte Culpepper Vikings - Last Season was tough without a running game, Culpepper is still a massive QB who can punish like a FB on the carry and throw like a cannon shooting off. Moss and Derrick Alexander heels the burn left by the downfall of Cris Carter.

    8.) Drew Bledsoe Bills - With an offensive Line stacked, Three promising WR's and a hopeful Running Game, Bledsoe looks like a sure Bet for 25+ TD passes.

    9.) Brian Griese Broncos - With Rod Smith, Eddie Mac, and Shannon Sharpe, Griese will look to return to the mistake free ball he played in 2000.

    10.) Michael Vick Falcons - There is just way too much potential here to pass up not drafting this kid. He has such tremendous upside, If he stays healthy, He could put up 25 Total TD's Easy. Probably the biggest gamble of the 2002 season, Don't hesitate to take Aaron Brooks, Kordell Stewart or maybe ever Steve McNair over him if you don't want to live or die with him.

    Running Backs -

    1.) Marshall Faulk Rams - A scoring machine, lead the NFC in scoring, catches so well, runs ever better with the ball in his hands. The Ultimate Fantasy Football Player

    2.) Ahman Green Packers - With Levens gone now, Green isn't even anywhere near Faulk but he is the next best bet, look for 10+ TDs and a few by air.

    3.) Shaun Alexander Seahawks - Basically tied with Green if it weren't for Ricky Watters. He should be the only offense the Hawks can dominate with. Holmgren must realize he has to run the ball.

    4.) Edgerrin James Colts - Don't bite your fingernails on this one, EJ is the 2nd best RB in the game, If he doesn't make a full recovery I would be shocked.

    5.) Curtis Martin Jets - The Old reliable in the NFL, He will always get his 1300+ yards and 10 TDs. Lamont Jordan could creep up on him if he starts to wear.

    6.) Priest Holmes Chiefs - Can't deny his 2001 Numbers, But can he duplicate it now that no one thought Priest Holmes was for real until he was running all over them?

    7.) Corey Dilon Bengals - Even though he plays on the lowly Bengals, Losses don't count in th fantasy world. He is a sure 1300 and 8-10 TD guy every year.

    8.) Anthony Thomas Bears - Everyone loved watching #35 last year, The Number isn't the only thing that makes him the closest thing to The Great Walter Payton the Bears have had. He can run for 1500 and 12 TD's easy with that O-Line.

    9.) Ricky Williams Dolphins - The Wild Card in the RB world, Some have him up high, others wonder about his injuries. The Fins won;t run him that often enough to get him in the mid 1000's. Look for 1100-1300 and maybe 11 TDs

    10.) Stephen Davis Redksins - When Spurrier realizes he can't pass every single down, Davis will come into play. He won't be as good as past years. Still 1000 yards is very likely. His TD production has really dropped from the 17 in 99.

    (Fred Taylor if Healthy is on this list, You just can't rely on him.)

    Wide Recievers

    1.) Terrell Owens 49ers - 16 Touchdown Grabs without Rice on the side, That is really all I will say. It speaks for itself.

    2.) Randy Moss Vikings - The Best Athlete at WR in decades, Moss can apply himself to be the best, or he can slack when his defense gives up on another drive. He willl put up the Big Numbers no matter what.

    3.) David Boston Cardinals - Very Close to Moss, If he could just get into the End zone more with the enemic Cardinals Offense.

    4.) Rod Smith Broncos - Showed what he can do with Eddie Mac, Showed what he can do without Eddie Mac, I think if he is on the field he can dictate the pace of the game. Thats almost unheard of for a WR.

    5.) Marvin Harrison Colts - It all depends on James, So does Everything else in Indy. He has great hands and can smell paydirt from anywhere on the field.

    6.) Jimmy Smith Jaguars - He will be the man in Jacksonville this year.

    7.) Joe Horn Saints - He will get the nod here only because of the touchdowns. if you are in a yardage League, You should have already picked Torry Holt.

    8.) Torry Holt Rams - Yards, Yards, and more Yards. Just score sometimes baby.

    9.) Isaac Bruce Rams - The TD makes on the terrible two, he catches more passes and more TDs, won't get up to 1300 yards though.

    10.) Chris Chambers Dolphins - The Play Maker, Speed and leaping ability. He will be the man in Miami with defenses forgetting about him when Ricky Williams is there. Should put up a good number of long TD catches.

    Tight Ends -

    1 - Tony Gonzalez Chiefs
    2 - Marcus Pollard Colts
    3 - Bubba Franks Packers
    4 - Shannon Sharpe Broncos
    5 - Jay Riemersma Bills
    6 - Freddie Jones Cardinals
    7 - Frank Wychek Titans
    8 - Chad Lewis Eagles
    9 - Wesley Walls Panthers
    10 - Byron Chamberlain Vikings

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