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ESPN's Greatest 100 Home Runs of All Time

Discussion in 'Houston Astros' started by Behad, Oct 6, 2003.

  1. Behad

    Behad Contributing Member

    Feb 20, 1999
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    Billy Hatcher made the list:

    100 Greatest Home Runs of All Time

    1. Bill Mazeroski wins Game 7, 1960 World Series (Pirates)
    2. Bobby Thomson wins 1951 playoff (Giants)
    3. Hank Aaron, No. 715, breaks Babe Ruth's record (Braves)
    4. Joe Carter, wins 1993 World Series, Game 6 (Blue Jays)
    5. Mark McGwire, No. 62, 1998 (Cardinals)
    6. Carlton Fisk, 1975 World Series, Game 6 (Red Sox)
    7. Roger Maris, No. 61, 1961 (Yankees)
    8. Kirk Gibson, Game 1, 1988 World Series (Dodgers)
    9. Barry Bonds, No. 71, 2001 (Giants)
    10. Bucky Dent, 1978 playoff game (Red Sox)

    11. Kirby Puckett, 1991 World Series, Game 6, game-winner in 11th (Twins)
    12. Scott Brosius, 2001 World Series, Game 5, second straight 9th-inning, game-tying HR (Yankees)
    13. Reggie Jackson, third HR, 1977 World Series, Game 6 (Yankees)
    14. Chris Chambliss wins 1976 ALCS (Yankees)
    15. Dick Sisler, 10th-inning HR wins 1950 pennant (Phillies)
    16. Ozzie Smith wins Game 5, 1985 NLCS (Cardinals)
    17. Dave Henderson, 1986 ALCS, Game 5 (Red Sox)
    18. Hank Greenberg, 9th-inning grand slam clinches pennant on final day, 1945 (Tigers)
    19. Ted Williams homers in final at-bat (Red Sox)
    20. Babe Ruth called shot, 1932 World Series (Yankees)

    21. Mickey Mantle, 1952 World Series, Game 7, breaks 2-2 in 6th (Yankees)
    22. Willie Stargell, 1979 World Series, Game 7, puts Pirates ahead in 6th inning (Pirates)
    23. Tony Perez, 1975 World Series, Game 7, gets Reds back in game (Reds)
    24. Scott Spiezio, Game 6, 2002 World Series (Angels)
    25. Babe Ruth, No. 60, 1927, breaks own record (Yankees)
    26. Jim Leyritz, 1996 World Series, Game 4, 3-run HR in 8th ties game (Yankees)
    27. Rick Monday, 1981 NLCS Game 5, wins series in 9th inning (Dodgers)
    28. David Justice, Game 6, 1995 World Series, 1-0 clincher (Braves)
    29. Cal Ripken homers while breaking Lou Gehrig's consecutive-games record (Orioles)
    30. Joe DiMaggio extends hitting to record 45 games with HR, 1941 (Yankees)

    31. Fernando Tatis, second grand slam in one inning, 1999 (Cardinals)
    32. Ed Sprague, pinch-hit 2-run HR in 9th, Game 2, 1992 World Series (Blue Jays)
    33. Ken Boyer, 1964 World Series, grand slam, Game 4 (Cardinals)
    34. Babe Ruth, 3rd HR, 1926 World Series, Game 4 (Yankees)
    35. Babe Ruth, 3rd HR, 1928 World Series, Game 4 (Yankees)
    36. Jimmie Foxx wins Game 5, 1930 World Series, with 9th-inning 2-run HR (A's)
    37. Ted Williams wins 1941 All-Star Game (Red Sox)
    38. Ken Griffey Sr. homers, 1990 (Mariners)
    39. Ken Griffey Jr. follows with back-to-back father and son HRs (Mariners)
    40. George Brett, pine-tar HR, 1983 (Royals)

    41. Mark Whiten, 4th HR caps greatest individual game ever, 1993 (4 HRs, 12 RBIs)
    42. Bernie Carbo, pinch-hit, 3-run HR in 8th, Game 6, 1975 World Series (Red Sox)
    43. Hal Smith, 3-run HR in bottom of 8th, Game 7, 1960 World Series (Pirates)
    44. Ken Kelter, 3-run HR in 4th inning of 1948 playoff vs. Red Sox (Indians)
    45. Jack Clark, 3-run HR in 9th, Game 6, 1985 NLCS (Cardinals)
    46. Steve Garvey, 9th-inning HR, Game 4, 1984 NLCS (Padres)
    47. Gabby Hartnett, Homer in the Gloamin', 1938 pennant race (Cubs)
    48. Home Run Baker, 1911 World Series, Game 3 (A's)
    49. Johnny Bench, 1972 NLCS, Game 5, 9th inning (Reds)
    50. Derek Jeter with help from Jeffrey Maier), Game 1, 1996 ALCS (Yankees)

    51. Mickey Mantle, famed titanic HR at Griffith Stadium, 1953 (Yankees)
    52. Dusty Rhodes, pinch-hit HR wins Game 1 of 1954 World Series (Giants)
    53. Dave Henderson, 10th inning, Game 6, 1986 WS (Red Sox)
    54. Bill Skowron, Game 7, 1958 World Series, 8th inning (Yankees)
    55. Mike Scioscia, 1988 NLCS, Game 4, ties game in 9th (Dodgers)
    56. George Brett, 1980 ALCS, upper-deck shot at Yankee Stadium (Royals)
    57. Lenny Dykstra, 2-run, bottom-of-9th HR wins Game 3, 1986 NLCS (Mets)
    58. Roberto Clemente, Game 7, 1971 World Series, gives Pirates 1-0 lead (Pirates)
    59. Kent Hrbek, grand slam, Game 6, 1987 World Series (Twins)
    60. Robin Ventura, walkoff grand slam turned single wins Game 5, 1999 NLCS (Mets)

    61. Mel Ott, top of 10th inning, Game 5 clincher, 1933 World Series (Giants)
    62. Eddie Mathews, 2-run HR in 10th, Game 4, 1957 World Series (Braves)
    63. Hank Blalock wins 2003 All-Star Game, gives home-field advantage to AL (Rangers)
    64. Babe Ruth final three HRs, including longest HR in Forbes Field history (Braves)
    65. Tony Fernandez, 11th-inning HR wins ALCS, Game 6, 1997 ALCS (Indians)
    66. Casey Stengel, top-of-9th inside-the-parker wins Game 1, 1923 World Series (Giants)
    67. Mark McGwire, No. 70, 1998 (Cardinals)
    68. Sammy Sosa, No. 66, 1998 -- puts him temporarily ahead of McGwire on final weekend (Cubs)
    69. Scott Hatteberg, bottom-of-9th HR wins 20th straight game for A's, 2002 (A's)
    70. Yogi Berra, second two-run HR, Game 7, 1956 World Series (Yankees)

    71. Alfonso Soriano, go-ahead HR in Game 7, 8th inning, 2001 World Series (Yankees)
    72. Edgar Martinez, 8th-inning grand slam of great 1995 ALDS, Game 4 (Mariners)
    73. Mickey Mantle, monumental blast wins Game 3, 1964 World Series (and passes Ruth on all-time WS HR list)
    74. Joe Adcock ruins Harvey Haddix's perfect game/no-hitter, 1959 (Braves)
    75. Tommy Henrich wins Game 1, 1949 World Series, 1-0 in bottom of 9th (Yankees)
    76. Willie Mays, 8th inning on final day of 1962 to win 2-1 as Giants tie for pennant (Giants)
    77. Tino Martinez, game-tying, bottom-of-9th, 2-run HR, Game 4, 2001 World Series (Yankees)
    78. Stan Musial wins 1955 All-Star Game in bottom of 12th inning (Cardinals)
    79. Shawn Green, 4th HR caps 6-for-6 game with record 19 total bases, 2002 (Dodgers)
    80. Johnny Lindell, 8th-inning HR beats Red Sox 5-4 to tie pennant on next-to-last day, 1949 (Yankees)

    81. Billy Hatcher ties Game 6 of 1986 NLCS in 14th inning (Astros)
    82. Babe Ruth homers in first game ever at Yankee Stadium, 1923 (Yankees)
    83. Bert Campaneris, 1973 World Series, Game 7, gives A's 2-0 lead (A's)
    84. Frank Robinson homers in first game by a black manager, 1975 (Indians)
    85. Al Weis, 1969 World Series, Game 5 (Mets)
    86. Steve Yeager go-ahead HR in Game 5, 1981 WS (Dodgers)
    87. Hank Greenberg returns from service, July 1945, and homers in first game back (Tigers)
    88. Robin Yount homers twice against O's on final day as Brewers win pennant, 1982 (Brewers)
    89. Reggie Jackson, huge blast at Tiger Stadium, 1971 All-Star Game (A's)
    90. Mark McGwire hits two mammoth home runs into Kingdome upper deck in one inning, 1996 (A's)

    91. Mike Schmidt, HR in 11th beats rival Expos to clinch pennant, 1980 (Phillies)
    92. Willie Mays ends 0-0 duel in 16th inning -- Spahn and Marichal went all the way (Giants)
    93. Johnny Callison, bottom-of-ninth 3-run HR wins 1964 All-Star Game (Phillies)
    94. Carl Yastrzemski, 1967 pennant race, 3-run HR on next-to-last day (Red Sox)
    95. Cal Ripken homers in final All-Star Game, 2001 (Orioles)
    96. Joe Morgan homers to eliminate archrival Dodgers on final day, 1982 (Giants)
    97. Rick Wise, hits two HRs while pitching no-hitter, 1971 (Phillies)
    98. Harold Baines, May 9, 1984, ends 25-inning game (White Sox)
    99. Dick Nen, clutch pennant race home run, 1963 (Dodgers)
    100. Carlos Martinez homers off Jose Canseco's head, 1993 (Indians)
  2. PhiSlammaJamma

    Aug 29, 1999
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    Jose Cruz - Sometime in September of 1979, he hits his 9th HR to take the club lead once and for all :)
  3. StupidMoniker

    StupidMoniker I lost a bet
    Supporting Member

    Jul 18, 2001
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    I think Bobby Thompson, Bucky Dent, and Carlton Fisk stick out in my mind.
  4. A-Train

    A-Train Contributing Member

    Jan 1, 2000
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    Bagwell's first career grand slam....Oh, that's right, nobody saw it because it was hit at almost the exact same moment as McGwire's 62nd. :mad:
  5. BobFinn*

    BobFinn* Contributing Member

    Feb 10, 2000
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    I think the conflicting stories of whether Babe actually pointed to the seats in Wrigley Field or not hurt his place on this list. Had it been on National TV for the World to witness, I think it would rank #6 on the list behind McGwire's 62nd.

    The 1932 Series was marked by animosity between the two clubs from the beginning, and when Ruth came up in the fifth with one out, he was greeted by derisive catcalls from the Chicago dugout. He responded with a gesture -- exactly toward whom or what, no one knows for sure -- and then drove a Charlie Root pitch over the wall in deep center field. This would forever after be known as Ruth's "Called Shot."

    The story from the Yankee players who swore that he did indeed point to the fence was that along with being called every obscene name in the book by the Cub players, Ruth was pissed off at the Cub players for voting that Mark Koenig would not recieve a share of the World Series money.

    Mark Koenig was a former Yankee and good friend of Ruth, who was traded to the Cubs at midseason, much to Ruth's dismay. The Cub players felt he didn't deserve a share of the money since he wasn't with the team all year.
  6. Two Sandwiches

    Two Sandwiches Contributing Member

    Feb 6, 2002
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    Glad to see my favorite player with number 28, and my brother's favorite in at number 100 for having a ball bouncing off his head.:D

    David Justice is a great announcer, BTW, I'm not being biased because he was my favorite player either, watch him if you get a chcne to.
  7. egn

    egn Member

    May 31, 2003
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    What about the majestic home run that Bonds hit that disintegrated in the fog in the 2002 World Series. That is one of the more memorable home runs of all time in my opinion.

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