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[ESPN.com] Most valuable free agent: Johnathan Joseph

Discussion in 'Houston Texans' started by Rookie34, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Rookie34

    Rookie34 Member

    Jun 30, 2006
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    Most valuable free agent: Johnathan Joseph
    By Paul Kuharsky

    Make a case for New Orleans running back Darren Sproles if you'd like. Philadelphia defensive end Jason Babin has been a sack machine. Matt Hasselbeck could get some votes for his work as a culture changer and quarterback in Tennessee.

    But my vote for the best free-agent addition in 2011 goes to Johnathan Joseph, the Houston cornerback who’s been the key component in a transformation of the Texans’ secondary.

    A miserable pass defense that ranked dead last in the NFL last season now stands tied for second in the league, a ridiculous jump that could only happen with multiple ingredients:

    New coordinator Wade Phillips and his new 3-4 scheme.

    A consistent rush from a swarming defensive front, bolstered by the team’s top two rookies, end J.J. Watt and outside linebacker Brooks Reed.

    And the addition of Joseph and safety Danieal Manning to a young secondary.

    “Joseph has been exactly what they needed,” a scout told me this week. “After a horrible first-round draft pick in 2010 in Kareem Jackson, they made up for it with Joseph. He is fast, athletic and can match up with most receivers in the AFC. He plays bigger than his size (5-foot-11, 191 pounds), because he has good functional strength.

    “The added pass rush has helped him, but he is a good player versus run and pass. He was added to the top of the group which allowed players like Jackson and others to play more of a role instead of trying to get things out of them that they were not capable of doing.”

    Joseph has regularly matched up with the opponent’s best wide receiver, and his work earned him a Pro Bowl spot.

    Sunday, when the Titans are in their base offense and Nate Washington lines up outside, Joseph will track him. In his first two years in the league after he was the 24th pick out of South Carolina in the 2006 draft, Joseph played on the right. The three years after that he was on the left.

    Flipping around hasn’t been a problem and he’s happy to be looked at to slow an opponent’s best guy.

    “It was something new that I had to adjust to,” Joseph said. “If that gives us our best chance to win, that’s what I am up for. Covering the top guy, you’ve got to go out each week and try to win your battle. We have a saying here about going out and being 1-0, whether it’s one play at a time or one game at a time. If you’re on the top guy, you’re going to get some balls thrown your way.”

    The Colts’ Reggie Wayne, the Raiders’ Darrius Heyward-Bey and the Ravens’ Anquan Boldin had big games against the Texans. (Joseph covered Pierre Garcon in both games against Indianapolis.) But in their past nine games, no receiver has accounted for more than 82 yards against them. That was Carolina’s Steve Smith.

    The Texans have played 75 percent man coverage, according to defensive backs coach Vance Joseph. He said his top corner has been a fantastic example for the Texans' stable of young, contributing defensive backs: safeties Glover Quin, who’s been excellent as a starter converted from corner, and Troy Nolan and corners Jackson, Brice McCain and Sherrick McManis.

    “He’s practiced every day,” Vance Joseph said. “That was important for our young secondary to see. Every day he was out there working whether he was sore from the game, sore from previous injuries. He worked every day. Those guys take his lead. Every day was game mode, every ball was contested, every ball they could pick off they picked off.

    “So that’s the foundation of what we’ve been here on the back end. Johnathan wants to be the best and he’s worked to be the best every day. That’s been amazing for a veteran player of his caliber to come in and practice every day.”

    Houston grabbed Joseph from the Bengals with a five-year, $48.75 million contract with $23.5 guaranteed. The Texans were players for Nnamdi Asomugha, the cornerback who was viewed as a singular prize player in free agency. But Asomugha moved slowly, the Texans feared winding up without either Asomugha or Joseph, and Joseph’s price meant the team could also add Manning at safety.

    They were lauded for the strategy and it panned out perfectly.

    Pro Football Focus rates Joseph as just the 10th best cornerback in the league at this point. The web site can’t always know coverage assignments, but it says he’s given up three touchdowns, catches against him have averaged 12.3 yards, the passer rating on throws into his coverage is 71.3 and quarterbacks have completed 57.9 percent of balls thrown against him.

    Those numbers aren’t worthy of being posted in neon lights. But in the context of the Texans’ defense and the Texans’ season, his play has been excellent.

    The team and a lot of NFL people agree with Joseph that, so far, things could not have turned out any better. He’s got four interceptions, 15 passes defensed, a forced fumble and rave reviews.

    “On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say it’s been a 10,” Joseph said. “It’s been an awesome experience coming in here, being with the guys, adjusting to the different way things are done here. It’s been tremendous all together. There is not one bad thing I can say about the experience that I’ve had.”

  2. Wilford_Knows

    Wilford_Knows Member

    Feb 23, 2010
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    Meh, not a big deal. This guy is the AFC South blogger for ESPN. Not like ESPN is showing any real love for H-Town.
  3. Rockets34Legend

    Rockets34Legend Contributing Member

    Jun 12, 2002
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    ROXRAN Contributing Member

    Oct 12, 2000
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    Great decision to move the ball when Nnamdi either didn't know what to do, or acted like it...In hindsight, J.Joseph was the best free agency pickup the Texans could possibly have made. 4 int. officially, but if not for some bad calls/bad breaks he would have had 7 or 8 possibly...
  5. FLASH21

    FLASH21 Heart O' Champs

    Jun 21, 2008
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    I'd have to give it to Wade Phillips. See the past 2 weeks of defense compared to the first 12+ weeks.
  6. utgrad97

    utgrad97 Member

    Apr 22, 2008
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    Can the Texans stop drafting CBs and keep signing FA(s)? 3 drafted CB(s) whiffs in a row, including a 1st round pick and a 2nd round pick.
  7. Damion Laverne

    Nov 19, 2010
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  8. desihooper

    desihooper Contributing Member
    Supporting Member

    May 19, 2000
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    As of this morning, Sproles is running away with the fan vote (total votes: 7,158):

  9. DonnyMost

    DonnyMost not wrong
    Supporting Member

    May 18, 2003
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    This is what happens when your team plays zero primetime games (NFL network crap doesn't count) all year. Meanwhile, the Saints played at night on ESPN/NBC 5 times. Fans are stupid. Plus I'm sure Sproles' fantasy owners are happy.

    REEKO_HTOWN I'm Rich Biiiiaaatch!

    Jun 26, 2008
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    Hey! Only we can call Kareem a horrible draft choice!!

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