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Dear Rockets Fans,

Discussion in 'Houston Rockets: Game Action & Roster Moves' started by PositivityDome, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. PositivityDome

    Nov 1, 2012
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    Hey babies. I'm from Minnesota and have followed the Rockets off and on since I was a kid. Back in those days, I rooted for my heroes John Stockton and Karl Malone to defeat the evil Michael Jordan. Yeah, that just didn't work out.

    Those were the formulative years for my love of basketball though, I got into the sport by following those defensive juggernaut Knicks of the 90s and their rivalry with the Heat, I was a HUGE fan of Penny Hardaway and I also LOVED Hakeem and all of his tricky post dance moves. I'd always try to pull them off against the other kids because I was a total chubster back in the day and wasn't athletic, but I figured since I had quick feet, I thought maybe I could trick people with pumpfakes and spins. And aw yeah, I totally could and did.

    I couldn't hit my layups though so it didn't really matter.

    Anyway... so yeah, you could say I'm not a "true" Rockets fan, but I mean, what the heck, I'm not a fair weather fan either. I'm not some hussy who goes around rooting for various sports teams... especially big market teams. Ugh. Lakers... what joy it'd bring me to see them be metaphorically cuckholded... I mean there aren't even any lakes in LA. That was OUR name.

    Anyway... boy, this year, you Rockets are going to be my adopted team! I love the Timberwolves but I'm pretty sure I'm destined to be heartbroken by them every chance I get (Like the Love injury? Wtf, are you serious?) so yeah, you Rockets seem super interesting.

    Can James Harden live up to the bill of being an effective No. 1 scoring option? Can Jeremy Lin become a court general who averages 15 and 8? (OR EVEN MORE!?!?!?) Can Omer Asik become one of the dominant defensive bigs in the league while playing starter minutes? Will Kevin McHale ever respond to the email I sent him 4 years ago where I asked if he was purposely trading Kevin Garnett to the Celtics for peanuts because he had been an undercover GM spy for the Celtics the entire time he was in Minnesota?

    Probably not, but Houston, your future is exciting and full of questions. Full of potential! Be positive!

    And I really mean that... Be positive. I read this site back in the Yao and Tmac days... I remember the huge influx of Chinese posters and the fact there always seemed to be at least a thousand people online at any given time... And those days... They were dark days to me.

    I mean, I know you guys had two superstars, but I never thought you guys had a chance to legitimately win. Your bench was straight up TERRIBLE and there was just something about those teams... I never got the vibe there was any real hope for going all the way with any of those Yao/Tmac teams. Except for one team... you know the one I'm talking about... The year you guys actually put a functioning team together with Battier and Scola and Artest and uh... Alston... I thought you guys would make it that year. I thought you guys were the favorites. I thought you guys were going to go all the way. TMac was out, but you guys still had a complete team and Yao couldn't be stopped. I mean literally, he could not be stopped. Dude was 7'6, had finally filled out and finally knew how to play and be aggressive. But then of course it just blew up and that curse got you guys. And I feel that pain. It's the pain I can understand as a fan from a state that hasn't won a championship IN ANY MAJOR SPORT since 1991. Unless you count the WNBA... haha. Nah just kidding.

    But boy! There's hope in this team right now. RIGHT THIS INSTANT. It's there. Trust me. I see it clear as day. And the thing I can't shake from coming onto this site and reading you Rockets fans is just this terrible negativity that's... inescapable. There doesn't seem to be much joy here and maybe that's due to what the Yao and Tmac years did to you guys... and the subsequent years of mediocrity... and maybe even those Pippen and Barkley years... but you Rockets fans should realize this is something new and very different. I don't know if you guys have had a team like this in... ever?

    And by team like "this," I don't even know what "this" is. NOBODY DOES. That's what makes it so exciting! So pleeeeeease, don't say James Harden isn't a No. 1 option and be smug about it. Don't say Jeremy Lin is an average player and has no ceiling and then proceed to go on a 5 page argument iwth someone who disagrees. Just don't be negative. There is hope here. Root for this team. Root for the players on this team. Don't doubt the players on this team... and not because that'd be nice and decent... but because everyone on this team is SO FRICKIN YOUNG. Give young players and young people a chance to grow before you peg them all.

    Have hope, stop bickering and enjoy your team, because you've got a good one. If Harden and Lin stay healthy, you guys are making the playoffs. Stay positive!

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