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Current players NBA East matchup 3

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports' started by DonatasFanboy, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. DonatasFanboy

    DonatasFanboy Member

    Feb 14, 2012
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    explain your choice
    The judging criteria is based on the following:

    Frontcourt- Who has the better FC

    Backcourt- Who has the better BC

    Bench- WHo has the better bench

    Offense- Which team has the better overall team offense. Which teams offense would run smoother and be more effective.

    Defense- Which team plays better defense? This includes team defense as well as individual defense

    Chemistry- which team would have better chemistry and work together better. For example, a team full of scorers who like to keep the ball in their hands wouldn't work very well.

    Based on these categories, you will determine the winner. IN THE END, WHO WILL WIN A 7 GAME SERIES


    PG. Derrick Rose
    SG. Russell Westbrook
    SF. Chandler Parsons
    PF. Serge Ibaka
    C. Greg Monroe

    6. Eric Gordon
    7. Jared Dudley
    8. DeAndre Jordan


    PG: Tony Parker - $12,500,000
    SG: Kobe Bryant - $27,849,149
    SF: Dorell Wright - $4,106,100
    PF: Tim Duncan - $9,638,554
    C: Jermaine O'Neal - $854,389

    6: Brandon Jennings - $3,179,493
    7: Demar Derozan - $3,334,350
    8: Johan Peltro - $3,500,000
  2. DonatasFanboy

    DonatasFanboy Member

    Feb 14, 2012
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    frontcourt - bluffkin.

    Jermaine O'Neal is pretty much done. That's the main difference.

    backcourt - oelman.

    similar talent level. But Kobe-Tony make more sense together because of shooting and Kobe's D.

    bench - bluffkin.
    IMO, all 3 players on bluffkin's bench are better than respective guys on oelman's bench (Jordan than Petro, etc).

    offense - bluffkin.

    oelman -- mainly a slower halfcourt game that's based on perimeter plays. A lot of shooting, cutting, passing.
    Should be a bit similar to last year's Spurs, but with a slower, less mobile, worse front line and with a real plan B (Kobe isos).

    bluffkin -- very good transition game.
    But no floor spacing in the starting lineup. This team will be forced to take 3s and that won't be pretty.
    IMO, they will have to bench Westbrook and enter Eric Gordon ASAP to add shooting, and Gordon will play 40 minutes per game. Dudley will play a lot too, probably more than Parsons. Westbrook will play 20 a game max, mostly subbing Rose.

    I think oelman's team has a much better offense in the starting lineup.

    but once bluffkin lets his shooters in (and I think that will be like 2nd minute of the game)... I think bluffkin's offense will be extremely powerful. Monroe will post up and pass out. Ibaka will hit a few jumpers. Gordon/Dudley will stretch the floor and cut. Rose will penetrate. A lot of talent and a lot of sense.

    So overall, I give advantage to bluffkin.

    defense - bluffkin.

    Kobe is still the best backcourt defender in this matchups.

    But overall I'd give advantage to bluffkin's team. It's more athletic, mobile.
    Monroe is a solid defender on power forwards, so he and Duncan will have a similar defensive impact IMO.
    Ibaka is far from perfect, but in this matchup you just put him on Jermaine O'Neal and let him roam around and block everyone's shots, because Jermaine will basically defend himself at this point of his career.
    Rose/Parker is a wash more or less.
    Dudley/Wright at 3 is a wash defensively, but Parsons will give defensive advantage to bluffkin's team depending on how much he plays.

    again, i think Dudley and Gordon will play more minutes than Parsons and Westbrook because they make much more sense offensively.
    But it doesn't matter much, because Gordon is a better defender than Westbrook anyway. And Dudley is a decent enough defender, although not close to Parsons.

    chemistry - oelman.

    because Rose-Westbrook don't make sense. Not enough shooting, so the defense won't be stretched. How will they penetrate?
    Again, I think Gordon/Dudley will be subbed in very quickly. But I think they should start, I don't see much point to play a minute without shooters.

    so chemistry to oelman.

    overall - bluffkin.

    two amazing offensive teams (once bluffkin subs in his shooters).
    but Jermaine O'Neal is washed up and he doesn't really fit with that team (should have someone athletic, mobile instead; maybe even a PF like Taj Gibson or Patterson and start Duncan at 5).
    in the end, bluffkin has more talent and depth up front, and enough bench shooters to make his offense work.

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