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Complete SGA list for Rockets

Discussion in 'Hot Deals and Classifieds' started by Smacktle, Jun 5, 2022.

  1. Smacktle

    Smacktle Contributing Member

    Nov 15, 2007
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    A long time ago I posted extensive lists for both the Rockets and Astros year by year with everything they've given out through the years in list form without the pics. There is a great thread by nickb492 with pics here: https://bbs.clutchfans.net/threads/houston-rockets-sga-guide.276559/#post-10631528

    I'm looking to complete this in list form seperating bobbleheads from other oddities:

    -Hakeem Olajuwon Bobblehead 4/17/2001 (10000)
    -Steve Francis Bobblehead 02/21/2002 (5000)
    -Cuttino Mobley Bobblehead 3/10/2002 (5000)
    -Clutch Bobblebelly (Blue pin stripe jersey) 3/16/2002 (5000)
    -Moochie Norris Bobblehead (Troll Hair) 3/30/2002 (5000)
    -Rudy Tomjonovich Bobblehead (Talking) 12/07/2002 (5000)
    -Calvin Murphy Bobblehead 02/21/2003 (unknown)
    -Yao Ming Bobblehead (Tall rookie) 04/15/2003 (5000)
    -Maurice Taylor Bobblehead 1/31/2004 (10000)
    -Clutch Bobblebelly (Snickers) 3/15/2004 (unknown)
    -Tracy Mcgrady Bobblehead 11/09/2004 (unknown)
    -Bostjan “Boki” Nachbar Bobblehead 11/30/2004 (5000)
    -Juwan Howard Bobblehead 12/07/2004 (unknown)
    -Jim Jackson Bobblehead (Traded before given out) 01/18/2005 (unknown)
    -Yao Ming Bobblehead (Arms crossed 2 bballs) 2/15/2005 (5000)
    -Maurice “Mo” Taylor Bobblehead (Truck) 02/22/2005 (unknown)
    -Dikembe Mutombo Bobblehead (Finger bobble) 11/22/2006 (unknown)
    -Shane Battier Bobblehead 2/03/2007 (5000)
    -Luis Scola Bobblehead (White jersey) 4/09/2008 (unknown)
    -Yao Ming Bobblehead (Red holding 1 bball) 12/03/2008 (5000)
    -Ron Artest Bobblehead 4/05/2009 (unknown)
    -Aaron Brooks Bobblehead 12/15/2009 (5000)
    -Carl Landry Bobblehead 1/27/2010 (3000)
    -Luis Scola Bobblehead (Red jersey) 3/30/2010 (3000)
    -Kevin Martin Bobblehead 12/07/2010 (3000)
    -Chuck Hayes Bobblehead 2/05/2011 (3000)
    -Jeremy Lin Bobblehead (red/gray) 11/14/2012 (3500)
    -Chandler Parsons Bobblehead 12/19/2012 (5000)
    -Dwight Howard Bobblehead (superman) 11/19/2013 (3000)
    -Jeremy Lin Bobblehead (red/yellow) 4/06/2014 (3000)
    -James Harden Bobblehead (soft beard) 4/09/2014 (3000)
    -Dynamic Duo Bobblehead (Howard/Harden) 12/03/2014 (4000)
    -Cylde Drexler Bobblehead 12/18/2014(voucher) (3000)
    -Patrick Beverly Bobblehead 4/12/2015 (3000)
    -James Harden Bobblehead (cooking) 11/04/2015 (3000)
    -Dwight Howard Bobblehead (gray jersey) 1/20/2016 (3000)
    -Donatas Motiejunas Bobblehead 3/31/2016 (3000)
    -Clutch Bobble Belly Kid's Club Exclusive Uknown Amount Made 2010-2011 Season
    (I'm not sure if collectors will count this SGA but this was given out only of you were part of the Rockets Kid's Club. Very hard to come by)
    -Rockets Championships Rings (male & female)
    -Yao Ming Nesting dolls
    -Yao Ming marionette
    -Yao Ming Smiti (metal ball with figure inside)
    -Steve Francis Smiti
    -Wobblers (box with Steve Francis & Cuttino Mobley inside)
    -Yao Ming Celebriduck
    -Jim Jackson Celebriduck
    -Cuttino Mobley Celebriduck
    -TMac Celebriduck
    -Moochie Celebriduck
    -Steve Francis Celebriduck? (not sure there is one)
    -Tracy Mcgrady figurine
    -Eddie Griffin Waterbottle
    -Cuttino Mobley Waterbottle
    -Akeem Nesting Dolls (not sure if it was a giveaway)

    Just wanted to get this in and now will work on getting the rest in later in the thread.
  2. Smacktle

    Smacktle Contributing Member

    Nov 15, 2007
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