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Comparing Jones and Dmo's stats

Discussion in 'Houston Rockets: Game Action & Roster Moves' started by ThatBoyNick, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. jakedasnake

    jakedasnake Member

    Aug 31, 2002
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    Yeah, pretty crazy people bash TJ's offensive skillset or make it sound like he doesn't have one. There aren't many players that can take it coast to coast and hardly turn the ball over like TJ is capable of.

    Granted, his inconsistency can be maddening as well as his defense but he has at least an average bball IQ. He may not react as quickly as others do in certain situations but he usually makes the right play based on his low TO's (0.9 to DMo's 1.7). Keep in mind he is 23 with a pretty talented skillset so he should be able to keep adding more to his game.

    The same with DMo. Both are pretty talented bigs that have some flaws but are young enough to overcome them. I think the addition of Lawson will propel both of them up a notch in people's minds. Jones should be better now that he has more than 1 person that can get him the ball close to the basket.

    I just think it is funny that there are several posters here who bash Jones while praising DMo or vice versa. Jones has become Clutchfans whipping boy in order to prop up another player. It is quite comical. I just enjoy watching both of them and hope we keep them this season unless there is an opportunity to get a PF of Milsap's ilk.

    Doesn't make sense why we can't root for both of them to succeed and improve their games after all of the ups and downs they have both been through. Some people act like their ceiling has been reached and no improvement will be made, mainly Jones.

    Also, I give Morey the benefit of the doubt since he has shown a TON of faith in both of these guys and even Harrell which is why he is okay losing Smith since we have Lawson now to play 2nd playmaker. I assume most people are a little more excited about Jones with Lawson on board but their love for DMo may blind them. Still think DMo should start and play about 30 minutes or so once he is healthy at PF/C while TJ can play about 20 minutes of solid ball once he gets used to his role off the bench.
  2. houstonstime

    houstonstime Member

    Jun 10, 2014
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    I seem to remember last offseason when we were looking at Bosh and the like EVERYONE was saying get rid of DMO, gotta keep TJones hes way better.... good thing we didnt I guess, now everyone has switched.
  3. straight forwar

    Jan 30, 2013
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    Is that even close?

    I mean, Rockets was going to DMo in the crunch time and he delivered. As McHale said, we gave the ball to DMo and he scored couple of baskets made a good pass and Rockets win the game. Jones can't really be a reliable option for ISO offence, not to mention the right pass.

    Another huge advantage of DMo is his passing and ability to play team ball - like making screen, reading the situation. Jones doesn't have IQ of DMo and doesn't make the team better. DMo does a lot of dirty work and a lot of smart work.

    And DMo is better defender and he can hold his ground against centers. Jones can't guard anyone really big.

    Overall DMo is a better player, far more important for the team even if stats don't show that.

    Jones advantages? Better rebounder and when he's hot, he can be a scoring machine.

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