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Chron: FEIGEN'S ROCKETS Q&A Trade Yao? Some fans taking the loss hard

Discussion in 'Houston Rockets: Game Action & Roster Moves' started by GRENDEL, Apr 29, 2004.


    GRENDEL Contributing Member

    Nov 21, 2002
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    Copyright 2004 Houston Chronicle

    <p>Question: Don't you think the Rockets should trade Yao Ming now when he still has value? The playoffs exposed his weaknesses which cannot be corrected. He is a fadeaway jump shooting center who lacks aggression and doesn't have the vertical leap. How can a 7'6" ft guy get his shots blocked so often?
    JDK in Denver
    <p>Answer: Trade Yao Ming? You're taking this loss hard.
    <p>No, no, no, and no.
    <p>He has a long way to go, but for all the shortcomings you mentioned, if the Rockets put him on the block, roughly 29 teams would come calling. He'll get better. Remember, he is in his second season, almost like a kid coming out of high school. A pack of solid players is never worth giving up one star. He will be a star, might be a superstar and should never be in any trade conversation.
    <p>Van Gundy playing with hand he was dealt
    <p>Q: Early in the season, players made lots of mistakes because they weren't sure what Jeff Van Gundy wanted. He has had a full season to preach his message and even had a free hand to bring in some of his previous players who presumably already knew his philosophy. His message either isn't getting through, or it isn't a very good message. Since a coach is responsible for getting his team ready to play, I have to ask, is he really the right coach?
    David in Houston
    <p>A: Maybe they are not the right players. It didn't work with Rudy's personal style and it hasn't worked with Jeff Van Gundy's. Both could make the mix look better, but it is what it is. For playoff basketball, or in the heat of a late-season playoff run, the Rockets are not tough enough to be at their best under pressure. They certainly do not take care of the ball well enough. And they still seem to have a very short bench, giving any coach too few options.
    <p>As far as Jeff bringing in his players, adding 39-year-old Mark Jackson and Clarence Weatherspoon is hardly much of a change. There is work to be done. Jeff, like Rudy, is a proven coach. But the best poker player can only play the hand he is dealt.
    <p>Jackson crucial to Rockets success
    <p>Q: All year long I wondered why Jim Jackson had spent most of his NBA career filling out change of address cards. In the playoffs against the Lakers he showed me why. Does he still have trade value or are we stuck with him? Some of his turnovers looked to me like he had his money on the Lakers.
    J.L. in Conroe
    <p>A: Jackson is surprisingly turnover prone. But he is so solid in every other way, the Rockets absolutely need him. You don't even want to think about this season without Jackson. They've got him for two more seasons and need more like him.
    <p>Making playoffs garners at least a 'C' grade
    <p>Q: I think the Rockets did pretty well considering the kind of team they have. Steve Francis never takes open shoots because he is not a good shooter so every defender knows he is only going to drive it in. Cutino Mobley only knows to run and shoot. Cato, he can't shoot even if his life depends on it, even the short ones. There is a reason why Jim Jackson has been on so many teams: he is real good as a sixth man, if he had one less turnover or forget about one more jump shot, the Rockets will be 3-2, but of course he starts on the Rockets. And a second-year center, who plays all year round, Mo Taylor is good for coming off the bench. ... A team like that making the playoffs, is pretty good, I think. Don't you agree?
    Fan in Houston
    <p>A: I'll go with Yao Ming on this one. Just making the playoffs is worth a grade of 70, a 'C.'
    <p>The Rockets have two All Star starters. Even if that is a testament to their popularity, Yao was named third-team All-NBA. It's certainly a flawed roster. A backup center starts at power forward; a shooting guard starts at small forward; there is no reliable backup at any perimeter position; the most well-rounded power forward is Clarence Weatherspoon. But if you're suggesting that this team overachieved, I can't agree with you.
    <p>The Rockets are not unlike last season's Timberwolves, without the playoff experience. Kevin Garnett is certainly a more accomplished superstar than either Steve Francis or Yao Ming. But they were a team that knew it was good enough to get in the playoffs and no more. They had to dramatically bolster the roster and did. The Rockets have work to do.
  2. emjohn

    emjohn Contributing Member

    Jul 29, 2002
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    Feigen, Lopez, and Blueberry all want to see roster changes (in particular, seeing Steve shipped out). However, I've noticed that they have yet to suggest a specific direction the team needs to go, not unlike the majority of the posters here.

    Everyone calls for the same thing: we need to upgrade the power forward spot and we need a pass-first PG to run the offense. Which is all well and good until you start thinking about the realistic possibilities - the NBA is incredibly short on those two types of players.

  3. amed

    amed Contributing Member

    Oct 16, 2002
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    Lopez's opinions and articles are garbage. Blineberry ocassionally has something insightful to say but the best one of the three by far is Feigan. This dude knows his BBall and he always gives good opinions about the Rox. They all have a Yao bias and therefore anyone who doesn't "complement" Yao should be shipped out.
  4. JoeBarelyCares

    JoeBarelyCares Contributing Member

    Jan 9, 2001
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    I love Yao, and hope he finishes his career here. That being said, there is obviously a pro-Yao media bias in this town. Is it because, as Rockets fans, we are infatuated with the idea of having a dominant big man, after being conditioned that way by being spoiled from years of watching Hakeem? Do you think fans in Chicago are pro-shooting guard? Is there a Jamal Crawford bias up there?
  5. canoner2002

    canoner2002 Contributing Member

    Oct 4, 2002
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    no there is no Crawford bias there. They put their hope on Curry and Chandler but so far they have been dispointing.

    Big men win titles, simple as that. The Bulls were exceptional, just because they had Jordan. I don't think it is a pro-Yao media bias. He was right, if Rox put Yao on the block, just about every other team will starting calling right away. They will need a hotline for those calls in CD's office.
  6. rrj_gamz

    rrj_gamz Contributing Member

    Aug 15, 2002
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    I agree...Lopez is an idiot and I hate seeing his mug on the website...
  7. Rocket River

    Rocket River Member

    Oct 5, 1999
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    houston has the WORSE media
    the houston Chronicle Sports section spends
    more time routing for the other team . . .
    don't even get me started on the local Sport Radio .

    Rocket River
  8. rvpals

    rvpals Member

    Dec 14, 2002
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    If we don't do anything, two years down the road we are going to have to find another talented center, which is way more short in NBA than a PF or PG.

    It's hard to find the right players this off season. Especially finding a quality PF, PG is easier to get.
  9. wayne312

    wayne312 Member

    Dec 8, 2002
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    And I'm wondering why?:rolleyes:

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