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California school teaching kids ‘Allah is the one true god' forcing them to pray towards Mecca

Discussion in 'BBS Hangout: Debate & Discussion' started by mr. 13 in 33, Apr 23, 2015.

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    May 29, 2013
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    I would really like to see the information that counters his argument on what the Egyptians worshipped... You would also have to find information that counters Chrishna of India and many others as well. The belief in crucifixion of gods who were born of virgins on December 25th was prevalent in countries long before Christ and many of the fables told in the bible are based off of fables told by ancient people. You do know the Greeks worshipped deities too (they say Jesus translates into Hail Zeus). And if you research the Romans and Constantine you would probably find more information that discredits these religions people worship today than support it. My point is if people want to have a better understanding of religion they should research beyond just the book of the religious belief.

    You can't even use the bible to counter other information because you can't even get everyone to agree on the bible itself because it's up for interpretation. People can have bible verse wars for days, weeks, years, ages on in and never come to an agreement which is why you have so many different churches and ways to worship that comes from one book. Speaking of churches, Acts 7:48 and 17:24 says the Lord does not dwell in temples built by man but yet you see all these people going to church to get the word of God when the bible states he wouldn't be found in those places.

    If you're a true Christian and walk like Jesus then you are like a unicorn. Is Falcon Talen a true Christian... Because he has so little faith in his God that he carries a gun instead of a bible :(

    Congrats to you for making it through your troubles. And if you had a relative, friend, spouse, etc that was there helping you during your time of need... They may deserve just a little credit as well and pat yourself on the back also.

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