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[2016] Rate my Draft Thread

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports' started by primtim24, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. primtim24

    primtim24 Contributing Member

    Jul 29, 2009
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    Just to clear some of the inevitable clutter in the other thread, I wanted to start this one.

    This is a 14 team, Non-PPR, reduced roster. I had the 1st pick:

    QB: Eli Manning (7th)
    WR: Antonio Brown (1st)
    WR: Brandin Cooks (2nd)
    RB: Eddie Lacy (3rd)
    TE: Coby Fleener (4th)
    W/R: Carlos Hyde (6th)
    K: Graham Gano (11th)
    DEF: NYG (10th)

    BN: Randall Cobb (5th)
    BN: Andy Dalton (9th)
    BN: TJ Yeldon (8th)
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  2. zlicciardo

    zlicciardo Member

    Dec 22, 2007
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    Pretty solid for a 14-team. I'd give it a B-/B.
  3. Rocketman95

    Rocketman95 Hangout Boy

    Feb 15, 1999
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    Were there keepers? I'm in a 14-team league and the picks were off from that one. I like the team though.

    Here was mine, non-PPR with one keeper (must give up pick two rounds earlier than player was drafted last season):

    Stefon's Midgets:

    1. AJ Green
    2. LeSean McCoy
    3. Randall Cobb
    4. Donte Moncrief
    5. Melvin Gordon
    6. Stefon Diggs
    7. Bilal Powell
    8. Antonio Gates
    9. Michael Thomas
    10. DeAndre Washington
    11. Tyrod Taylor
    12. James White
    13. RG3
    14. Oakland
    15. Terrelle Pryor
    16. Robbie Gould (actually drafted Gabbert, but then dropped him for a K)

    Don't love it, but have some high reward guys I think.
  4. fallenphoenix

    fallenphoenix Contributing Member

    Jun 20, 2009
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    Anyone care to evaluate my team? 12 team, standard scoring

    QB: Big Ben
    RB: Langford
    RB: Crowell
    WR: AJ Green - 1st
    WR: B. Marshall - 2nd
    TE: Greg Olsen
    Flex: Brandin Cooks - 3rd
    D: Cardinals
    K: Vinateri

    Blake Bortles
    James Starks
    Charcandrick West
    Matt Jones
    Spencer Ware

    I know I'm not that strong at the RB position, but I'm banking on picking someone who emerges or having Lacy or Charles go down.
  5. moestavern19

    moestavern19 Member

    Dec 8, 1999
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    I think its an upside Zero-RB draft. Care to explain why you have no depth at WR? The issue with Zero-RB is you voluntarily expose yourself at RB in order to solidify yourself at WR. Zero-RB only works if your WRs are rock solid and you find 2 decent RB2s. I mean Green-Marshall-Cooks is nice, but where is the depth?
  6. moestavern19

    moestavern19 Member

    Dec 8, 1999
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    10 Team Yahoo Pro League Standard Scoring

    1. (6) A.J. Green (Cin - WR)
    2. (15) Allen Robinson (Jax - WR)
    3. (26) Keenan Allen (SD - WR)
    4. (35) Jordan Reed (Was - TE)
    5. (46) Latavius Murray (Oak - RB)
    6. (55) Matt Forte (NYJ - RB)
    7. (66) Jeremy Langford (Chi - RB)
    8. (75) Tyler Lockett (Sea - WR)
    9. (86) Carson Palmer (Ari - QB)
    10. (95) Derrick Henry (Ten - RB)
    11. (106) Devin Funchess (Car - WR)
    12. (115) Arizona (Ari - DEF)
    13. (126) Tyrod Taylor (Buf - QB)
    14. (135) Christine Michael (Sea - RB)
    15. (146) Mason Crosby (GB - K)

    This draft was done 2 weeks ago. I couldn't pass on Reed at 35 so I altered my strategy a bit and decided to ignore QB. Palmer kept falling so eventually I scooped him up.

    With hindsight, I now regret the Lockett pick and wish I would have gone for a more stable WR for depth (i.e. Marvin Jones) since Funchess is another boom or bust type pick. I didn't do a good job of diversifying there so it leaves me a bit thin at WR if one of my main guys does down.
  7. rhino17

    rhino17 Member

    Jul 13, 2006
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    10 team PPR

    QB: Phillip Rivers, James Winston
    RB: Thomas Rawls, Jeremy Langford, James White, Chris Ivory, Derek Henry, Dion Lewis (IR)
    WR: Antonio Brown, Alshon Jeffrey, TY Hilton, Randall Cobb, Will Fuller
    TE: Delanie Walker, Tyler Eifert
    DEF: Seattle
    K: Chris Boswell
  8. The Stig

    The Stig Member

    Jan 31, 2010
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    Starting with OP. I get a bit too nitpicky on the RB situation as I see a lot of them as massive gambles so pardon me for that.

    primtim24: Solid starters, think Lacy is due for a bounce back year, while Hyde is a question mark to me. Fleener looks like a reach but I'm not sure. Overall, not too much holes, just keep active on the WW for RB. Yeldon is in a committee and Jags don't run in the RZ.

    Rocketman95: Not familiar with keepers but I'll give it a go. WR are good, indifferent about your RBs but it might be okay due to 14 people in your league. TE is okay, maybe find a backup if Gates gets hurt which I think he will. K and DST are good enough. QB is a bit of a question mark. Not sure how well either TT or RGIII going to do this year.

    fallenphoenix: Strong no RB draft, like all your receiving pieces. Matt Jones might be the sleeper of the year. QBs are good. DST and K are good. I'm guessing you're going to try and flip that Ware/West combo to the Jamaal owner for RBs.

    moestavern19: Great set of receivers, not feeling too hot about your RBs mainly because of Matt Forte's injury/age and Latavius Murray's inconsistency. TE excellent, maybe get a backup since Reed is injury prone. K and DST good. QB good especially for a 9th rounder.

    rhino17: RBs have a lot of unanswered questions, may be a hit or miss for you, I dunno yet. I like your WR, especially feeling good about Cobb. QB is good, expecting Winston to start of Rivers by the end of the year. TE is good, I got that strategy going for myself too. DST and K are good.
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  9. kevC

    kevC Contributing Member

    Jul 19, 2007
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    12-team non-PPR short bench Auction draft:

    QB: Ryan Fitzpatrick
    RB1: Devonta Freeman
    RB2: Jeremy Hill
    WR1: Antonio Brown
    WR2: Jarvis Landry
    TE: Coby Fleener
    Flex: Julian Edelman
    Defense: Seahawks
    K: Adam Vinatieri
    Bench: Allen Hurns, Theo Riddick, Markus Wheaton, Will Fuller, James White
  10. Ziggy

    Ziggy 99ers STAND BY

    Jun 11, 1999
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    First 7 rounds are like my PPR draft dreams come true.
  11. fallenphoenix

    fallenphoenix Contributing Member

    Jun 20, 2009
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    Well if Green or Marshall go down I'll put Cooks in at WR and move either Bennett (forgot to mention i drafted him) or one of my RBs at flex if i have to.

    I'm always proactive on the waiver, so I'll be trying to pick up potential as the season presents them.
  12. McNultyisDrunk

    McNultyisDrunk Contributing Member

    Jan 7, 2010
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    14 team half-point PPR.

    Roster Positions: QB, WR, RB, RB, TE, W/R, W/T, W/R/T, K, DEF, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN

    1. (9) A.J. Green (Cin - WR)
    2. (20) Mike Evans (TB - WR)
    3. (37) Jordy Nelson (GB - WR)
    4. (48) Jarvis Landry (Mia - WR)
    5. (65) Giovani Bernard (Cin - RB)
    6. (76) Duke Johnson Jr. (Cle - RB)
    7. (93) Josh Gordon (Cle - WR)
    8. (104) Gary Barnidge (Cle - TE)
    9. (121) Matthew Stafford (Det - QB)
    10. (132) Darren Sproles (Phi - RB)
    11. (149) Theo Riddick (Det - RB)
    12. (160) Zach Miller (Chi - TE)
    13. (177) Robert Griffin III (Cle - QB)
    14. (188) New York (NYJ - DEF)
    15. (205) Chandler Catanzaro (Ari - K)
    16. (216) Eli Rogers (Pit - WR)

    Yes, it's a CIN/CLE heavy roster. Could've been worse as Dalton was taken the pick right before Stafford by a guy who picked Cam in the 1st round.
  13. rpr52121

    rpr52121 Sober Fan
    Supporting Member

    Mar 28, 2006
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    Don't feel great about this team, but was trying to get the value where it was. May have to do a lot on waivers this year:

    10 Teams. 1/2 PPR. No bonuses for 100 yards/300 yards.

    Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB/TE/WR, 1 Kicker, 1 Defense

    QB: Kirk Cousins, Andy Dalton
    RB: Todd Gurley, Frank Gore, Arian Foster, Matt Jones, Chris Ivory
    TE: Greg Olsen
    WR: Brandon Marshall, Jordy Nelson, Julian Edelman, Tyler Lockett
    DEF: Minnesota
    K: Chandler Catanzaro (Ari)

  14. rpr52121

    rpr52121 Sober Fan
    Supporting Member

    Mar 28, 2006
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    Overall, it could be a decent team. Depending on how many starters you have, I could see you have trouble predicting when players will have big games because guys like Hilton/Fuller/White/Ivory/Henry are more likely to put up some great games and some stinkers.
  15. rpr52121

    rpr52121 Sober Fan
    Supporting Member

    Mar 28, 2006
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    WR are definitely solid. Not totally sold on Fitz with no backup, but in 12 team league, you should be able to find someone on Waivers if he doesn't repeat last year. RB and TE are going to be totally boom or bust. Will Freeman repeat last year? Will Hill ever be consistent? Can Fleener actually be Jimmy Graham-lite and stay healthy? They could all work out, but you could be praying for help if one doesn't pan out. Ironic you are in a non-PPR league and ended up with Landry, Edelman, White, & Riddick.
  16. rpr52121

    rpr52121 Sober Fan
    Supporting Member

    Mar 28, 2006
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    Heavy Great Lakes team. Better hope for a mild winter. WR and TE are solid. While RB are all solid individually, they are all mired in committees. Yes, it is hard to find a RB not these days, but it could very hard to start the correct one on the correct day. With the number of FLEX positions you have to start, maybe that becomes a wash but it is risky. I get all the love for Stafford after Cooter took over OC, but I wouldn't trust Griffin as my only backup if Stafford has a bad stretch. I would hope for someone on waivers or trade for someone if possible.
  17. Preston27

    Preston27 Contributing Member

    Mar 3, 2002
    Likes Received:

    Round 1, Pick 9 (9th Overall)
    Lamar Miller Hou - RB
    Round 2, Pick 4 (16th Overall)
    Allen Robinson Jax - WR
    Round 3, Pick 9 (33rd Overall)
    Brandin Cooks NO - WR
    Round 4, Pick 4 (40th Overall)
    Jordan Reed Was - TE
    Round 5, Pick 9 (57th Overall)
    Golden Tate Det - WR
    Round 6, Pick 4 (64th Overall)
    Frank Gore Ind - RB
    Round 7, Pick 9 (81st Overall)
    Philip Rivers SD - QB
    Round 8, Pick 4 (88th Overall)
    Derrick Henry Ten - RB
    Round 9, Pick 9 (105th Overall)
    Sterling Shepard NYG - WR
    Round 10, Pick 4 (112th Overall)
    Jameis Winston TB - QB
    Round 11, Pick 9 (129th Overall)
    Chris Hogan NE - WR
    Round 12, Pick 4 (136th Overall)
    Minnesota Min - DEF
    Round 13, Pick 9 (153rd Overall)
    Mohamed Sanu Atl - WR
    Round 14, Pick 4 (160th Overall)
    Michael Thomas NO - WR
    Round 15, Pick 9 (177th Overall)
    Mason Crosby GB - K
  18. moestavern19

    moestavern19 Member

    Dec 8, 1999
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    Much better
  19. NewRoxFan

    NewRoxFan Contributing Member

    Feb 22, 2002
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    Man... I suck at this. Struggled a it with the Yahoo system, and panicked a bit with picks (someone grabbing some player I wanted, switching my mind between players, etc). Hopefully next year will be better... 12 player (I was 8), 15 on roster, standard:

    QB Phillip Rivers
    QB Marcus Marriotta
    RB: Lamar Miller
    RB: Melvin Gordon
    RB: Chris Ivory
    RB: LaGarrette Blount
    WR: Keenan Allen
    WR: Ty Hilton
    WR: Tyler Locket
    WR: Sterling Shepard
    WR: Markus Wheaton
    TE: Jordan Reed
    TE: Dwayne Allen
    D/ST Pittsburg
    K Brandon McManus

    Reached with Miller (perhaps overswayed by Dr Roto calling him a lock and top 3 RB to get). I am weak at WR, too many boom or bust guys. Like my TE, but besides RB I think I am weak everywhere else. Should have grabbed a QB sooner, actually wanted to draft Bortles, and somehow drafted Rivers instead.

    So I will hope to improve my WR situation trades and waiver wire?
  20. vstexas09

    vstexas09 Contributing Member

    Nov 7, 2007
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    10 Team PPR

    QB: Derek Carr
    RB: Matt Forte
    RB: Demarco Murray
    WR: AJ Green
    WR: Amari Cooper
    TE: Rob Gronkowski
    Flex: TY Hilton
    D/ST: Chiefs
    K: Stephen Gostkowski

    Gio Bernard
    Jeremy Langford
    Gary Barnidge
    Stefon Diggs
    Travis Benjamin
    James Starks
    Dak Prescott

    Not a huge fan...

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