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2010-11 Houston Rockets = late 90 Portland Trailblazers

Discussion in 'Houston Rockets: Game Action & Roster Moves' started by plutoblue11, May 10, 2010.

  1. plutoblue11

    plutoblue11 Member

    Dec 13, 2006
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    I see alot similarities between those teams and the Rockets, before the Jailblazer crew got into full swing. Being a team made by its sum of parts, while having good young players teaming up with former all-stars or good players who slowly past their prime, but none of whom are really superstars. Though a team that contains nearly 7-9 players who could start on other teams.


    Yao Ming (who is obviously in role the Aryvdas Sabonis or even a Pippen caliber player, maybe)

    FA PF (Chris Bosh or whoever) - Rasheed Wallace role- the main go to player, but not really superstar or Luis Scola (Detlef Schrempf/Gary Trent role, kind of a clean up guy-rebounder (Gary Trent) who has good shooting skills and an array of moves - Detlef Scrempf without the 3 point range and athleticism, but bigger).

    Trevor Ariza (Bonzi Wells role, better defense and worse offense, though)/ Battier (Pippen's role on defense/spot up guy, like Greg Anthony)

    Kevin Martin (Steve Smith role, previously top scorer of former playoff team, not really known for defense)

    Aaron Brooks (Damon Stoudemire role, though Brooks a much better outside shooter, scorer, and possibly passer. Most of all, much more efficient).

    Bench (Rocket's bench has a personality of its own):

    Chuck Hayes (possibly team's best defender and known for shutting down bigs and occasion guard smaller forwards)

    Jared Jeffries (Who basically has taken over the Mutombo role briefly, though provides good defensive prowess, like Hayes)

    Chase Budinger (Athletic, high scoring sf/sg, who is an above average 3 point shooter)

    Jordan Hill (Brian Grant clone, good rebounder, above average defender, but Hill might have better offense)

    Kyle Lowry (Very aggressive slasher who can draw fouls, struggles with jump shot, but is a good defender)

    Jermaine Taylor (Athletic guard with potential)

    FA C (Someone to back Yao Ming, like Mutombo did or a Dale Davis caliber person, if JJ is dealt or if the Rockets find another, better player for the spot).

    Here's another reason, why our team, when at full strength, is better than Jazz, Thunder, and even Spurs. We have good depth and size, and can adjust to most teams style of play throughout the league, whether it is the Suns or Lakers. Yao by himself, in ways negate the size of Bynum and Gasol. I can honestly say that for the last two of three years, we've had a team that could beat the Lakers, handily in a series. But for some reason, Karma, God, or whoever just does not want us to win or beat them in a series and favored the NBA higher ups. If the Rockets could've had Mutombo/Yao in last year series (they win), and the season, before last, give the Rockets a healthy Yao.

    The Rockets laugh at their size, when Yao is on the floor.
  2. dbigfeet

    dbigfeet Member

    Nov 14, 2002
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    nope, not gonna drink that kool-aid. Look at all the jail birds and trouble makers there. we are so much better than that
  3. Carl Herrera

    Carl Herrera Contributing Member

    Feb 16, 2007
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    I'll believe it when Yao Ming throws a towel in Scola's face and Brooks spits on a fan.
  4. meh

    meh Contributing Member

    Jun 16, 2002
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    Maybe I'm underestimating our guys a bit, but I don't think our talent matches that of the Jailblazers. The Blazers had all-star talent that put up deflated stats due to their depth. The Rockets players are either overachieving or basically playing up to par.

    Now, if we land Bosh w/o giving up our key guys, then the comparison might work in terms of "lots of talent but no clear go-to guy" type of team.
  5. tofu--

    tofu-- Member

    Apr 19, 2008
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    Followed by a grim interview with Battier responding to all questions with a "both teams played hard, god bless and good night" following every loss in his Rockets blazer.
  6. dragonwill

    dragonwill Member

    Jun 29, 2002
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    Jordan Hill and Brian Grant does have similar hair cut.
  7. jcmoon

    jcmoon Contributing Member

    Jun 17, 2002
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    At that point, Rasheed wallace was pretty close to superstar. that team was better than the rockets. IMO, the refs screwed them , and gave the lakers the game in game 7 -- on their way to their first championship.
  8. cxwcxw

    cxwcxw Contributing Member

    Oct 10, 2007
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    99-00 Blazers was one of the deepest teams I ever see in the NBA. There was a reason Jermaine O’Neal couldn’t get any minutes on that team. Rasheed Wallace was a beast back then. Pippen and Steve Smith were still better than Ariza and Martin even in their thirties. And their bench was the best: Anthony, Augmon, Schrempf, Wells and Grant. Many of those guys could start on other teams.
  9. MrButtocks

    MrButtocks Contributing Member

    May 29, 2005
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    It'd be nice to be that good.

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