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1000 signs you're a Rockets Fanatic (obsessed)

Discussion in 'BBS Hangout' started by Vengeance, Jan 11, 2001.

  1. Lil Pun

    Lil Pun Contributing Member

    Oct 6, 1999
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    Hey if you all really want me to continue on to 2,000 I will do so but a a very slower rate. I was just in a hurry to get to 1,000 because so many people doubted that it could be done or said we should end at a lower number. I love proving people wrong. [​IMG] But if someone doubts that we can get to 2,000 I'm not going to speed it up I going to go at a steady pace but all along we will prove the wrong...AGAIN!!! [​IMG]

    Arkansas' Biggest Rocket Fan!
  2. Johnny Rocket

    Johnny Rocket Contributing Member

    Jan 12, 2000
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    Hey Lil Pun, I doubt we can get to 2000 [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Help keep the obsessed thread alive post the reasons why you are an obsessed Rockets fan by clicking here
  3. Iron McFist

    Iron McFist Member

    Apr 20, 2001
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    851) 'Clutch' (the mascot) is your idol.

    852) 'Clutch' (the webmaster) is your idol.

    853) You hold the local TV station hostage until they agree to show ALL Rockets games (only applicable out of Houston).

    854) You get into a heated debate about how Sheryl Swoopes could whoop Quitten, even with her torn anterior cruciate ligament.

  4. Heath

    Heath Member

    Oct 31, 2000
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    855. You go through the complete thread to list all reasons in one.

    Signs you are a HUGE Rockets fan (bordering on obsession? :))

    Vengeance 1-6 (Jan 11)

    1. You're posting a new topic on the BBS at 3:28 AM

    2. When you watch those "Reliant Energy Rockets Fan" commercials, you see yourself

    3. You don't care what anyone says, Scottie Brooks was a good point guard

    4. You've painted your car in midnight blue and white pinstripes

    5. You have Houston Rockets Underwear

    6. The rest of the world ceases to exist during a Rockets game

    mc mark 7 (Jan 11)

    7. After the second Rockets championship in '95 you tattooed [gif missing] on your a**

    DAROckets 8 (Jan 11)

    8. Ummm ya crawl out of bed and before your eyes have even adjusted to the light your reading the board at Clutch City.

    rockHEAD 9-15 (Jan 11)

    9. If you miss a chat during game nights you feel like you've really missed something.
    10. The off season is a bummer cause the Rockets aren't on TV!

    11. You stay until they kick you out of the Summit/Compaq Center...

    12. You still call it The Summit!

    13. You really hate Scottie Pippen!

    14. World B. Free means something to you!

    15. You wanna get one good punch in on Kermit Washington.

    RocketsPimp 16-19 (Jan 11)

    16. You actually saw Serge Zwikker play.

    17. You're replying to a 100 post thread, pissed drunk at 4 am.

    18. You have ClutchCity.net as your homepage.

    19. You've seen at least 95% of the games over the last 5 years.

    DEANBCURTIS 20 (Jan 11)

    20. You watch the movie "Clutch City" over and over again ;)

    heypartner 21-22 (Jan 11)

    21. You get a job offer in Hawaii, but decide to stay in the cement-covered Houston because of the Rockets. And you tell your family, "but I love Houston. It has great restaurants, no tourists," and other self-convincing mantras.

    22. You get a job offer in the beautiful city of Vancouver for $3million, and turn it down to live in Houston.

    Vengeance 23-29 (Jan 11)

    23. You spend your whole paycheck at "The Rockets Shop" before it goes out of business

    24. No family members are allowed in the room while you're watching a Rockets game

    25. You go to Blazers games (against any team) just to boo Scottie Pippen

    26. You have more than three Houston Rockets bumperstickers

    27. Bamboozled has become one of your favorite words

    28. You write Houston Rockets Haikus

    29. You are convinced Matt Bullard is a great SF

    rockHEAD 30-32 (Jan 11)

    30. The phrase "Never underestimate the heart of a champion" brings tears to your eyes.
    31. In the Pearl Jam song Rats, you think the lyrics, "lick the dirt off a larger ones feet" sounds to you like "lick the dirt off Olajuwon's feet"

    32. You dream of sitting courtside, without having to convince someone you are terminally ill.

    ROCKETBOOSTER 33-34 (Jan 11)

    33. your strolling down your boulevard one day and a lady comes over to you and says: awww...Sir, look theres a cat stuck in the tree: and you say: "Oh yeah, sure lady, What in the hell would Cuttino Mobley be doing in a tree."

    34. Its only November and Your sending Les Alexander expalanatory emails of your persoanaly designed 2001 Rocket Championship parade float.

    Steve_Francis_rules 35 (Jan 11)

    35. The word "kapiyah" (is that spelled right?) has entered your everyday vocabulary.

    moestavern19 36-46 (Jan 11)

    36. You Hate Vancouver

    37. You use the Pharse "How Sweet It is every time win on NBA 2K "

    38. Your username makes absolutly no sense , but your accepted if you like the Rockets

    39. You are the Only Person in the Staples Center Who Hasn't Forgot Who Clyde Drexler Is.

    40. You have 200 Different Hakeem Olajuwon Basketball Cards , And the Urinal he used in a 1987 game vs. The Utah Jazz

    41. You know who Tim Brueax , Pete Chilcutt and Chris Jent are.

    42. You were excited when we drafted Mirsad Turcan

    43. Your a Rocket Fan from Califonia and you havent jumped on the Lakers Bandwagon yet .

    44. You think Kelvin Cato Owns Shaquille Oneal.

    45. You've used 50,933 different User Names in the Chatroom , All pertaining tp the Rockets.

    46. You own a piece of the Summit ; signed by Carl Herrera

    ROCKETBOOSTER 47-48 (Jan 11)

    47. If your name is SteveFrancisRules and you want to order a Rockets shop catalog.

    48. when plasterd off my ass at a bar really knowing not what I say a girly next to me asks for my name and phone number and the next afternoon I get a call and at the other end of the line theres some broad asking me if there is guy by the name of "Rocketbooster" there?...Huh?

    Kim 49 (Jan 11)

    49. When the Rockets lose, your whole night is ruined.

    Rockets R'Us 50-53 (Jan 11)

    50. You defend Steve Francis any chance you get

    51. You yell at the TV for Rudy to NOT give the ball to Cuttino with 30 secs left

    52. You yell at Rudy to stop running ISO's

    53. You defend Charles Barkley any chance you get

    ChenZhen 54 (Jan 12)

    54. when you break household appliances and remote controls during rocket playoff games because you get so into it....

    ROckets03 55 (Jan 12)

    55. The mere mention of Karl Malone and John Stockton gets your blood boiling!!!!! :mad:

    ROCKSS 56-57 (Jan 12)

    56. You daydream about new colors for the Rockets uniforms, and then actually send a letter to Les explaining your theory.

    57. You forgo sex with your girlfriend to catch the last few minutes Rockets game

    AstroRocket 58-63 (Jan 12)

    58. You're still paying the repair bill for that 'mishap' that happened to your wide screen television after Stockton's shot in '97.
    59. You cried like a baby after that shot.

    60. You think Calvin Murphy is the best color man in the business.

    61. Clutch has been like a father to you.

    62. You still think Vernon Maxwell is a great player.

    63. You have a fan club dedicated to Chucky Brown :)

    heypartner 64-65 (Jan 13)

    64. You own the entire line of Rudy T Ties.
    65. You've lost two girlfriend's in a row over your obsession with wearing Rudy T ties with Calvin Murphy zoot-suits, and you don't care.

    DEANBCURTIS 66-69 (Jan 13)

    66. You draw Calvin's "V" on your forehead with magic marker.
    67. You know Pig Miller was in Space Jam.

    68. You grow an afro like Moochie.

    69. You've named your two children Hakeem and Olajuwon.

    FrancisFan 70 (Jan 13)

    70. You know that Keith Jones was also in Space Jam.

    heypartner 71 (Jan 13)

    71. In your quest for dolting idolatry experiences in life comparable to being kicked in the gut by Joey Ramone while lying at his feet on stage (true, yeeooow!), you can think of nothing more exciting than to be guarding a 2 on 1 fastbreak against Moochie and Francis and Moochie bounces a pass off your forehead to Francis who leaps over you for a groin enyo' face slam...yeeooow!!

    moestavern19 72-73 (Jan 13)

    72. You swear you schooled John Stockton when you were in high school in the summer 1986 . (taken from my brother who makes this claim)
    73. You do anything to get Clutch's attention

    Steve_Francis_rules 74 (Jan 13)

    74. You could wear a different clean houston rockets shirt/jersey every day for three weeks before you had to do the laundry.

    Rockets2K 75-77 (Jan 13)

    75. Over your wife's repeated objections..you continue to wear the back-to-back championship tshirt even tho it has more holes than a tennis racket in it!
    76. Your family swears that they shoud've hired you to do the Reliant commercials because you are even nuttier than the guys they show

    77. Your prize possession is a Drexler jersey with the cherished Red and Gold colors

    Vengeance 78-83 (Jan 14)

    78. You believe every call against the Rockets is a bad call.
    79. You still listen to the "Houston Rockets Memory Mix" from a few years ago.

    80. Your whole PC is Houston Rockets themed

    81. You turn off the phones in the house and lock the doors during a Rockets game.

    82. You show up for the game eight hours early, so as to not miss a second of the action.

    83. You post a personal ad: "SM Houston Rockets fan seeks Single Female Houston Rockets Fan. Must enjoy Houston Rockets basketball and long walks around the Compaq Center"

    DEANBCURTIS 84-85 (Jan 14)

    84. Your college thesis was about Rudy's isos.
    85. You've dated Lisa Malosky so you could get close to the Rockets.

    DieHard Rocket 86-88 (Jan 14)

    86. You think Bill and Calvin should be on NBC every weekend doing the national games.
    87. Every time you hear Greg Gumbles voice, it sounds like he's saying "and John Stockton has sent the Utah Jazz to the NBA finals"...and then you can't stand it anymore so you change the channel.

    88. You actually tell people that you have Clutch's, the mascot, autograph.

    DEANBCURTIS 89 (Jan 14)

    89. When you met Whoopi Goldberg you asked her "What was it like to work with Walt Williams and Pig Miller in the movie Eddie".

    Steve_Francis_rules 90 (Jan 14)

    90. You remember the classic film "Heaven is a Playground" for Hakeem Olajuwon's amazing acting ability.

    Vengeance 91-94 (Jan 14)

    91. You bought 200 pairs of the Hakeem Olajuwon shoes so that you wear them forever.
    92. You think Rodrick Rhodes was a future star who never got his chance.

    93. You bid to name the new arena after yourself.

    94. You always play as the Rockets in NBA Live

    Rockets2K 95-97 (Jan 14)

    95. You still get pissed whenyou think about the trades that sent away Sam Cassell, Rodrick Rhoades, and Tracy Murray!!
    96. You would rather talk to the players than go out with the power dancers!

    97. You are saving money to put out a contract on Karl-whineybaby Malone

    Steve_Francis_rules 98 (Jan 15)

    98. You honestly believe that Scottie Pippen is the spawn of the male and female personifications of satan, Stockton & Malone (you decide which is which).

    DieHard Rocket 99-100 (Jan 15)

    99. You actually remember Sedale Threatt and the half season or so he spent with the Rockets.
    100. You think Charles Jones was the greatest shotblocker coming off the bench...and that he retired too early.

    Vengeance 101-104 (Jan 16)

    101. You still have an unopened bottle of the Hakeem Olajuwon water (anyone remember this?)
    102. You've read "Living the Dream" 10 times and it always gets you when he talks about the championships

    103. You maintain that Rudy Tomjonavich is a better coach than that overhyped Phil Jackson.

    104. Your fantasy basketball team includes ONLY Rockets players.

    ROCKETBOOSTER 105-106 (Jan 17)

    105. If you were once the president of the Pete Chillcut(Chilly Pete) fan club.

    106. You enlighten Geek Mobster with Rocket wisdom by reminding him that Rodrick Rhodes was traded to Vancouver for Sam Mack.

    Vengeance 107 (Jan 17)

    107. You brag to everyone that you knew what was going down with Dream before it happened (thx Clutch).

    rockHEAD 108-110 (Jan 17)

    108. You take your car to Dream & Bros. Car Wash on San Felipe just in case Dream is working that day!
    109. You know what fockass means.

    110. Even though you have nosebleed seats when you go to a game, you still act like you have the best seat in the house!

    vj23k 111 (Jan 17) Damn thread killer :p)

    111. you trade a ticket to Whistler, British Columbia(the best skiing in the world) in for its worth in Rockets tickets

    rockHEAD 112-113 (Feb 8) Thread back on track after big hole

    112. You still have the painted back window (a bit faded) on your car/truck from the two times we won the championships!!
    113. You don't wear the t-shirts you bought from the two championships, so that they'll keep their collectors value.

    sirhangover 114-121 (Feb 9)

    114. you have a flat top and you insist your mother refer to you as 'horry'
    115. you shoot like purvis short

    116. you relish any chance you get to say 'unbeatable'

    117. whenever you are hayes street you think of elvin and the yellow cab commercial where he says 'hayyyyesss street'

    118. you are still reeling over the suspension of lewis lloyd and and mitchell wiggins

    119. you are convinced that malone and stockton are not that good

    120. you are convinced that robert reid and lionel richie are the same person

    120. you think dave feitl was cool

    121. your were pissed when they traded craig ehlo to the cavs

    nyrocket 122-125 (Feb 9)

    122. You chase the Rockets team bus up 8th Ave in Manhattan after a last second win in MSG shouting and clapping and generally jumping around acting like an idiot.
    123. You regularly listen to the audio files of Gene Peterson calling seminal plays in Rocket history and get all misty-eyed.

    124. You confuse friends and family by periodically and for no apparent reason shouting "Kapayaa!!!"

    125. You still have the sweatbands Allen Leavell tossed to you when you were 12.

    vj23k 126 (Feb 9)

    126. The phrase:Never underestimate the heart of a champion brings tears to your eyes and gives you chills.(not bad chills, of course :))

    mc mark 127 (Feb 9)

    127. Your personalized signed basketball by Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler sits prominently displayed in glass on your bar even though your wife hates it there.

    Houston_baller3 128 (Feb 11)

    128. You know all the words to (Logix Communications) commercial.

    Christopher 129-136 (Feb 11)

    129. Despite the fact you live on the other side of the planet, and have never met, or seen any of the players in person, you talk about the player like you actually know them.
    130. You never went to high school without being tired from staying up till 1am waiting for NBA scores.

    131. You bedroom contains a Houston Rockets wall, Hakeem Olajuwaon wall, a Rockets news clippings wall and a second Houston Rockets wall!

    132. On a train in Sydney you start to cry when you read a small article about the Rockets beating the Sonics in the playoffs.

    133. Number 34 is your lucky number, followed by 22, 3, 25, 17, 4.......

    134. You were the only person at school that wanted be be a center rather then a guard.

    135. You become violant when anyone dared to say Jordan was better then Olajuwon.

    136. You have the dream shake down to a fine art....even though your a short arse.

    finalsbound 137-144 (Feb 12)

    137. You were genuinely optimistic when the Rockets picked Jason Collier in the draft.
    138. Your palms are permanantly scarred from digging your fingernails in them during every Rocket cliffhanger.

    139. You bawled when you found out Sam Cassell and Robert Horry were traded.

    140. When you pass the Summit on the way to work, you almost get in car accidents admiring the building and reminiscing the glory days.

    141. You broke a hole in your apartment floor from jumping up and down so hard after Mario Elie's "Kiss of Death."

    142. You've memorized every player response in the Rockets official yearbook such as Steve Francis wanting to be President or Mo Taylor's favorite movie being Back to the Future (what the hell).

    143. You were in Vancouver at the Rockets game cursing the fans and throwing tomatoes and batteries yelling "How do YOU like that?!"

    144. You secretly wished you were that 9-year old girl in Denver that Stevie Franchise toppled over so that you could get his game jersey, autographed sneaks and game tickets. :p

    rockHEAD 145 (Mar 30) Kicking thread into life - Again

    145. You can't wait to get your bobble head Hakeem doll!!!

    tacoma park legend 146-149 (Mar 30)

    146. You're friends with turbo and clutch
    147. The guy who works at pizza hut in the compaq center knows you by name

    148. You yell at anybody ,who walks into the room while you're watching the game, that they just jinxed the Rockets and tell them to get the hell out.

    149. You know Rudy T's phone number, called him, freaked out when you heard his voice and hung up on him.

    rockHEAD 149 1/2 (Mar 30)

    149 1/2 - you pull up this old post, in the hopes it gets to 1000!

    Vengeance 150-152 (Mar 30)

    150. You resurrect this thread.
    151. Every clothing combination you wear has at least one Houston Rockets logo.

    152. You buy the Reebok Wink DMXs just because Steve Francis wears them.

    rockHEAD 153 (Mar 30)

    153 - You buy the DMX's and you don't wear them! You just buy them to have them!!

    moestavern19 154-160 (Mar 30)

    154. You proclaim you own the East
    155. You wiped your ass on your #33 Pippen Rockets Jersey

    156. You think Heath is your best friend Wow - btw thanks

    157. You try to figure out what ZRB means

    158. You try to think of 1000 signs your an obsessed Rockets Fan .

    159. You drafted Moochie Norris over Damon Stoudamire in your NBA fantasy league .

    160. You lied about your where-abouts March 20th 2001

    ZRB 161 (Mar 30)

    161. You develop multiple personality disorder by watching too many up-and-down Rocket games.

    AstroRocket 162-163 (Mar 30)

    162. You're becoming dangerously depressed because your pc keeps malunctioning when you try to enter game chat.
    163. You're afraid your "loyal chatter" status is going down and no one will remember you when you finally get back in.

    ROXRAN 164 (Mar 31)

    164. You're driving down the road, see a squirrel and think about CC.net for some strange reason.

    rocketfish 165-166 (Mar 31)

    165. You dream that when you play NBA 2000, that when you win the title with the Houston Rocket team, it will really happen!
    166. You are a fanatic from half way across the world (Australia)

    Azim da Dream 167 (Mar 31)

    167. You proudly wear Hakeem's #34 jersey to a Raptors-Celtics game, despite being ridiculed by the Raptor mascot in front of everyone.

    Not really part of #167 but added it as it inflicted the next ones. Here goes:
    I think 1000 reasons may have been a little too ambitious. We should have shot for something realistic, maybe #250.

    heypartner 168-174 (Mar 31)

    168. You decide to make it a personal challenge to prove Azim is a pessimist for thinking we can't reach 1000
    ....give me some elbow room, I'm just getting started. Besides, I'm looking for some Vengeance anyhow, on "realist" lottery talk.

    169. You regret not registering yourself as Vengeance instead of the more peaceful heypartner (*cough* | *cough*) when you must do a full-frontal assault on posts about tanking.

    170. You are willing to let anyone slap your sunshine ass if they can yell D-FENSE louder than jamcracker.

    171. You hire the Unibomber to send Stern a tape of Kennedy's bad call against Francis.

    172. You tell Rudy on 610 call-in that we *really* need Hannibel Lechter to run the Snack on Shaq play...

    173. ....then you ask the follow up question about your beef with Kobe. (pun intended!)

    174. You have a dream that the Harley Davidson riding Hell's Angels are providing "officiating" for another Harley riding star...Karl Malone...at an NBA benefit Concert in San Francisco like the Rolling Stones, and that punk John Stockton does a flop off the stage....so the Hell's Angels officials stab him to death, while Karla is screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, that's my Lover! So, after a look of bewilderment...they stab him, too.

    Jeff 175-182 (Mar 31)

    175. Your remote control is being held together by duct tape.
    176. You spend the night of your 5-year anniversary in a trailer outside an early voting location so you can get on TV saying you were the first person in Houston to vote YES on the new arena.

    177. You risk insanity and your marriage on a 9-month campaign to get an arena referendum passed.

    178. You spend every day of your life updating a web page with Rockets information and don't get paid a dime for it. (Clutch rules!)

    179. You spend nearly every day of your life reading updates on a Rockets web page.

    180. You worry that your internet service going down means you'll miss something about the Rockets.

    181. You maintain that the only reason the Rockets won their two championships was because of the collectible Rockets cup you drank from for every game those two seasons and they don't win any more because you lost it.

    182. You swear that you are the Rockets regular season good luck charm because you haven't been to a Rockets loss in the Compaq Center since 1992.

    kbm 183 (Mar 31)

    183. You run up your cable bill watching the early home playoff games and don't pay it until the season opener a year later. hehehe.

    heypartner 184 (Mar 31)

    184. You keep losing one girlfriend after another for your fetish for having a big ass afro and girls m.o.a.n.ing ... M.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.chieeeee!

    AsherOcketIsback 185-188 (Mar 31)

    185. when you were a 12 years old boy in israel you convinced your perentes to get cables just so you can see a few rockets game in arabic.

    186. you know more about the rockets that play in another continent than you do about the local bball team that plays 100 meters away from your home.

    187. you were late to your first meeting at the IDF because you stayed up all night to see the rockets lose! on nba.com court side live.

    188. you provided Clutchcity.net a scoop about Nate huffman :)

    kbm 189 (Mar 31)

    189. You still remember the now defunct LAUNCH PAD web site.

    heypartner 190-195 (Mar 31)

    190. For 6 months, you felt Jeff wasn't doing enough to save our rockets and get a new stadium, once at your favorite Ice House, you actually discussed the logistics of hiring Timothy McVeigh to lose the summit.

    191. You once assaulted Nick Van Exel with a stick of bright red lipstick to make his lips match his sissy eye-lashes.

    192. You got your first chance to sit behind the Rocket's bench at a game, so you bought a pack of red markers and a clipboard in case Rudy ran out during the games.

    193. On your second game behind the Rockets bench, you brought a case of Jack Daniels since Rudy ran out of that last game.

    194. To the first game against the Spurs after the 2nd Title, you and your girlfriend wore Navy dress blues with jock-straps on the outside.

    195. You really, really thought Vernon Maxwell was the BEST; you yelled to him during a game ("yo' Momma Max'd me out"), just so you could experience getting cold cocked by your favorite player.

    ROCKETBOOSTER 196 (Mar 31)

    196. You're mom tells you the next morning that you were yelling kapaya! kapaya! kapaya! in your sleep.

    heypartner 197 (Mar 31)

    197. Being the most superstition person on the planet, during the parade after beating NY you found yourself caught in a "We Believe" superstitious time warp, so you were telling everyone who would listen that you thought the parade was premature..."We still don't have our Rings!".

    ROCKETBOOSTER 198 (Mar 31)

    198. you were sitting courtside and you heard Hakeem(pre-muslim), right before punching out J.R Reid say: mutha-****a-you, and have loved the Dream ever since.

    heypartner 199 (Mar 31)

    199. You decide your mission in life was to punch Jerry Sichting,,,too!!

    ROCKETBOOSTER 200 (Mar 31)

    200. You baked Calivin Murphy cookies but you got so drunk at the game you ate 'em yourself.

    heypartner 201 (Mar 31)

    201. In an attempt to get invited to one of those Cuttino Mobley's pre-game meals at his mother's house, you took the milk route in her neighborhood to win her over, but you kept drinking her milk after eating all Calvin Murphy's brownie's the night before... and it just never worked out.

    ROCKETBOOSTER 202 (Mar 31)

    202. you're going to go to you're local community criminal justice college and become a police officer so you'll be able to pull over Bill Kennedy, when he's a referee for a game in Houston, and b**** slap him with your night stick.

    heypartner 203 (Mar 31)

    203. You come to work after another 20 rebound game by Moses Malone throwing elbows in the elevators to keep people off the floor board, to protect your floor.

    ROCKETBOOSTER 204 (Mar 31)

    204. On the Mav's board you make fun of Steve Nash's and his mop because he had the nerve to affront Francis and Norris while in a game superintended by refs, crowds, n' coaches.

    Johny Rocket 205-210 (Mar 31)

    205. You go to a rockets game on the road and taunt the mascot because they are loosing to the rockets and when he sprays silly string at you, you pick it up and through it right back at him (take that you damn hornet)

    206. Your liscence plate as something to do with the rockets

    207. You care more about your post count then your grades

    208. Everyone at school knows it's your computer with out even checking because your screensaver is a rockets logo :)(well what else could i make it? :D)

    209. You room is painted in the old rockets colors

    210. You have a birdhouse with a rockets logo painted on it.

    Redglare 211-213 (Mar 31)

    211. You still have the tiny photos you took when the Rockets arrived at IAH from the 1986 finals...of the 24 photos, the best one is of the top of Jim Petersen's head from 150 feet away.
    212. You still have the t-shirt that was a replica of the Chronicle's "Clutch City" headline...and refuse to wear it or tear the tags off, because the t-shirt is just that special.

    213. Despite a new job which you would lose for going away during busy season, a mortgage and new car to pay for, plus a new marriage, you consider risking it all to fly to Houston to take in the last game with the rest of the Clutch City groupies.

    Johny Rocket 214-216 (Mar 31)

    214. You change your signature from "If you make it idiot proof, they will make a better idiot." to "If you make it Karl Malone proof, they will make a better idiot."
    215. Your 2 trash cans are rockets ones, one with the new logo, the other with the old logo.

    216. You skip your high school prom to watch a rockets playoff game (havent done it, but I would definatly thing about it)

    ZRB 217 (Mar 31)

    217. You watch the game versus the Wizards.

    Johny Rocket 218 (Mar 31)

    218. You visited your grandparents in NYC during the summer of '94 and only wore rockets shirts and had a huge grin on your face when ever you walked by a guy wearing a knicks jersey

    Redglare 219 (Mar 31)

    219. (almost forgot!) You consider not going to get your diploma from the Masters program because the Rockets are in the middle of coming back against the Suns in the 95 playoffs.

    Johny Rocket 220-224 (Mar 31)

    220. You buy ticket stubs of great rockets games on ebay just so you can say you were there

    221. Somebody offers you a mj autographed card for an Hakeem Olajuwon card and you just laugh at him

    222. You go around the web looking for other teams sites so that you can say how much better the rockets are then their team.

    223. You limit your college search to colleges with in driving distance of houston so you can get season tickets

    224. The clerk at the rockets shop looks at you like you are an idiot because you run up a $350 bill. (what it was my first time back to Houston in 3 years and I had out grown most of my rockets shirts)

    Puedlfor 224 (Mar 31) Double 224 post not corrected

    224. You've ever mooned the opposing team's bus with "Go Rockets" scrawled across your pasty ass.

    moestavern19 225-226 (Mar 31)

    225. You call your girlfriend Lisa

    226. You wore your replica Rockets championship ring on your wedding day

    Puedlfor 227 (Mar 31)

    227. You've ever used the words "Malone", "Stockton" or "Pippen" as a derogatory term. ex : Quit being such a damn "Pippen" you whiny ass "Malone".

    DEANBCURTIS 228-232 (Mar 31)

    228. Your fingers are paralyzed in the form of WaltÕs celebratory 3.
    229. You tell everyone about the time you were beaten by Cuttino Mobley in knock out.

    230. In hs bball you wear number 21 for Kenny Thomas.

    231. Even though it just looked like pouffy hair you grew an afro like Moochie's.

    232. You refuse to watch the All Star Three Point Competition until both Matt Bullard and Walt Williams are in it.

    Johny Rocket 233 (Mar 31)

    233. You fill out your Texas State loto ticket with the numbers of the rockets starting lignups from the championship years.

    Puedlfor 234-235 (Mar 31)

    234. You hear someone talk about filling out their State Lotto ticket with the championship teams and think, "Thats not a bad idea, I'll try that from now on".

    235. You wrote out a post you were going to make on a BBS on a sheet of paper and had an English major look it over, because you wanted it to turn out right.

    Johny Rocket 236-237 (Mar 31)

    236. You spend over a half an hour creating an easy to print copy of this thread available at http://members.aol.com/RocketsWeb/ObsessedFan.doc

    237. When you go to a hockey game and during the national anthem you cheer when they say "and the rockets red glare" and then everyone looks at you like an idiot

    ROXRAN 238-243 (Mar 31)

    238. You change your car's oil with pennzoil..since its red and yellow reminds you of the championship years.
    239. You prefer the red and yellow McDonalds to the other restaurants.

    240. You were so happy when Hulk Hogan returned to his red and yellow as it made you think again about your favorite team!

    241. You still wear those old shirts with pride!

    242. You truly believe red and yellow is a great fashion trend.

    243. You eat your bar-b-que squirrel with ketchup and mustard.

    Puedlfor 244-250 (Mar 31)

    244. You have a copy of "Air Bull".
    245. Not only do you have a copy of "Air Bull", you can sing along with it word for word.

    246. Not only do you have a copy of "Air Bull", and can sing along with it, you've ever been in your car, turned up the bass and rocked out to the song while driving down the street in your convertible.

    247. Not only do you have a copy of "Air Bull", and can sing along with it, and rocked out to the song in your convertible, you've sent the song into a radio station so it can get the proper play it deserves.

    248. Not only do have a copy of "Air Bull", and can sing along with it, rocked out to it in your convertible, and sent it in to a radio station, you've brought the song to the attention of a major record company so it can get some nationwide coverage.

    249. Not only do you have a copy of "Air Bull", and can sing along with it, and rocked out to it in your convertible, sent it to a radio station and brought the song to the attention of a major record company, you already have a concept for the video and have left several unanswered calls about getting a video made and put on MTV.

    250. You realize that this list is a 1/4 complete and if it gets finished the Rockets are a lock for the Finals. Only 750 left to go.

    DEANBCURTIS 251 (Apr 1)

    251. You bought a jean jacket because Mo Taylor wears one.

    finalsbound 252-254 (Apr 1)

    252. Whenever Lisa Malosky says, "...and Calvin Cato..." you shake your head, shout at the TV and look for her phone number so you can call her up and say, "Damn -----! Get it right! K-E-L-V-I-N! You can't do your job? I'll be in the UPN 20 studios tonight ready to fill for you against the Jazz!"

    253. You call up Stevie Francis every day and ask, "Did you call C-Webb today? What did he say? I want to know his exact words!"

    254. You cried you were laughing so hard after you heard air bull's song
    btw...ROTFLMAO! That song is crazy!

    Jeff 255-256

    255. You spend so much time on the Clutch City BBS that you've come to be oddly comforted when one of its members talks about eating squirrel. :)

    256. When your wife asks you a question about the Rockets as a kind gesture because she really isn't interested, you explain every nuance of the team until her eyes glaze over and she remembers why she never asks about the Rockets.

    Johny Rocket 257 (Apr 1)

    257. You get inspired by the song "Air Bull" and decide that when Matt retires you will dedicate your life to getting his jersey number retired by the rockets.

    Band Geek Mobster 258-262 (Apr 1)

    258. You carve the words "Bill Kennedy will pay" on your arm.
    259. You spend hours at night reading articles so you can get the scoop on where webber will REALLY go.

    260. You spend an hour or 2 a day on realgm trying to find out how you can get rid of Walt and Cato and get Cassell and Horry back on the team.

    261. You stay up really late at night just in case Doc Rocket has a new rumor/riddle/code to rack your brain with.

    262. You can't sleep until you figure out that code. "IR/__ 1X" (Still haven't figured this one out) :mad:

    ZRB 263 (Apr 1)

    263. You'd like nothing more than to see Wally, Kevin, and Terrell all sprain their ankles just so they could miss 10 games.

    vj23k 264 (Apr 1)

    264. You refuse to watch the dunk contest until Matt Bullard and Walt Williams are in it.

    getsmartnow 265-266 (Apr 2)

    265. You wear your #4 Barkley Rockets Singlet to Victoria Titans (NBL) Home games.
    266. You sneak out of lectures just to find out the scores to Rockets Games over the Internet.

    Johny Rocket 267-270 (Apr 8)

    267. In honor of Clutch getting a new server you try and revive this thread.
    268. You change your trash can icon on your computer to a utah jazz logo.

    269. You put utah jazz logos in the botom of the urinals at work so you can piss on them.

    270. You refuse to let this thread die and put a link to it in your signature.

    heypartner 271 (Apr 8)

    271. You decide that the Vengeance thread assist leader is as important as the Rockets assist leader...and you prematurely give that award to Johny Rocket for placing a link to this thread in his signature.

    finalsbound 272-274 (Apr 8)

    272. Your heart started beating fast and you were in pure shock when Stevie was ejected for celebrating.

    273. You would temporarily give up your morals if a team that the Rockets needed to lose played the Utah Jazz. Yes, my fellow BBSers, you would...uh, eee, oh...root for the Jazz.

    274. You still haven't forgot about that call in the Hawks game where Mottola pushed Bull down hard and Matt got called for the foul.

    rockHEAD 275 (Apr 8)

    275. You go on frequent Ebay 'Rockets stuff' buying binges.

    DEANBCURTIS 276-277 (Apr 8-9)

    276. You enter a battle of the bands competition and play "Air Bull".

    277. You've simulated the finals win in "Air Bull" with nba2k1.

    Vengeance 278-281 (apr 9)

    278. Instead of doing your homework, you read this entire thread.
    279. You won't give up on the Rockets' playoff chances for this season

    280. You personally recruit Chris Webber.

    281. You personally want to take OJ out for his little escape attempt during the NBA Finals. That little b*tch got the big screen, and the Rockets got the PiP -- time to destroy OJ . . . for great justice.

    finalsbound 282-290 (apr 9)

    282. You think Bill and Calvin's silly jokes and songs are downright hilarious and you chuckle whenever you hear Calvin giggle.

    283. You still believe, with 1:38 left in the Rockets game, that we can still come from 18 points down and win the game because you have listened to "Air Bull" a little to much and draw the conclusion, "Hey, if the Duke Blue Devils can do it, we can!"

    284. You're involved in a brawl at Arco Arena after catching Webber's attention with a sign that reads:


    285. You are fully convinced that the NBA is fixed.

    286. You have Francis, Mobley, Olajuwon, Taylor, Anderson, and Thomas jerseys, and have befriended a sports store owner at Katy Mills Mall requesting a Moochie Norris jersey when they get them in.

    287. Words cannot describe the deep, deadly rage you feel when the @sshole referees make an unfair call against the Rockets.

    288. You have a dartboard in the shape of John Stockton's head.

    289. You have a dartboard in the shape of the Utah Jazz logo.

    290. You swear Pippen has always had these weird, eerie, red eyes.

    Johny Rocket 291 (Apr 9)

    291. You take finalsbound advice and print this out and put it on your dart board.

    DEANBCURTIS 292 (Apr 9)

    292. Clutch's Memory Mix mp3 makes you weep tears of joy.

    ROXRAN 293-300 (Apr 10)

    293. You actually want Calvin to talk more about himself.
    294. You have a strange fetish for cookies.

    295. You and your wife decide to name your unborn son, "Rudy".

    296. You read the Houston Chronicle sports page over and over again until you practically memorize it.

    297. You have your Hakeem Olajuwon autograph in a safe deposit box.

    298. You have destroyed anything depicting Scottie Quitten with a Rockets jersey on. ..i.e pictures, videos, etc.

    299. You are so deeply offended when someones says "pinstripes" instead of "jetstreams".

    300. You believe going to a Rockets game is the best thing to do on a date :)

    DEANBCURTIS 301-302 (Apr 10-11)

    301. You've submitted sketches of "Air Bull" to Nike, "Bull DMX" to Reebok, "Bull" to Adidas, "Mad Bull" to And 1, and "Jumpman Bull" to Jordan.

    302. You still believe even though the Wolves have clinched the 8th spot.

    rockHEAD 303 (Apr 11)

    303. You took your girlfriend to the Feb 14th Rockets game where Clyde Drexler was introduced as a Rocket! What a sweet Valentine's Day!!

    Lil Pun 304-311 (Apr 11)

    304. When you pee in the dirt you try to spell out Houston Rockets or the name of Rocket players.
    305. You think your turds look like the little Rocket on the logo.

    306. Have a Rockets trash can, bed sheet, comforter, and rug in any room in your house.

    307. Whenever NASA launches it you think it is the Rocket they show before every game.

    308. When you play basketball you were a replica Rocket jersey of your favorite player because it gives you special powers.

    309. You hate any NBA player other than Rocket members.

    310. You see really long words and think, hey I can speel Houston or Rockets out of it.

    311. When playing Sim City you name your city Notsuoh, Houston backwards, and name your team the Rockets.

    across110thstreet 312-315 (Apr 11)

    312. You travel across the Hudson River to watch the ROckets play in New Jersey

    313. you leave your friends on a saturday night to go downtown to the only sports bar in new york that will play a rockets game if you ask Seamus the bartender nicely, without caring what the other patrons are thinking about you at that moment.

    314. you have checked the box score of every rockets game online since you moved to New YOrk.

    315. When you see someone wearing am old drexler jersey from 95, you scream at him on the streets, again receiving odd looks but again, not caring.

    Lil Pun 316-325 (Apr 11)

    316. When mowing your lawn you carve a big H R in it.
    317. You name your kid (First) Houston (Last)

    318. When watching a Rocket game you burn blue and red candles.

    319. You name something Stekcor.

    320. You make a pilgrimmage to Houston every year to catch a Rockets game.

    321. Shave off all your body hair, spell out Go Rockets! with glue on a poster board, apply the shaved hair, then hold it up at a game.

    322. Throw popcorn at someone because they are in your way when there is a time out at a Rockets game.

    323. Look at the sky at night and say that looks like the outline of the Rockets court.

    324. You have two Houston Rocket license plates, one for the windshield and one for the rear windows of your car.

    325. You have to have 34 when playing pick up ball and they have jerseys.

    vj23k 326 (Apr 11)

    316. When mowing your lawn you carve a big H R in it.

    326. You do this with no intentions to do so.

    ROXRAN 327 (Apr 12) moved to 346 after Lil Puns double

    327. You absolutely, without a doubt, never, ever, will put your "bobbin Hakeem head" on E-bay despite getting possible bids of $500.00 or more!

    Lil Pun 327-340 (Apr 12)

    327. You average over 10 posts per day on clutchcity.net.
    328. You watch NBA 2Nite even if the Rockets don't play just to see if they say something about them.

    329. You tell your kids to count to 34 instead of a number like 25 of 50.

    330. You have always wanted a cereal company to come out with a Rocket cereal named Blastos.

    331. If you call them the Houston/San Diego Rockets to keep alive old history.

    332. You paint half your house red and yellow (old colors) and half red and blue (new colors).

    333. If you can actually name every single Rocket draft pick, ever!

    334. Watching the video of the Rockets championships runs hypnotizes you into think you are back in the mid 90s.

    335. If you hear someone's last name that is the same as a Rocket player you think they may be related and you want to ask for tickets.

    336. If you refer to Rocket players as your brother, dad, cousin, uncle, etc.

    337. Dallas is know as the I-45 rival.

    338. San Antonio is known as the I-10 rival.

    339.You remember where you were when certain players retire.

    340. You want to hit Malone, Stockton, Pippen, etc. upside their heads with two bricks repeatedly.

    finalsbound 341-344 (Apr 14)

    341. It seems like you wrote in "M. Norris" a thousand times on the All-Star ballot.

    342. You're conviced the west woulda won - IF THEY HAD STEVIE FRANCHISE!!! IDIOTS!!!

    343. You're fearfully concerned about Stevie's life tonight at GM Place.

    344. You have dreams...real dreams...about winning the title NEXT YEAR:

    Vengeance 345 (Apr 14)

    345. You bump the Air Bull song, really loudly with your windows down.

    ROXRAN 346 (Apr 12) moved from 327 after Lil Puns double - 347 (Apr 14)

    346. You absolutely, without a doubt, never, ever, will put your "bobbin Hakeem head" on E-bay despite getting possible bids of $500.00 or more!

    347. You like the "Rock" from WWF wrestling because...

    ROCKETBOOSTER 348-349 (Apr 15)

    348. You've been sitting at you're computer screen for over five minutes trying to come up with the 347 sign you're a Rockets Fanatic, but at the same time wishing like hell that vengeance would of said only 500 signs instead of 1000.

    (changed to #348 as there was 2 reasons #343)

    349. After every Steve Francis made basket you finally give in and start to unconciously repeat those damn lyrics, too: HE DID THAT...HE DID THAT...HE DID THAT!

    DEANBCURTIS 350 (Apr 15)

    350. Anytime there is a formal occasion you show up with a suit identical to one of Calvins.

    Band Geek Mobster 351-354 (Apr 15)

    351. You spend the night before the big cc.net timberwolves game making the coolest nametag in clutch city history.
    (that was for you DoD)
    352. Just the mere mention of the name "Bill Kennedy" makes your blood boil.

    353. You think any article that doesn't talk about how great the Rockets are is automatically dissing the Rockets.

    354. You have dreams of seeing a Bullard, Langhi, Collier frontcourt.

    DEANBCURTIS 355 (Apr 15)

    355. You screamed like a little girl when Rudy said "Key Free Agents" last night.

    alaskansnowman 356-360 (Apr 16)

    356. You read this entire thread starting from the first post.

    357. You tape record the top 5 Rocket plays of the week on Sports Sunday, and watch them over and over just to relive the moment.

    358. You think that DAnforth Langford will be one of the top sf's in year or two.

    359. You call Dan Langhi DAnforth Langford.

    360. You know who DAn Langhi is.

    getsmartnow 361 (Apr 16)

    361. You still think Roderick Rhodes, Joe Stephens and Serge Swicker (sp?) can make it onto the Rocket's roster.

    rockHEAD 362 (Apr 16)

    362. You pay $3.25 for a Dan Langhi rookie card on eBay!! Go Danforth!

    Rockets Fan Trapped In MN 363-377 (Apr 16)

    363. You went to St. Olaf college in Northfield, MN because Lisa Malosky went there. (this is true, although not BECAUSE of Lisa -- I found that out later.)
    364. You hated Charles Barkely when he cheap shot Hakeem on a wide open dunk at the end of Game 7 of the 1993-94 Western Conference Semifinals against the Suns.

    365. You've adored Charles Barkley ever since he became a Rocket.

    366. Since you don't have Direct TV (what am I, made of money?!) whenever there's a Rockets game on, you plant yourself in front the TV watching CNNSI, or ESPN2 or ESPN News and either cheer or groan whenever the score of the game comes across the ticker at the bottom.

    367. Either that, or you sit in front of ESPN.com, and continually reload the game update page.

    368. You believe that by being a good person on gameday, somehow the basketball gods will reward you with a Rocket's victory.

    369. You're friends are SICK of you always playing as Houston on NBA Live, and have threatened to never play with you again unless you choose another team. Consequently, you haven't played against a human in 4 months.

    370. You believe that every television show, every newspaper columnist, every media outlet is vehemently against the Rockets and their many loyal fans.

    371. You turn to Classic Sports every hour on the hour just to see if they're showing any of the Rockets many memorable playoff games.

    372. You curse at the T.V. and go into a fit to find out that the ONE time they do show a Rockets game on Classic Sports, it's Game 6 of the 1996/97 playoffs against the Utah Jazz where Stockton hits the game winning three.

    373. You watch it anyway.

    374. In it's entirety.

    375. And you hope to God that somehow, someway, THIS TIME the outcome will be different.

    376. You believe that, had Barkley not gotten injured during game 4 of the first round of the 98/99 playoffs, the Rockets would definitely have defeated the Jazz and won the series, and would have gone on to beat the Bulls in the Finals. No doubt about it.

    377. You recognize lines from the two Clutch City videos in previous posts. (ie. "Bamboozled") It makes you smile.

    Johny Rocket 378 (Apr 16)

    378. Everynight before you go to bed you thank God for giving Clutch the gift to create Clutchcity.net

    WickBrunson 379 (Apr 16)

    379. You're 38 and still a virgin; but because of the Rockets, that never bothers you.

    JBIIRockets 380-400 (Apr 17)

    380: You use the sharp end of scissors to draw a rockets logo on your carpet and playoff logos from 94 to 98 (Yep....sigh...that is true)
    381: Watching the Rockets win rings helps get over your father's drinking problem...(that is true too,,,he has since been alcohol-free since 98..and life is good)

    382: You tape media day so you can watch it over again 10 times

    383: You remember every Rockets playoff game final score from 1994 to now

    384: you would not mind buying a clutch city t-shirt

    385: See 372, 373, 374, 375......and watch the other losses in the series in its entirety.

    386: You make a playoff banner just like the one that is shown on TV.....(true..took me a couple of hours..used poster board and magic marker....1997 NBA PLAYOFFS, 1997 WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS, 1998 PLAYOFFS in those exact words....measured about 10 feet long)

    387: You wish Scott Brooks would have played at least one minute in the 94 finals

    388: You save all the playoff newspapers from 1995

    389: you are up at 2:30 am writing this long list

    390: You play a full 82 game season in NBA LIVE with 12 minute quarters since 95 and win the ring from 96-2000..fixing to be 2001....obviously with the Rockets

    391: You frame your Game 3 1995 Finals ticket stub

    392: you save the Ticket stub for nearly every game you have been to.....and also write down the final score

    393: You use chalk to draw the Summit logo on your drive way...and the 1994 finals logo

    394: You were really pumped up when Bull came back in 1996

    395: You have a Rockets golf ball in your golf ball display

    396: You taped the majority of the halftimes last season...so you could have a collection of the Rockets millenium moments

    397: You imitate all the Rockets shooters with your release....Elie..dream...cassell..horry...drexler...francis...barkley

    398: You compile a season's worth of Rockets highlights (which takes two tapes on SP mode)

    399: When you squirt mustard on your Burger bun.....you write in "34"

    400: You have someone tell you, you need RA..
    Rocketholics Anonymous

    rockHEAD 401 (Apr 17)

    401. You become a charter member of Rocketholics Anonymous!

    WickBrunson 402 (Apr 17)

    402. The Devil comes up to you and says: "The Rockets will be the 2002 NBA World Champions provided that you marry Rosanne, pass 10 golf ball sized kidney stones daily, and smother yourself in honey before sitting in the world's largest ant hill for 5 hours." Without batting an eyelash, you respond: "Well ok, but what's the catch?"

    rockHEAD 403 (Apr 17)

    403. You change your signature to reflect your previouse post (see 401)

    Rockets Fan Trapped In MN 404-406 (Apr 17)

    404. You spent a sleepless night thinking of even MORE signs that you're a Rocket Fanatic.
    405. You're not at all embarrassed about relating to any or all of the 403 previous signs.

    406. To you, "Kiss of Death" wasn't that horrible movie with Nicholas Cage, it was a religious experience with Mario Elie.

    Johny Rocket 407 (Apr 17)

    407. You still have a copy of the American Gladiators episode from 5 years ago which the guy who played turbo was in.

    Lil Pun 407-420 (Apr 17) Another double by Lil Pun (407) - This one not corrected.

    407. You're one of the many fans who scream wildly when they sing "and the Rockets red glare."
    408. You go to college and major in PE hoping to be a Rocket trainer.

    409. The number 34 should be retired throughout the NBA on all teams.

    410. If the Rockets went 0-82 you would still argue they aren't the worst team in the league.

    411. Your ATM card PIN number is 3422

    412. Your clutchcity.net username looks weird to everybody else but to you it means something about the Rockets.

    413. You sit courtside, find a piece if hair, and convince yourself it is from a Rocket player.

    414. If a Rocket player falls or lands on you and gets their sweat on your clothes, you don't wash them and have them framed.

    415. Every two months you get a different haircut resembling a different Rocket player.

    416. You look up "greatest" in the library's dictionary mark out the definition and put Hakeem Olajuwon in its place.

    417. You burn a CD of Rocket game sounds.

    418. The Rocket Store is the greatest store in Houston.

    419. If Rockets is an acronym for something to you.

    420. You spend your whole paycheck on a large selection of Jazz album and run them over with a steamroller.

    DEANBCURTIS 421 (Apr 17)

    421. You know that the real reason everyone liked american gladiators was because Lisa Malosky was on it.

    Lil Pun 422-430 (Apr 17)

    422. You're are one of the 10,000 lucky people to get a bobble-head.
    423. You still have high hopes for Cato.

    424. You are anticipating a Ralph Sampson return.

    425. Houston is an acronym for something to you.

    426. You think Hakeem is God in Arabic.

    427. You have the to SI Special edition issues of the Rockets championships framed.

    428. You have hats, shirts, etc. which date back from the start of the franchise to present.

    429. Moochie Chia Pets should be handed out next.

    430. When you watch Creature from the Black Lagoon you say "Pippen keeps getting uglier and uglier."

    ZRB 431 (Apr 17)

    431. You allow yourself to get along with the republicans on this board only because they are Rocket fans!

    across110thstreet 432-433 (Apr 17)

    432. you hope that you will be accepted by cc.net, even though your first couple of posts were a little iffy.

    433. you continue the chat after the regular season destruction of MInny, waiting desparately for Clutch to give you the headline you were waiting for
    (anything about Dream)

    Ali Cat 434 (Apr 17)

    434. You still bring your clapper to the games. (The best handout besides the bobbleheads. Please hand them out again!)

    ROXRAN 435 (Apr 18)

    435. You allow yourself to get along with democrats on this board only because they are Rocket fans!

    HOOP-T 436 (Apr 18)

    436. You lie and say your bobblehead doll has a bid of 325.00 on ebay....and even start your own thread about it.

    RunninRaven 437 (Apr 18)

    437. You spend more of your time at work trying to convince "negative nellies" that they should be proud of their Rockets this season than you actually spend time working.

    Johny Rocket 438 (Apr 19)

    438. Whenever you describe something you always compare it to the rockets. for example "That was as sweet as a Matt Bullard 3-pointer"

    finalsbound 439-449 (Apr 19)

    439. You trippen' like Afro Thunder's opponents!
    440. Wazzzup, boy, Slick as Cat!

    441. Was I dreamin' or did Dream just stuff Shaq?

    442. Your so crossed I could have sworn I just had a vision of Moochie!

    443. That's more depressing that Mr. Cato himself.

    444. You look more clumsey than John Stocking attempting to make a flop look real!

    445. You always use Rocket metaphors.

    446. You always use Rocket similies.

    447. You always use Rocket personificaton.

    448. You always use Rocket idioms.

    449. You always use Rocket ONOMATOPOEIOAS!!!

    Band Geek Mobster 450 (Apr 21)

    450. You refuse to add anything to the "1000 signs you're an Astros Fanatic" thread until you get to 1000 on this list.


    Johny Rocket 451 (Apr 21)

    451. You own a box of Frosties (the Europeen version of Frosted Flakes) from Spain becasue it has Hakeem Olajuwon on it.

    DEANBCURTIS 452 (Apr 21)

    452. You drive by Hakeems house blaring Supertramps "Dreamer".

    moestavern19 453-464 (Apr 21)

    453. You watched the Disney Channel because someone told you "Dream" was on there
    454. You own 2 Dan Langhi Rookie cards

    455. You own a Jason Collier Rookie card

    456. You went to a swap meet and debated whether to buy a Steve Francis card or a Jason Collier card with Steve Francis on it .

    457. You only watch NBC ONLY for the XFL million dollar game and maybe The West Wing.

    458. You tried for 15 minutes to come up with a nickname for Sean Colson .

    459. You go on the internet and search for Walt Williams items .

    460. You search the internet for Scottie Pippen haters .

    461. You Love the Simpsons because Moochie loves them

    462. You tell people about how good Cuttino Mobley is , they dont know who the hell your talking about .

    463. You hate Miami because Hakeem said he will never sign a autograph there ever again

    464. You Tried to jump over a car. :D

    Lil Pun 465-475 (Apr 21)

    465. You have the letters R-O-C-K-E-T-S highlighted on your keyboard.
    466. Your favorite channel is 34.

    467. You use a Rockets player name and number as an Internet password.

    468. You think Barkley should run for governor of Alabama.

    469. You develop a secret language based on past and present Rocket player names.

    470. When writing your signature you write a little 34 under it.

    471. You think Hakeem would've beaten Shaq in that one on one game.

    472. You've spent over $500.00 on a signed Jason Collier ball.

    473. If Charles Barkley had liposuction, you would buy a sample of the fat for $75.00.

    474. If someone says, "we're going to the Compaq Center" you say, "it's Compaq Center not THE Compaq Center.

    475. You know the correct address of the Compaq Center and write frequently.

    Johny Rocket 476 (Apr 22)

    476. You never have called the rockets stadium Compaq Center you always call it the summit or the laptop.

    Lil Pun 477-485 (Apr 22)

    477. You play with your food and make letter like H and R or Rocket shapes.
    478. You don't light rockets on the 4th of July because you don't want them to explode.

    479. You would camp out to get a Langhi autograph.

    480. You can name all of the Rockets 2nd round draft picks.

    481. The best part of "The Star Spangled Banner" is "and the Rockets red glare".

    482. On games up jack up the player rating so none of the Rockets miss a shot.

    483. You signed up for RocketCash because you thought you get free Rocket merchandise.

    484. You're still waiting fro Real Sports to do a segment on the Rockets.

    485. If you think Rudy T. is the greatest NBA coach/player of all-time.

    Johny Rocket 486 (Apr 22)

    486. You go to the yahoo news section after every game to download the latest Rockets photos off of the AP wire.

    Lil Pun 487-500 (Apr 23)

    487. You started some sort of Rocket club on Yahoo!
    488. You started a Rocket player community on MSN.

    489. You replaced your parents picture on the mantle with your Hakeem bobble-head doll.

    490. You put a picture of Clyde Drexler over your grandmother's in a frame and have to switch it whenever she comes over.

    491. You got a platinum/gold/silver tooth cap with a HR in it.

    491. You buy a necklace with a Houston Rockets charm.

    492. If anybody uses the phrase "Never under estimate the heart of champion" besides a member of the Rocket organization you think they should be sued for copyright infringment.

    493. You can't start the day without drinking coffee from your Houston Rocket mug.

    494. You personalize all your belongings with a special Houston Rocket stamp.

    495. You call your kid nicknames like "Little Dream" or Glyde Junior".

    496. You think the Rockets logo is the NBA's absolute best.

    497. You bake a cake each time a Rocket player's birthday arrives.

    498. You think the next NASA shuttle should be named The Dream.

    499. You write Rocket messages on bathroom walls and mirrors.

    500. You but the new "Hakeem Spaldings" every year.

    856. You do not realize that listing the previous reasons for an obsessed Rockets fan is a waste of time, but know you got to stop after 500 as you are about to die from hunger.

    btw In the first 500 there are some doubles that are not corrected and we should probably get it right to get 1000 reasons on the spot when we are finished. damn this post is gonna be long. When I started writing this thread was at reason #803.

    We can reach our destination, but it's still a ways away.
  5. Vengeance

    Vengeance Contributing Member

    Nov 29, 2000
    Likes Received:
    Well . . . let me say

    <font =size+3>Congratulations!</font>

    I never thought we'd make it to 1000. Well, let's go for 2!

    "Up and down, inside out, outside in, some you lose some you win"
    -- DMB -&gt; "Sweet Up and Down"
  6. Johnny Rocket

    Johnny Rocket Contributing Member

    Jan 12, 2000
    Likes Received:
    1003. You notice that almost exatcly 3 months and 19 days after Vengeance started this thread at 3 something am he congradulates every one for hitting 1000.

    1004. You ponder sending threatning letters to Lil Pun for not making any posts over #1000.

    Help keep the obsessed thread alive post the reasons why you are an obsessed Rockets fan by clicking here
  7. Lil Pun

    Lil Pun Contributing Member

    Oct 6, 1999
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    1005. You can either sell your bobble head and save your grandmother or let her die and you tell her that you'll come to her funeral.

    1006. You know Rocket player's parent's names.

    1007. You have something that has Rockets on it that you just cannot give up.

    1008. You wont give up your Pentium I computer with a 28.8 modem because you found clutchcity.net using it.

    1009. You think the Rockets are the NBA's centerpiece.

    1010. You record the TV Guide channel when it says Rockets vs._______ on FOX.

    Arkansas' Biggest Rocket Fan!
  8. DieHard Rocket

    DieHard Rocket Contributing Member

    Sep 9, 2000
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    1011) On your NBA calendar, you look forward to the month that has a Rockets player all year hoping it will bring you good luck.

    1012) When playing basketball, you give the "kiss of death" every time you hit a clutch shot.

  9. Wakko67

    Wakko67 Contributing Member

    Jan 8, 2001
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    1013. You listen to sports radio day and night hoping to hear some talk of The Rockets.

  10. Wakko67

    Wakko67 Contributing Member

    Jan 8, 2001
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    1014. Whenever you see david robinson you laugh at how he was spanked by The Dream.


    [This message has been edited by Wakko67 (edited April 30, 2001).]
  11. Wakko67

    Wakko67 Contributing Member

    Jan 8, 2001
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    1015. You almost cried during the standing ovation for Olujawon in the last game of the season.

  12. across110thstreet

    across110thstreet Contributing Member

    Mar 17, 2001
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    2000. You ate at "Drexler's Barbecue",
    Hakeem's "Denny's", you park your car in Dream's parking garage, you buy your shoes at Sam Cassell's and Mario Elie's shoe store,
    and you go to every strip club in Houston hoping tofind a glimpse of Charles Barkley.

    right on
  13. Lil Pun

    Lil Pun Contributing Member

    Oct 6, 1999
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    Arkansas' Biggest Rocket Fan!
  14. vj23k

    vj23k Contributing Member

    Jul 11, 2000
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    1021. For the number on the jersey you ask for 34(Dream)-4(Chuck)-22(Drexler)-3(Francis)-17(Elie)

    1022. For the name on the back of the jersey, you ask for HaChLyde FrElBark

    Never Underestimate the Heart of a Champion
  15. ZRB

    ZRB Contributing Member

    Jul 31, 2000
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  16. Lil Pun

    Lil Pun Contributing Member

    Oct 6, 1999
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    1016. You predict the Rockets to finish first every season.

    1017. You have a Rocket game on during your wedding.

    1018. You always say "How bout them Rockets".

    1019. When everybody else is talking about baseball you say the Rockets are going to kill next year!

    1020. You have a Rocket jersey custom made for yourself.

    Arkansas' Biggest Rocket Fan!
  17. Digaida

    Digaida Member

    Jul 28, 2000
    Likes Received:
    1024)You believe, if not for the bad call on an obvious 1 second late tip'in by David Robinson on the last game of the 92-93 season which gave Seatle homecourt advantage, Rockets would have beat Seatle and most likely made it to the Finals that year.

    1025)You did the head bobble in unison with Horry everytime he slammed

    1026)You wish Horry had participated in the slam dunk contest

    1027)Rockets would have beat MJ and the Bulls in the finals both years they won it

    1028)You kinda feel sorry for Nick "The Brink" Anderson, but not really

    1029)You bet 20 bucks that if New York got to the Finals in 93-94 Houston would beat them(You never saw the loser again, but always have a smile on your face when you see a 20 dollar bill)

    1030)You prayed New York beat Indiana in 93-94, cause for some reason you felt Pacers had Rockets number that year, but you knew you could beat New York.

    1031)Watching Clutch City, you feel like it was destiny to have tied the 15-0 record by beating NY and also beat them for the Championship

    1032)You still think Ainge is a punk for throwing the basketball right in (mario's?) face.

    1033)You take joy seeing Joe Kleine almost crying after Mario gave the "kiss of death"

    1034)When you do that "this is for the game, 3,2,1..." you imagine your playing for the Rockets in the championship but for some reason that 1 second last until you make the game winning shot

    1035)You were in Awe of Hakeem when he sat down and just took in the ora of the second Championship

    1036)You can't stop thinking about who we will draft, imagining what kind of plays they will make with Steve

    1037)Rockets would be in the playoffs if not for Kennedy, Grrrrr! Son of a #%^%@!!!

    1038)You call in sick so you can see Hakeems comeback against the Suns, you don't mind too much even though we lost, cause Hakeem was simply amasing

    1039)Kenny Smith is scared to death of the Devil, D. Harper

    1040)You got really tired of Barkley's "backing in-dish out", never got tired of Barkley or the 3's made form those assist

    1041)it is 4am but you can't stop, your too excited

    1042)You watch closely the 2001 playoff commercial of all past Champions to made sure they don't leave the rockets out, you tear up when "Don't ever..underestimate the heart of a Champion!" graces the screen

    1043)You love saying energizer bunny

    1044)Kevin Willis was a Godsent

    1045)Tied or down 1, closing minute of the game, it was automatic, Hakeem was getting it in the post and making a jumphook, dreamshake, or turnaround...automatic

    1046)Everytime Francis shoots a 18 footer you yell "That's Money!" as it hits nothing but net

    1047)You have a special dance that overwhelms your body if the Rockets make a gamewinner in the closing seconds(somehow you continue to come up with funky new moves)

    1048)No Cat! No Cat! No....YES CAT YES! (With a "I knew he would make it" giggle)

    1049)You dread any Los Angeles Clipper games, you look forward to Los Angeles Laker games

    1050)Defeating seeds #4,3,2, and 1 without homecourt advantage is one of the greatest feats of all times

    1051)When the Rockets lost a game, your brother would try to make you cry by rubbing it in your face, saying they will never win the Championship, this doesn't make you cry, it makes you real mad so you spray unshaken (so it's slimey) party string all over and in his underwear that are in his drawer(you don't get in trouble cause your Mom is a diehard Rockets fan too [​IMG] Woohoo, haha Sucker!)

    one more, sorry can't help myself, soo many good memories....just flashes of joy, grins....

    1052)Even though you don't like the city Houston that much, you stay so you can continue to watch and be a part of the Rockets

  18. mr_oily

    mr_oily Member

    Dec 22, 2000
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    1053) It MATTERS to you! It MATTERS to you! That is not post 2000! It was 1021!!!! [​IMG]

    "Me entiendes Mendes? O te explico Federico?"
  19. mr_oily

    mr_oily Member

    Dec 22, 2000
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    1054) You wake up and stare at this thread...drinking coffee and post something about another post just to help the cause...because it DOES matter to you.
    1055) You get to work and stare some more thinking, worrying, "How will we ever get to 2000?! Maybe I should have another coffee."

    "Me entiendes Mendes? O te explico Federico?"
  20. Lil Pun

    Lil Pun Contributing Member

    Oct 6, 1999
    Likes Received:
    We are at post number 1056. So whoever posts reasons next start it at 1057...nevermind I'll do it.

    1057. You throw keg parties during the Rocket games

    1058. When the Rockets don't make the playoffs you call it the Depression.

    1059. You have Rocket player plaques.

    1060. You loved seeing Compaq Center's crowd during Eddie Johnson's buzzer beater.

    Arkansas' Biggest Rocket Fan!

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