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Aug 11, 2022 at 4:50 PM
Jun 22, 2010
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Aug 11, 2022 at 4:50 PM
    1. SK34
      Join Cfans on ESPN.com for Fantasy Football. Its Capital C...fans.
    2. Yung-T
      My mail doesn't work right now so imma write it here. Maravich brings you the deadly scorer/shooter you needed and his defense can be hidden by Isiah/Havlicek/DJ. Only problem is you still have no other pure shooter, especially off the bench.
    3. IzakDavid13
      My Daughter is doing a little better, she is having trouble eating though, nausea and sore throat. She went to Disney on Ice today.
    4. IzakDavid13
      Time for Eastern Semis
    5. Yung-T
      Nah, would likely become too frustrated with the game's high difficulty. Only game I bought this year was ME 3, am barely playin right now. Semester break starts end of August so I might get some new games then.
    6. rezdawg
      Yes, Ive played it...incredibly challenging...incredibly frustrating...yet, incredibly rewarding. I highly recommend it if you like role playing/dungeon games. Its well worth the price of the game.
    7. VBG
      This weekend.
    8. bluffkin
      Yo rednation can we do another all nba draft?
    9. IzakDavid13
      I have a PS3...haven't played on line yet.
    10. Yung-T
      Gonna have time Tuesday and will bring out my basketball books and make a detailed comparison between the teams/match-ups in my head. Don't wanna disappoint you guys and will make sure to make the right decisions.
    11. RedRedemption
      YouTube Channels:

      There are others that cap a lot of NBA highlights.
    12. ItsMyFault
      I wish I could. I didn't DVR the game so I don't have access to it anymore. Usually I do highlights for home games though, Clutch usually does road games. He may have the game. Sorry I couldn't help.
    13. RedRedemption
      If we make the playoffs I'll make a "get ready for the playoffs" WP. I'm busy with battling Comcast to get my damn internet fixed at the moment though. :(
    14. RedRedemption
      Also, looking forward to seeing your mix! :)
    15. RedRedemption
    16. RedRedemption
      Just make sure the volume by the commentators is slightly louder than the music. You don't want either one to drown the other one out. I'm not a fan of transitions but I would go with a quick flash transition (fade to white and back) but (for lack of better words) make that flash go quick and don't drag it out.

      Ultimately though, just experiment with different things and create your own style. I taught myself how to make videos through the years, it takes a while but you'll get it man!
    17. RedRedemption
      I'm not experienced with Mac, but I heard Final Cut 7 is pretty good. I've heard bad things about the newer final cut versions as they severely limit you on what you can do to footage.

      I have a PC and use Sony Vegas Pro and After Effects CS4. Not sure if you can somehow port that to the Mac, but if you can I recommend it!
    18. Sydeffect
      Pick up Tony Allen, you need a defensive specialist.
    19. The CDN Dream
      The CDN Dream
      how about...
      wade and frye for stephen jackson and dalembert?
    20. Spooner
      i would keep McGee
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