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May 2, 2006
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In a city
    1. megastahr
      thanks for sharing bro...do not let the morons get to you. Thats why clutch made the ignore feature.
    2. Jmcballer88
      I love you cyber
    3. HTown5933
      Hey man, just wanted to say thanks again for posting and sharing your insight and info. with us. I/we really appreciate you "coming back".

      So, at this point you obviously feel the Lakers may be in the driver's seat I take it?

      Maybe 60-70% chance of re-signing him?

      Thanks again, man!

      (htown5933@aol.com if you'd rather not discuss on here - don't laugh, I've had that email since '96....lol)
    4. megastahr
      Anyway I can ask you some questions? I won't make any posts on clutchfans about it.

      My email is timmoorehead@gmail.com
    5. basketballholic
      Would like to befriend you.
    6. Rockets_12
      Thank you for the inside info, Cyberx! I certainly appreciate it.
    7. megastahr
      can you email me? I want to write you PM on here but doesnt let me. timmoorehead@gmail.com
    8. Rocketaggie89
      Cyberx, I appreciate the inside information. I actually am very interested, what exactly do you do?
    9. jvu
      Thank you for the insider information
    10. megastahr
      Sent you a friend req want to message u thanks!
    11. treyk3
      Cyber, I sent you a friend request so I could send you a private message. Thanks for taking the time to respond to every one's inquiries.
    12. DeAleck
      Hi Cyberx, I believe you are credible and connected. I have a question for you. Can you email me at jia@entresting.com? Thanks!
    13. jimmyv281
      Thank you for all you do we appreciate you taking the time and feeding us some delightful insight. May you have a blessed day and may life spoil you with riches of love, good spirits, health, and family.
    14. 2016Champions
      Have you heard anything new about the upcoming FA? Is it true that people close to Dwight are pushing him towards Houston?
    15. 2016Champions
      You should post at Red94 if you want people to lay off you, people are more mature there. You're like the main reason I joined clutchfans so I hope you keep posting all the info.
    16. megastahr
      I seriously have a question that you may not know. I research and read like crazy. and i have felt there is at least a chance that rockets get cp3 and howard to go with harden. (mainly this would be the only place that they could form a big 3 to comepte with miami)

      but assuming that isnt in play...wouldnt the next move be sign milsap or smith and do a trade for love at some point? Love is going to leave, but I dont think his desire to play for LA (as you said) should matter to the rocket. After cp3 and howard hes the next player we should target.

      Any thoughts on any of that? Those questions bug me and I wont know for a year or so ha.
    17. kuku
      I have a controversial question and I rather post it here for less ppl to see: is McHale coming back next season?
      if you dont want to answer here, send me an email: kuku_426@hotmail.com
    18. megastahr
      yah man i like what you say regardless. ... also its not very difficult to do a mail list. go to constant contact or icontact and just set up a mail blast. Could be a better way to build your name without getting flamed all the time. Id like to receive it if you do.
    19. PrettyEdward
      Based on your sources, what are the top 3 guys the Rockets will pursue this summer? You can email me if you want. clintonjc2003@yahoo.com
    20. J.R.
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