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Speaking of wild horses, this is how asst coach Chris Finch (one of our offensive coordinators) envisioned our offense to be. This is taken from before the season started.

JCF: I know you believe in freedom on offense and virtually no freedom on defense. What do you want to define this team offensively?

CF: I want us to always be on the attack. I want us to look and feel like a herd of horses coming down the floor every single time. I want us to really, first and foremost, put the defense under pressure every way possible and I want to see us share the ball. We want to run and keep the tempo high, but to do that we have to value the right shots and we have to do it unselfishly.

Certainly the team seems to have bought into this plan and we are reaping the benefits of it. Tonight, Harden was a one-man runaway herd.