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If you all want Biedrins, than here we go

In Scola & Budinger
Out Carlos Delfino, Ersan Ilyasova & first round pick
-Upgrade their front-court....Bogut & Scola = SOLID
-three years left on both
-give their 2011 pick time to grow
-Budinger is a deal for the money he is paid

Golden State:
In Carlos Delfino & Ersan Ilyasova
Out Andris Biedrins
-Save money by moving Biedrins(9m) and only taking back 6m
-Carlos Delfino & Ersan Ilyasova are both solid players
-both are in the last year of contracts (could save G.S. even more money)

In Andris Biedrins & Bucks first round pick
Out Scola & Budinger
-You all wanted him (2012 Salary: $9,000,000 3 years remaining)
-Scola for Biedrins & C.Bud for a first rounder

(My Rockets team going forward is better IMO)