Does Dwight Howard want Stan Van Gundy out as Magic coach

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    While I believe both JVG and Stan are quality NBA coaches, I can understand them grating on players and players wanting them fired because of their grumpy personalities and demand for perfection and their tendacies to overwork players. The one thing I hated about JVG was he always ground our team down to a nub and then come playoff time, they were gassed from a season long of overplay and overpractice.

    I'm not a player a pologist however. And I do believe these guys get paid millions of dollars to play a game, therefore they should play hard every night.

    However, to win a championship, you've got to have enough quality guys sharing minutes that you don't run them all down until they got turtle legs during the playoffs.

    And Stan's constant whining would wear on just about any personality.

    With all that being said:
    1. SVG is one of the best coaches in the business.
    2. He is a professional and the Magic are a professional organization.
    3. The Magic should treat SVG as a professional.
    4. Dwight needs to learn to be a better professional.
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    Impacts the game is one thing, giving an all-out, inspired effort is another one. Lebron didn't just impact the game in 2009-2010, he was the best player in the game, while he brought a maximum effort, just about every night. You cannot tell me that Lebron did not play, then or now to win the game.

    I sense a little bit of a slanted nature on your behalf and tinkering on hearsay. Marketing is a very interesting term, you used.

    He did not make those statements to a team official or GM (It is not the same). Whose hand did he force to be traded, when did he throw a coach or teammates under the bus, and when did he publicly go to management and ask for a coach or official to be fire? He never told anyone that he wanted to be traded to New York. Again, how come you cannot refer to direct statements or quotes that Lebron had anyone fired or dismissed, or certain players traded. Just say you dislike a player and cannot look at the situation rationally, instead of creating lies, like a tabloid.

    "Norby Williamson, ESPN's executive vice president for studio and remote production, said Wednesday that sportscaster Jim Gray will handle the introduction, announcement and questions. Gray was handpicked by James' team, which approached the network last week about the special, Williamson said.

    Gray and James will be at the Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich, Conn., where the interview will take place, ESPN said. The broadcast also will include a long-form interview with ESPN's Michael Wilbon and others via satellite from ESPN's studios in Bristol, Conn."

    Updated: July 8, 2010, 2:43 AM ET

    Gray explains in the book that the idea was born at Game 2 of the L.A.-Boston finals, when he spoke to Maverick Carter, CEO of James's marketing company, and talent agent Ari Emanuel. Gray asked Carter if he could have the first interview with James after he had made The Decision, which at that point was still just a decision. Carter agreed, and Gray's idea soon took another form:

    JIM GRAY: the end of the conversation, I said, 'Better yet, Maverick, why don't we do this: Why don't we go buy an hour of network time, you produce the show, you own the show, I get to do the interview, and you have LeBron make the announcement of where he's going to go.' Before I got the last three words out of my mouth, Ari said, 'That's a brilliant idea. That's unbelievable. Maverick, you ought to do that!' Then Maverick looked at Ari and said, ‘Okay. You want to handle it?' Ari said, ‘Yeah, that's great, let's do this.' Maverick then said, 'You know what, we can raise a bunch of money for charity, so that no one will think LeBron is going to profit from this.' Then Maverick told me to stay in touch with him, And Ari, and that was that.

    I know it sounds more dramatic and convincing to pretend that it was planned, during the Cavs' playoff run. Yet, what is the point of being misleading or lying about what actually happened, it was during the 2010 NBA Finals on June 6, 2010. It's ok to say you dislike a player, but you don't have to actually lie about real events to strengthen your argument or encourage more dislike for a person who is already disliked.

    Again, where's your evidence at? Why did Lebron James want Mike Brown fire? When did he ever disapprove of Mike Brown? When did he throw his team under the bus, during a professional season? When did he give up on his team? When did he stop play hard, or acting in professional manner? When did he indicate a specific player, coach, or staff member should be removed from the team?
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    [rQUOTEr]ORLANDO -- Multiple sources close to Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard told Bright House Sports Network's David Baumann that prior to the season, Howard indicated that he preferred the Magic would have hired Indiana Pacers associate head coach Brian Shaw or Golden State Warriors assistant coach Michael Malone to replace current Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy.

    Magic assistant coach Brendon Malone is the father of Warriors assistant Michael Malone. "No, Michael was never asked," the elder Malone said, when asked recently if his son had any contact with the Orlando Magic about coming aboard this offseason. "But, he's a great young coach and there are a lot of teams that want him."

    BHSN has learned that a discussion of a hypothetical head coaching change took place between Howard and recently resigned Magic CEO Bob Vander Weide, however, no offseason coaching change was made, which led to part of Howard's growing frustration with the team. A phone call to Vander Weide was not immediately returned.

    "Dwight has nothing to do with the coach situation," according to Kevin Samples, Howard's manager. When asked why a coaching change wasn't made after the Magic were bounced in the first round of the playoffs last season, Samples said, "That's a great question. You'll have to ask Otis (Smith)."

    Despite Van Gundy's public admittance that management has made him aware of Howard's request to have him fired, Magic GM Otis Smith has continued to deny it. Weeks ago, Smith also told BHSN he denied having any prior knowledge of Howard's preference for Shaw or Malone to replace Van Gundy.

    Howard continues to brush aside questions regarding his involvement in requesting a coaching change. "I don't want to talk about that," and "Next question," are Howard's typical lines of defense when pressed about the issue.

    "He'll have to talk about it eventually," Samples said.[/rQUOTEr]
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    I am surprised SVG still hasn't been fired yet.
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    Why would they listen to a guy who is gonna leave them? How about Dwight sign the offer sheet to extend? Then they fire Stan Van Gundy? Right now Dwight may only be looking to fire some people and play out his contract leaving the Magic in shambles. He ha validity if he resigns with them. Until then? He is not to be taken seriously unless he indicates staying with them beyond next year.
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    Ok, how abotu this for not reading between the lines. IT was noted that lebron had privledges to make front office decisions. He did not run plays that coach mike called, he was not allowed to be criticized in simple matters of the huddle...what else says I run this team, its my way or you get out. Anything that happened run through the team, not just on the court, but off the court as well.
    Similarly if you believe what you read, what did dwight say the other day? that he isn't the gm, he has ntohing to do with front office, didn't request anything. You don't get that people lie to cover up the tracks? WE saw dwight do it outright, but he was exposed by van gundy before hand so he had no idea how obvious it looked that he lied.
    With Lebron, the facts are there, there have been numerous leaks and even in shaqs book where lebron played more of an owner rule(using team plane, calling his own plays while ignoring the coaches, not being criticized or called out in simple matters), so sure while the guy that THEY NEGOTIATED AND HIRED with would come out and take his back and try to take the fall, btu the facts are there and the facts is duringt he playoffs when it was negotiated they discussed and agreed to it.
    And is this not throwing your teammates under the bus when 2 years before a free agency you start talking abotu what teams you like, where you are going to go, and how that day is going to be a day in history. To let that linger on and then say the only reason you want to go or stay is for winning and basically saying this roster can't be won. Why welse were daniel gibson, mo williams, guys who considered him brothers so offended aftterward, lebron didn't tell them the owneres or naything before hand.
    both these guys are marketing/celeb first, then ball players, they happen to be the most gifted ball players, not necesserily the best bc of their focus, priority, mental game? I don't know, but there is a reason you time nad time again see while players respect their gifts, overall as players guys like Rose, Kd, kobe get the most respect bc the work they put it and how they go about it and even though they have PLENTY of falls, its not about marketing and celebrity like it is with lebron, dwight, carmello, and their 'brands'. I still think chris paul went abotu it the wrong way, but out of all of them, he did it best. he didnd't market it like any of them, the media was obssessed and he iddn't go on rants like the other 3 did, he just sid hes a hornet and wants to stay here. Then quietly talked to front office about it, they styedh orrible, the front office was scattered and he didn't have an input on personell decision, so he had to go. so hiswas as good as you can handle a bad situation

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