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Devastating news: Russia freer than the US

Discussion in 'BBS Hangout: Debate & Discussion' started by GladiatoRowdy, May 15, 2004.

  1. AroundTheWorld

    Supporting Member

    Feb 3, 2000
    Likes Received:
    Ts ts...why are Batman Joneses always so angry? :)

    Anyone whose moniker initials say "BJ" should be a little cooler...if you can dish it out, you'll have to be able to deal with it if you get some back...but looks like someone took his ball and went home :D.

    Come on, BJ, don't be a sore loser :).
  2. Batman Jones

    Batman Jones Contributing Member

    Sep 9, 1999
    Likes Received:
    Jackie, I went ahead and read your last one. I'll try and avoid it in the future because, while I'm happy to debate politics or whatever, I'm not into personal flame wars. You've been a dick in general throughout this thread, but you crossed the line when you called me a liar. When I said I wasn't you said you weren't "hateful and frustrated" enough to respond. When I said you were being a dick to call me a liar and not back it up you asked if I was drunk. You called me a liar and avoided several chances to clear it up. You're a dick. I won't miss you.
  3. AroundTheWorld

    Supporting Member

    Feb 3, 2000
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    Okay, so you are not a liar.

    Now go re-read the thread and ask yourself who really acted like a dick :).
  4. AroundTheWorld

    Supporting Member

    Feb 3, 2000
    Likes Received:
    Well, since I have already been called a dick, might as well live up to that billing ;).

    The Batman Jones Rules of Escalating an Argument on the Internet

    1) Try to play the "intellectual" by making condescending remarks
    2) When those you addressed respond, pick a fight - and try to build "alliances" with other people (aka the "Kindergarten" rule)
    3) When you realize you are intellectually inferior, get personal and start calling those you are arguing with names
    4) If they don't stoop down to your level, get even angrier and call them more names.
    5) Try to get support from those who you think are in your "camp" (kinda like calling for older brothers when you would get into a schoolyard fight...) and tell the ones you are arguing with "But we are more than you!"
    6) Tell the one you are arguing with they are now your "enemy" and call them more names.
    7) Threaten them to put them on your ignore list (now they should really be getting scared, what a threat! :eek: )
    8) After already having said "Bye", don't put them on your ignore list, keep reading their posts (kinda like the little kid that gets into an argument with the neighbor's kid and threatens to take his ball and go home but never does...)
    9) Call them more names and hope they will finally get as angry as you are and will stoop down to your level.
    10) When they don't, get frustrated, turn off your computer and go to bed angry, trying to tell yourself "Yeah, I really 'won' this argument on an Internet message board. People there will now think I'm cool".

    Well, this one's for you - with apologies to all the politically correct people out there...if it offends anyone other than BJ and his little buddy, I'll take it off immediately.


    P.S.: Peace :D
  5. giddyup

    giddyup Contributing Member

    Jan 24, 2002
    Likes Received:
    Is this an example of High Horsedom?

    T_J is a hoot. It is my observation that mostly those who politically disagree with T_J consider him a "laughingstock." There are a few others... notably Refman who has virtually dropped out of D&D.

    T_J does seem to manage to continue to have fun here while many of you who oppose him are probably investigating natural ways to keep your blood pressure under control.
  6. Rashmon

    Rashmon Contributing Member

    Jun 2, 2000
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    Ding, ding, ding...we have a winner.
  7. GladiatoRowdy

    GladiatoRowdy Contributing Member

    Oct 15, 2002
    Likes Received:
    First of all, the 700,000 number was just for possession, not for trafficking.

    Second of all, none of those people deserved to be arrested in the first place. The laws against mar1juana (and other drugs) are unjust, counterproductive, terribly expensive, and absolutely useless. That is what we are debating here.

    There are millions out there who believe that smoking pot does not waste your mind. Want some examples? Keep in mind that the following list includes Nobel Laureates, former and current members of government worldwide, judges worldwide, and many celebrities.

    If you want to get up on your high horse, try to remember that there are a lot of people FAR smarter than you who have looked at the facts and agree that our drug laws do not work.

    The Beatles (along with darned near every other musical group in existance, so lets just call this one Rock and Rollers)
    Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing, A Few Good Men, The American President)
    Walter Cronkite
    Woody Harrelson
    Domingo Cavallo, Congressman
    Graciela Fernandez Meijide, Member of Congress
    Irma Fidela Parentella,Member of Congress
    Adolfo Perez Esquivel, Nobel Laureate (Peace, 1980)
    Dick Adams, National Parliament
    Lyn Allison, Senator, National Parliament
    Ald. Pru Bonham, Deputy Lord Mayor, Hobart
    Kate Carnell, Chief Minister, Australian Capital Territory
    Barney Cooney, Senator from Victoria
    Harry Jenkins, House of Representatives, National Parliament
    Michael Kirby, AC CMG, President, International Commission of Jurists
    Michael Moore, Minister for Health and Community Care, ACT
    Richard Smallwood, Fmr. President, Royal Australasian College of Physicians
    Vincent Decroly, Member of Parliament, Brussels
    Patrick Moriau, Member of Parliament, Mayor of Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont
    Ilya Prigogine , Emeritus professor physical chemistry, Free University of Brussels; Nobel Laureate (Chemistry, 1977)
    Antonio Aranibar Quiroga, Fmr. Foreign Minister
    Edgar Camacho Omiste, Fmr. Ambassador to the OAS
    Roger Cortez-Hurtado, Fmr. Member of Congress
    Juan del Granado, Member of Congress
    Alfonso Ferrufino Valderrama, Fmr. Vice-President of the Bolivian House of Representatives
    Lidya Gueiler Tejada, Fmr. President of Bolivia
    Roberto Moscoso Valderrama, Member of Congress
    Ricardo Paz Ballivian, Fmr. Member of Congress
    Carlos Julio Quiroga Blanco, Member of Congress
    Guillermo Richter A., Fmr. Senator
    Gonzalo Ruiz, Member of Congress
    Manuel Suarez Avila, Member of Congress
    Felix Vasquez Mamani, Member of Congress
    Chris Axworthy, Member of Parliament, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
    Sharon Carstairs, Senator, Fmr. Chair, Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs, Senate of Canada
    Libby Davies, Member of Parliament, Vancouver-East
    Bev Desjarlais, Member of Parliament, Manitoba
    Yvon Godin, Member of Parliament, Bathhurst, NB
    Rick Laliberte, Member of Parliament, Churchill River, Beauval, Saskatchewan
    Wendy Lill, Member of Parliament, Dartmouth
    Peter Mancini, Member or Parliament
    Alexa McDonough, Member of Parliament, Federal Leader of New Democratic Party, Ottawa, Canada
    Lorne Nystrom, Member of Parliament, N.D.P., Qu'Appelle, Regina, Saskatchewan
    John C. Polanyi, Nobel Laureate (Chemistry, 1986)
    Svend Robinson, Member of Parliament, New Democratic Party of Canada, Burnaby-Douglas
    Gordon S. Earle, Member of Parliament, Halifax, Nova Scotia
    Peter Stoffer, Member of Parliament - New Democratic Party of Canada
    Judy Wasylycia-Leis, Member of Parliament, Winnipeg
    Belisario Betancur, Fmr. President
    Augusto Ramirez Ocampo, Fmr. Foreign Minister
    Oscar Arias, Fmr. President of Costa Rica; Nobel Laureate (Peace, 1987)
    Hans Henrik Brydensholt, High Court Judge
    Bjørn Elmquist, Fmr. Member of Parliament
    Erik Merlung, District Attorney, Copenhagen
    Erling Olsen, Fmr. Minister of Justice
    Villy Søvndal, Member of Parliament
    Washington Herrera, Fmr. Presidential Minister
    Inkeri Anttila, Fmr. Minister of Justice
    K.J Laang, Fmr. General Director of the Prison Service
    Michèle Barzach, Fmr. Minister of Health
    Georges Berthoin, International Honarary Chairman of the European Movement, Paris France
    Catherine Lalumiere, Member of the European Parliament
    Jacky Mamou, President, Médecins de Monde
    Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Member, European Parliament
    Peter Frerichs, Vice President, Frankfurt Police
    Leutheuser-Schnarrenberger, Fmr. German Federal Minister of Justice
    Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, Fmr. German Federal Minister of Justice
    Hartmut Schneider, District Court Judge, Lübeck
    Dierk-Henning Schnitzler, Police President, City of Bonn
    Franglinos Papadellis, Fmr. Minister of Health, Member of Parliament
    George Papandreou, Alternate Foreign Minister of Greece
    Michaelis Papayannakis, Member European Parliament
    Ramiro De Leon Carpio, Fmr. President of Guatemala
    Yossi Beilin, Fmr. Minister, Member of Knesset, Tel Aviv
    Haim Cohn, Fmr. Deputy President of the Israel Supreme Court, Professor of Penal Philosophy
    Menachem Horovitz, Fmr. Director of Correctional Services
    Monica Bettoni-Brandani, Undersecretary of State for Health
    Emma Bonino, European Commissioner for Humanitarian Affairs
    Francesco Carella, President Health Commission of the Senate
    Dario Fo, Nobel Laureate (Literature, 1997)
    Luigi Manconi, Senator, President of the Green Party, Rome
    Giuliano Pisapia, President, Justice Commission, Italian Parliament, Rome
    Ersilia Salvato, Vice-President, Senate, Rome
    Grazia Zuffa, President, Forum Droghe;Fmr. Member of Parliament, Florence
    Renée Wagner, Member of Parliament, Luxemburg
    Maria del Carmen Bolado del Real, Senator
    Carlos Heredia Zubieta, Member of Congress
    Gilberto Lopez y Rivas, Member of Congress
    Jesus Silva Herzog, Fmr. Mexican Ambassador to the United States
    Andreas van Agt, Fmr. Prime Minister of the Netherlands;Fmr. Minister of Justice
    Hedy d'Ancona, Fmr. Dutch Minister of Welfare, Health, and Culture; Member of the European Parliament
    Jan F. Glastra van Loon, Professor, Senator, Fmr. State Secretary of Justice
    Sylvia van 't Hul, Public Prosecutor, Rotterdam
    Free le Poole, Member of the First Chamber of Parliament (Senate)
    E.H. Schuyer, Senator; Chairman of Democrats (D66), Senate
    Jan G. van der Tas, Fmr. Netherlands Ambassador to Germany
    J.M. vander Vaart, Judge, District Court of Amsterdam
    Tim Barnett, Member of Parliament, New Zealand
    Violeta Barrios de Chamorro, Fmr. President of Nicaragua
    Miguel d'Escoto Brockman, Fmr. Foreign Minister
    Jo Benkow, Fmr. President of Parliament
    Gunnar Garbo, Ambassador;Fmr. Member of Parliament
    Javier Alva Orlandini, Member of Congress
    Rolando Ames, Fmr. Senator
    Arturo Castillo Chirinos, Member of Congress
    Antero Flores Araoz Esparza, Member of Congress
    Lourdes Flores Nano, Member of Congress
    Ernesto Gamarra Olivares, Member of Congress
    Diego Garcia-Sayan, Executive Director, Andean Commission of Jurists
    Alfonso Grados Bertorini, Member of Congress, Peru
    Manuel Lajo Lazo, Member of Congress
    Javier Perez de Cuellar, Fmr. Secretary General of the United Nations
    Alejandro Santa Maria, Member of Congress
    Annel Townsend Diez Canseco, Member of Congress
    Allan Wagner, Fmr. Minister of Foreign Affairs
    Marek Balicki, Psychiatrist, Fmr. Deputy, Ministry of Health
    Mikolaj Kozakiewicz, Fmr. Speaker of Parliament (1989-1991); Vice-President of IPPF
    Marek Nowicki, President, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights
    Helen Suzman, Fmr. Opposition Member of Parliament, Johannesburg
    PerfectoAndrés Ibañez, Judge; Presidente de la Secc. 15. Audiencia provincial de Madrid
    Heriberto Asencio Castillan, Judge. Audiencia provincial de Sevilla
    Emilio Berlanga Ribelles, Judge. Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Cataluña
    Ricardo Bodas Martin, Judge. Juzgado de lo Social n° 30 de Madrid
    Ascension Sole Puig, Judge.Juzgado de lo Social n° 28 de Barcelona
    Luis Yañez-Barnuevo, Member of Parliament
    Claes Örtendahl, Fmr. Director General, Board of Health and Welfare, Sweden
    Ingegmar Rexed, Judge, Svea Court of Appeal, Stockholm
    Peter Albrecht, Judge, Court of Bâle-Ville
    Christian Brunier, Member of Parliament, Geneva
    Jacqueline Cogne, Member of Parliament, Geneva
    Herve Dessimoz, Congressman, Geneva Parliament
    Dr. Dominique Hausser, Member of Parliament, Geneva
    Albert Rodrik, Member of Parliament, Geneva
    Francoise Schenk-Gottret, Member of Parliament, Geneva
    Morton Abramowitz, International Crisis Group;Fmr. Assistant Secretary of State;Fmr. U.S. Ambassador to Turkey
    Dr. Jeremiah A Barondess, President, New York Academy of Medicine
    Nicolaus Bloembergen, Nobel Laureate (Physics, 1981)
    Willie Brown, Mayor of San Francisco
    Alan Cranston, Fmr. U.S. Senator
    Walter Cronkite, Author, Broadcast Journalist
    John Curtin, Federal Judge, Buffalo, NY
    Lloyd N. Cutler, Lawyer, Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering;Fmr. Counsel to the President, 1979-1981, 1994
    Joycelyn Elders, Fmr. U.S. Surgeon General
    Val L. Fitch, Nobel Laureate (Physics, 1980)
    Milton Friedman, Nobel Laureate (Economics)
    Terrence Hallinan, District Attorney of San Francisco
    Morton H. Halperin, Fmr. Department of Defense and National Security Council Official
    Susan Hammer, Mayor of San Jose
    John Kane, Federal Judge, Denver, CO
    Nicholas Katzenbach, Fmr. Attorney General
    Whitman Knapp, Senior District Judge, Southern District of New York
    Robert E. Lucas, Jr., Nobel Laureate (Economics, 1995)
    Kweisi Mfume, President and CEO of the NAACP
    Claiborne Pell, Fmr. U.S. Senator
    Elliot Richardson, Fmr. US Attorney General
    Kurt Schmoke, Mayor of Baltimore
    George Shultz, Fmr. Secretary of State
    Richard E. Smalley, Nobel Laureate (Chemistry, 1996)
    George Soros, Chairman, Open Society Institute
    Robert Sweet, Federal Judge, New York, NY
    Paul Volcker, Fmr. Chairman, Federal Reserve Board
    Justin N.E. Amissah, Judge, London
    Edward Ellison, Operational Head of Scotland Yard Drug Squad
    Paul Flynn, Member of Parliament, House of Commons
    Dr. Brian Iddon, Member of Parliament, London
    Austin Mitchell, Member of Parliament, UK
    Lord Rae, MD, House of Lords
    Anthony Tibber, Judge, London
    Carole Tongue, Member of European Parliament
    Simon Alberto Consalvi, Fmr. Minister of Foreign Affairs
    Diego Arria, Ambassador
  8. Faos

    Faos Contributing Member

    May 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Obviously you've done your research. You seem to be quite the expert on dope. I don't care what list of people "smarter than me" that you produce. You left Snoop Dogg off of your list, btw.

    I bet there is a much, much longer list of people whose lives have been ruined by drugs.
  9. GladiatoRowdy

    GladiatoRowdy Contributing Member

    Oct 15, 2002
    Likes Received:
    Your disparaging remark illustrates the madness of the people who are so convinced despite all of the evidence that prohibition is the appropriate way to deal with the issue of drug use and abuse in our society. Once they have exhausted the talking points that have been drilled into all of us since Nancy Reagan started saying "Just Say No," they just shoot off some insult about someone who is outspoken about mar1juana and throw out a tired cliche.


    There are many, many people who have had their lives negatively impacted by drug abuse, but what I am saying is that another strategy would be more effective at reducing availability to kids as well as dealing with and reducing abusive usage.

    All I ask is that you keep an open mind and read the literature. Please. All of our kids futures are at stake and all I ask is that you read a bit.
    #49 GladiatoRowdy, May 16, 2004
    Last edited: May 16, 2004
  10. AroundTheWorld

    Supporting Member

    Feb 3, 2000
    Likes Received:
    andymoon, by the way, I agree with you that in principle, I tend to prefer more liberal drug laws (having grown up near the Dutch border ;)). I am just not sure to what extent, but I appreciate the info you post and I do understand you are passionate about the subject.
  11. dc sports

    dc sports Member

    Feb 9, 2000
    Likes Received:
    Well if a list of people topped by The Beatles and Woody Harrelson say it's OK...
  12. pgabriel

    pgabriel Educated Negro

    Dec 6, 2002
    Likes Received:
    OMG, I hate to repeat MacBeth's post, but OMG.
  13. AroundTheWorld

    Supporting Member

    Feb 3, 2000
    Likes Received:
    Looks like we are having a little party here, they are all coming :D.
  14. MacBeth

    MacBeth Member

    Aug 19, 2002
    Likes Received:
    All the posters you've lectured from on high?

    Talk about bandwidth problems...
  15. AroundTheWorld

    Supporting Member

    Feb 3, 2000
    Likes Received:
    Two so far who are whining about it...even if one or two more should show up, that's not that much, really...

    The only bandwidth problem would result from the excessive length of your posts ;).
  16. MacBeth

    MacBeth Member

    Aug 19, 2002
    Likes Received:

    Obvious, meet SJC.

    The length of my posts was, I thought clearly, one of your many complaints to which I was refering in the previous post.

    And whining? Hardly. You have, and I'm being as literal as I can here, posted on at least 50 occassions in the past lecturing me on how to think, post, etc. I will agree that few sounded like whining, though, usually your specialty is smug condescension with adolescent sacrasm. For a while you were telling me ( and others) how it was all in my head, how you had nothing against me, were just trying to help,etc. That turned out to be as honest and accurate as your self-assessment in here, but at least you've stopped pretending.

    So when I see you ask someone else where he gets off telling others how to post...sorry, it was akin to T_J's reporting other posters for being insulting. Remarkable, but then some people just don;t see things that apply to themselves, and conclude it's always everyone else's problem. I think T_J, at least, might be joking when he does this...

    Andy, sorry to derail a great thread.
  17. AroundTheWorld

    Supporting Member

    Feb 3, 2000
    Likes Received:
    I have nothing against you. I just think you are a nice dork who makes up stuff (like implying he is a professor, etc.) and is unable to express his thoughts in an organized and brief enough fashion to be understandable :). However, in fact, I even agree with many of your political statements here and the flipside of criticizing your longish posts is that I should also mention that it is sometimes a positive contrast vs. those who only always look for the simplest solution.
  18. MacBeth

    MacBeth Member

    Aug 19, 2002
    Likes Received:

    Beg pardon?

    I'm not buying the "nothing against you" line anymore, and I doubt others will either, but what is this supposed to mean?

    You think I make up what I do for a living? Ok...and what else? Not that I care what you think all that much, but it helps resolve curiosity on certain swipes of old.
  19. AroundTheWorld

    Supporting Member

    Feb 3, 2000
    Likes Received:
    I think you are not a professor (yet), but continuously imply that you are. Am I wrong, and you are a professor?
  20. MacBeth

    MacBeth Member

    Aug 19, 2002
    Likes Received:

    You are wrong. Although, and this isn't in your defense, but in the interest of total honesty ( as close as I can come without being too particular, given my situation) my position is extraordinary, to a degree, and moreover my recent health concerns have put that position on less than solid ground. But that doesn't alter the fact that I have been what I said, and the complications would neither make that untrue, nor have been anything to which you could have been privvy.

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