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Chad Ford's Mock Draft version 10

Discussion in 'NBA Draft' started by That's Turrible, Jun 23, 2014.

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    Sorry, the formatting is terrible. Tried to fix it but I couldn't... at work. It's like 99% readable. Enjoy as best you can!

    Now teams are hunkering down in their war rooms, finalizing their Big Boards and talking trades and strategies. I've spent dozens of hours on the phone the past few days trying to sift through the flak to get an accurate read on what's happening.

    Here's our best stab, after talking to numerous NBA team sources, about how the draft might play out. And for the first time this season, we have a full second-round mock draft as well. As trades and other prospect news develops, we will continue to update this mock draft throughout the week.

    Remember our mock draft is not a ranking of who we think the top players are. Instead it's a reporting tool to convey our latest intel from NBA scouts and GMs on what each team might do in the draft.

    Here we go:

    1Jabari ParkerCleveland Cavaliers (33 - 49)COLLEGE: DukeHT: 6-8WT: 241POS: SFA week ago, Joel Embiid looked like a lock to be the No. 1 pick in the draft. News of a stress fracture in his right foot sent the Cavs spinning. Now the Cavs are wrestling between three options: draft Jabari Parker, draft Andrew Wiggins or trade the pick.

    Sources close to the Cavs told ESPN.com this weekend that the team is now leaning toward taking Parker with the No. 1 pick. However, it's far from a lock. Parker came in to work out on Friday in front of the Cavs' front office and ownership. Parker wasn't great. He was a bit heavy (he weighed in at 255 pounds), didn't shoot the ball well and got winded at times. Furthermore, two different sources told ESPN.com that Parker seemed a bit indifferent. One source said he thought Parker "tanked" the workout.

    Why? A source says he strongly prefers to play in Milwaukee. The Cavs appear to be aware of this. "Jabari wasn't himself," one source said. "It was clear we weren't his first option."

    Meanwhile, Wiggins came in and nailed his workout on Wednesday. He shot the ball well, showed off tremendous athleticism and had a good interview. In fact, Wiggins was emphatic that he wants to be the No. 1 pick and wants to play for the Cavs.

    So why is Parker ahead of Wiggins?

    From what I can gather, while there are disagreements in the front office, Cavs GM David Griffin feels that Parker fits a more immediate need at the 3. Parker also is the most NBA-ready. They feel that whether he wants to play there or not, those hesitations will disappear when he arrives. They have a new front office and a new coach, who the Cavs believe can actually help them build the sort of culture they want. Parker's workout on Friday did create doubt, especially among ownership, but so far it looks like they are still leaning toward Parker.

    The third option, a trade, is also on the table. The Cavs received intriguing offers from the Sixers, Magic and Jazz late last week. Each is offering its own high lottery pick plus a veteran. The Cavs could theoretically get either of Thaddeus Young, Arron Afflalo or Derrick Favors and still have a top-5 pick in the draft. It would make it much easier to draft Embiid if you knew you got additional value in the form of a veteran who can help now.

    PLAYER CARD2Andrew WigginsMilwaukee Bucks (15 - 67)COLLEGE: KansasHT: 6-8WT: 200POS: SGEmbiid's injury made this pretty easy for the Bucks. With Embiid out of the picture for Milwaukee (sources say they won't select him at No. 2) they take Parker or Wiggins -- whoever the Cavs pass on.

    The Bucks always have had a slight preference for Parker. They need the scoring, the maturity in the locker room, and frankly, they just need to get this pick right, and Parker is the surest thing in the draft. They haven't been as high on Wiggins. However, Wiggins' strong workouts in Santa Barbara last week and in Milwaukee this week have cemented their resolve to take Wiggins if the Cavs take Parker.

    The Bucks also have a strong affinity for Dante Exum, and he's still in the picture at No. 2. However after Wiggins' workout on Friday, the chances of Exum going No. 2 seem to have decreased quite a bit. The Bucks believe in him, but they think Wiggins has an even higher ceiling.

    The Bucks also are getting their fair share of trade offers. The Sixers, Magic and Jazz all called them as well, offering similar packages. But it looks unlikely the Bucks are going to trade this pick. They need a franchise player and don't feel they'll get one later in the draft.

    Look for the Bucks to be very active, however, in acquiring a second first-round pick -- preferably a lottery pick. There is serious interest from teams in Brandon Knight, John Henson and even Larry Sanders. They'd love to acquire another pick in the Nos. 7-10 range to land either a young point guard or a shooter.

    PLAYER CARD3Dante ExumPhiladelphia 76ers (19 - 63)COLLEGE: AustraliaHT: 6-6WT: 196POS: PGThe Sixers are doing what they can to move up in the draft. The news of Embiid's injury hurt them more than anyone. Philly had become convinced that the Cavs would take Embiid and the Bucks would take Parker, giving them their No. 1 target: Wiggins.

    The Sixers have zeroed in on Exum and Noah Vonleh here. They are very high on Exum as a prospect. He obviously plays the same position as Rookie of the Year Michael Carter-Williams. However, the Sixers feel the two can play together and they continue to explore Carter-Williams trades that would land them a third pick in the top 10. The Lakers have strong interest in a package of Carter-Williams and Thaddeus Young for the No. 7 pick and Steve Nash. But so far there hasn't been any traction on that deal, according to sources. Even if they don't move Carter-Williams, they might still lean toward Exum. They have him ranked as a stronger pro.

    Vonleh would give them a big who could spread the floor and help Noel on the defensive end. He's especially appealing as there aren't great bigs available to them at the No. 10 pick. If the Sixers can't get another pick in the Nos. 5-8 range, they could decide to go ahead and take Vonleh here.

    There also is a chance that the Sixers would take Embiid here. They are trying to get as much medical information as they can on Embiid (as are the rest of the teams in the NBA). They had Embiid ranked very high on their board and showed last year that they aren't afraid to take an injured player and wait for him to get better. I think ultimately it's Exum or Vonleh, but Embiid is definitely in play here.

    PLAYER CARD4Noah VonlehOrlando Magic (23 - 59)COLLEGE: IndianaHT: 6-10WT: 247POS: PFThe Magic have also been trying to both move up and get another lottery pick. They've offered Nos. 4 and 12 and Afflalo to the Cavs and Bucks, but so far, no takers. They've also used Afflalo as bait to get a pick from the Kings at No. 8 and the Nuggets at 11, but so far, no deal.

    The Magic also are taking a long look at Embiid. They know they need an athletic rim protector. Nikola Vucevic has been great, but he doesn't provide the defense they seek in the middle. But there is concern in Orlando that Embiid's timetable won't work with what they are trying to build. If he misses the season and then essentially has his rookie year in 2015-16, they can't really expect him to start helping until 2016 at the earliest. The Magic have already had two brutal years of rebuilding. Two more sounds gut wrenching.

    The Magic are also very keen on Exum, and I'm told they would likely select him if he's on the board. If he's gone and Embiid seems like too much of a risk, then it comes down to Vonleh and Marcus Smart to the Magic.

    Vonleh has intrigued them ever since a stellar workout. His ability to stretch the floor and his ability to protect the rim make him a very good fit next to Vucevic. The team also needs a point guard badly and has been enamored with Smart for two seasons. Smart's workouts haven't been great in Orlando, however, and the Magic increasingly believe they can get a very good point guard at 12. I think Vonleh has the edge.

    PLAYER CARD5Aaron GordonUtah Jazz (25 - 57)COLLEGE: ArizonaHT: 6-9WT: 220POS: PFThe Jazz, like the Sixers and Magic, have been trying to get into the top two as well. The decision to include Favors in a deal shows just how highly they value the top pick. And no, Jazz fans, I think it's Wiggins that they're after (though obviously they'd be happy with Parker, too).

    If they stay at No. 5, their top two targets -- Exum and Vonleh -- are off the board. From what I can gather, the next player on the list for the Jazz is Gordon. He had a stellar workout in Utah and the team is convinced that he could have an Andrei Kirilenko-like effect on the team. Because Gordon has never been a shooter; he's had to develop every other part of his game (ballhandling, passing, rebounding, defense) to justify putting him on the floor. But if he could ever learn how to shoot, he has everything else that you could want in an NBA star.

    PLAYER CARD6Joel EmbiidBoston Celtics (25 - 57)COLLEGE: KansasHT: 7-0WT: 250POS: CEmbiid could go No. 3 to the Sixers (or to the Cavs in a Sixers-Cavs swap) or to the Magic at No. 4. But if he slides past both of those teams (I don't see the Jazz taking the risk on Embiid) there's an increasing belief that GM Danny Ainge won't let him slide further. Ainge always has been a gambler and has always emphasized having great assets, and Embiid has the potential to be a franchise center, and there's no one else on the board that the Celtics are in love with.

    There are a few caveats. The Celtics, like everyone else, are still gathering medical info. Sources say that the foot and back fractures aren't the only issues with Embiid's physical. There are several other issues that need to be addressed. Something they see in the next four days could scare them away. And second, the Celtics are engaged in a number of different trade scenarios that could alter this plan (by either trading the pick or getting an established star that would necessitate getting a player in the draft who could help them now.).

    If the Celtics pass on Embiid, I believe Gordon is their top target. If he's gone, Marcus Smart seems to be the next guy up. The Celtics love his toughness and think he can play with Rondo as well as free them up to explore Rondo deals.

    PLAYER CARD7Julius RandleLos Angeles Lakers (27 - 55)COLLEGE: KentuckyHT: 6-9WT: 234POS: PFJulius Randle went into the Lakers' workout and ferociously tried to end any doubt about where he belongs in the draft. After facing numerous questions about foot surgery this summer, Randle was dominant in the workout.

    Yes, Randle will likely have to have a minor procedure to clean up a rogue screw in his foot. But the Lakers reportedly aren't as concerned as other teams. Marcus Smart seems to be the other strong contender for this pick. He came in for a second workout this weekend and had a strong one, but it looks like Randle has moved into the lead if the Lakers keep the pick.

    "If" is key. The Lakers have been very active in looking for a veteran for their pick. Players like Klay Thompson, Michael Carter-Williams and Thaddeus Young are all interesting to them. This is a team that wants to win now. Randle or Smart could help, but a veteran will be even more ready.

    Doug McDermott and Elfrid Payton also have been getting long looks from the Lakers, but it appears that both players are only in play if Randle and Smart are off the board.

    PLAYER CARD8Marcus SmartSacramento Kings (28 - 54)COLLEGE: Oklahoma StateHT: 6-3WT: 227POS: PGThe Kings are another team that will seriously consider Embiid if he's on the board.

    The Kings continue to be active in trying to trade the pick with multiple sources saying that a trade is more likely than the Kings drafting where they are drafting.

    Now that the team knows Rudy Gay will be back next season, the Kings are focusing on getting another point guard and an athletic big man to pair with DeMarcus Cousins.

    But until a deal materializes, we have to take a look at what they are doing. Smart is the favorite if he's still there. He brings toughness, is NBA ready and allows the team to get much bigger at the point. McDermott, Nik Stauskas and Elfrid Payton are also interesting to the Kings.

    PLAYER CARD9Doug McDermottCharlotte Hornets (43 - 39)COLLEGE: CreightonHT: 6-8WT: 218POS: SFThe Hornets continue to focus on shooters. McDermott remains a favorite there, even after his workout was just so-so. Stauskas is another strong possibility, as are Gary Harris and James Young. Payton is the other sleeper here. The Hornets would like some depth at the point guard position behind Kemba Walker.

    PLAYER CARD10Nik StauskasPhiladelphia 76ers (19 - 63)COLLEGE: MichiganHT: 6-7WT: 207POS: SGIf Embiid falls to No. 10, I think this is his backstop. Can't imagine he slides past Philly.

    One of the downsides of taking Exum is there is a huge glut of wings on the board. Ideally, the 76ers need a forward here. But the draft board doesn't really support it right now. Of the shooters who are on the table, Stauskas, Harris and Young all seem to be in the mix here. Stauskas gets the slight nod here.

    We've had Dario Saric here in the past and he's still a possibility. However, Saric is staying in Europe for the next two years. While it doesn't preclude the 76ers from taking him here (especially given all the picks they have) this team needs players.

    PLAYER CARD11Jusuf NurkicDenver Nuggets (36 - 46)COLLEGE: BosniaHT: 6-11WT: 280POS: CThe Nuggets are yet another wild card here. They've had talks with the Bulls, Magic, Warriors and Bucks that would move them out of this spot.

    A rumor that they made a promise to Saric has also been floating around, though a source close to the Nuggets and Saric deny it.

    Bosnian Jusuf Nurkic also is supposed to be a favorite here. He's got great size, a soft touch around the basket and is huge. NBA GMs are all over the place on him, but it's now possible that Nurkic is the second international player off the board.

    PLAYER CARD12Elfrid PaytonOrlando Magic (23 - 59)COLLEGE: Louisiana LafayetteHT: 6-4WT: 185POS: PGThis pick remains highly contextual based on what the Magic do at No. 4. If Exum falls to them or if they take Smart, then they'll likely look at another big -- and Saric is the one guy left on the board who really makes some sense for them. His playmaking ability, rebounding and versatility make him a nice fit in Orlando. Exum and Saric would give them the two best young international prospects in the draft.

    But if Exum is gone and they pass on Smart and take Vonleh, look for them to take a point guard. There are several intriguing point guards here -- the most exciting of which might be Payton. His athleticism, quickness, defensive toughness and ability to get to the rim make him a great fix in Orlando if they pass on Exum. Tyler Ennis, Zach LaVine and Shabazz Napier would all get looks here, too.

    PLAYER CARD13Gary HarrisMinnesota Timberwolves (40 - 42)COLLEGE: Michigan StateHT: 6-5WT: 205POS: SGThe Wolves continue talking trade now with a number of teams. The Warriors, Celtics, Nuggets and Bulls are getting the most play right now. The Warriors' deal was "near the finish line" according to one source before it stalled because of the other players involved in the deal. The Bulls, who are offering Taj Gibson, Tony Snell plus Nos. 16 and 19, are the latest suitors.

    If they keep the pick, they'll look for a shooter. Stauskas is a favorite if he's here. If he's not, they choose between Harris, James Young, Rodney Hood and Adreian Payne. Of those four, Harris has the ability to make the biggest impact now. He's a player who can get it done on both ends of the court.

    PLAYER CARD14James YoungPhoenix Suns (48 - 34)COLLEGE: KentuckyHT: 6-8WT: 213POS: SFThe Suns are talking trade with a number of teams, as well. Interestingly, they've spoken with several teams about point guards despite having both Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe. Could the Suns be thinking of trading Dragic or not matching an offer for Bledsoe? Their biggest need is probably at wing. Young has the ability to play both the two and three with his 7-foot wingspan. He's one of the youngest players in the draft and projects as a potent shooter down the road. I think this is a nice value pick for the Suns if he's still here. Rodney Hood are T.J. Warren are other players who will get long looks from Phoenix.

    PLAYER CARD15Shabazz NapierAtlanta Hawks (38 - 44)COLLEGE: ConnecticutHT: 6-1WT: 175POS: PGThe Hawks like international players, and Nurkic would be a strong possibility if he's here. They'd also take a long look at Saric if he falls this far, though waiting two years might scare them away.

    Kyle Anderson is another strong possibility here. Head coach Mike Budenholzer got to see firsthand how the Spurs used Boris Diaw. Anderson is the closest thing we've seen to him since Diaw entered the league, and the word is the Hawks are very high on him.

    However, the Hawks are also not completely sold on Jeff Teague and could explore the market for him this summer. That's led them to take long looks at both Shabazz Napier and Payton at No. 15 if something materializes in the next few days. Napier, especially, seems to have gained momentum in workouts the past few weeks, and sources say he's moved into a strong possibility in Atlanta.

    PLAYER CARD16Adreian PayneChicago Bulls (48 - 34)COLLEGE: Michigan StateHT: 6-10WT: 239POS: PFThe Bulls are trying to either move up or make a deal that lands them a veteran. They need shooting and help in the paint. Payne is the rare player who can do both. He's a 3-point shooter, but has the size and athleticism to get it done in the paint as well.

    PLAYER CARD17Dario SaricBoston Celtics (25 - 57)COLLEGE: CroatiaHT: 6-10WT: 223POS: PFSaric might go as high as No. 10. He'll get looks at 11, 12, 14 and 15, as well. But with Saric staying in Europe for two more years, there seems to be more reluctance toward taking him that high. Again, I don't think the Celtics let him pass. Yes, I know that it means that Celtics fans would not see EITHER of their first-round picks play in Boston next season. But as far as talent goes, Ainge could walk away with the best player in the draft and a top-10 pick for Nos. 6 and 17. I'm not sure he could help himself.

    PLAYER CARD18Zach LaVinePhoenix Suns (48 - 34)COLLEGE: UCLAHT: 6-6WT: 181POS: PGWith the Suns shoring up the wing, they'll try to add another shooter and scorer here. LaVine is one of the best athletes in the draft and is getting looks as high as the Sixers at No. 10 and the Magic at 12. Here he's great value and the Suns just added some serious size and shooting to the roster with LaVine and Young.

    PLAYER CARD19Rodney HoodChicago Bulls (48 - 34)COLLEGE: DukeHT: 6-9WT: 208POS: SGHood could go as high as No. 13 to the Wolves and has other spots at Phoenix and Atlanta. But the Bulls need as much shooting as they can get their hands on and Hood has great size for his position.

    PLAYER CARD20Tyler EnnisToronto Raptors (48 - 34)COLLEGE: SyracuseHT: 6-3WT: 182POS: PGThe Raptors have been eyeing a point guard and will be happy if local product Ennis falls here. Ennis is in the mix as high as the Kings at 8. But in workouts he has struggled to get ahead of Smart, Payton and Napier. But he's a great value here.

    PLAYER CARD21Kyle AndersonOklahoma City Thunder (59 - 23)COLLEGE: UCLAHT: 6-9WT: 230POS: PFAfter watching Diaw tear through the Finals for the Spurs, maybe the Thunder need their own version of him. Anderson's ability to facilitate from the 4 is special and could be a nice fit in a Thunder offense that could use a real distributor. North Carolina State's T.J. Warren is another possibility here.

    PLAYER CARD22T.J. WarrenMemphis Grizzlies (50 - 32)COLLEGE: NC StateHT: 6-8WT: 220POS: SFSmall forward is a weakness for the Grizzlies right now. Tayshaun Prince is in the last year of his deal and on the downside of his career. Quincy Pondexter is a backup. Warren is one of the best pure scorers in the draft, and on the right team, could be a special scorer. Tennessee's Jarnell Stokes is another possibility here.

    PLAYER CARD23Jordan ClarksonUtah Jazz (25 - 57)COLLEGE: MissouriHT: 6-5WT: 186POS: PGIf the Jazz don't get a big point guard at No. 5, it will be hard on them to pass on Clarkson here. He's been terrific in workouts and combines length, athleticism and the ability to play multiple positions on the floor.

    PLAYER CARD24P.J. HairstonCharlotte Hornets (43 - 39)COLLEGE: North CarolinaHT: 6-5WT: 229POS: SGThe Bobcats also need more shooting at the shooting guard position, and like McDermott, Hairston is ready to go from day one. For a team that really wasn't great shooting the ball last season from the wing, adding McDermott and Hairston is a major upgrade.

    PLAYER CARD25Jarnell StokesHouston Rockets (54 - 28)COLLEGE: TennesseeHT: 6-9WT: 262POS: PFThe Rockets have Terrence Jones at the 4, but Stokes could give them a different look -- another big body that crashes the boards along with Dwight Howard. The Rockets are heavy into analytics and Stokes is one of the best analytic values left on the board.

    PLAYER CARD26Mitch McGaryMiami Heat (54 - 28)COLLEGE: MichiganHT: 6-10WT: 250POS: PFThe Heat got beaten up in the paint in the playoffs. McGary, when his back is healthy, is tough, physical and plays with great energy. He worked out for the Bucks and appears to be healthy. If he is, he's a steal at this point in the draft.

    PLAYER CARD27Clint CapelaPhoenix Suns (48 - 34)COLLEGE: SwitzerlandHT: 6-11WT: 222POS: PFCapela's stock is all over the place. He's getting looks in the late lottery all through the draft. He's so raw, but his length and shot-blocking abilities appeal to every team looking for a rim protector. If he's gone, other international players like Walter Tavares or Artem Klimenko could go in his place. The Suns have three first-round picks, but I don't think there's any way they're bringing three rookies to their roster next season.

    PLAYER CARD28K.J. McDanielsLos Angeles Clippers (57 - 25)COLLEGE: ClemsonHT: 6-6WT: 195POS: SFThe Clippers could use an athletic wing, and McDaniels fits the bill. He can jump out of the gym, rebound, block shots and get to the basket. His jump shot needs to improve but he's the type of player who could help right now.

    PLAYER CARD29Jordan AdamsOklahoma City Thunder (59 - 23)COLLEGE: UCLAHT: 6-5WT: 209POS: SGAdams might be the most unathletic guard in the draft, but he really knows how to score the basketball and could be a spark plug off the bench for OKC next year.

    PLAYER CARD30Patric YoungSan Antonio Spurs (62 - 20)COLLEGE: FloridaHT: 6-10WT: 247POS: CThe Spurs love players who are "over themselves." That's a perfect description for Young. He does all the little things, rebounds, defends and uses his toughness to get buckets. He won't do anything spectacular, but is NBA ready right now.

    PLAYER CARD31Glenn Robinson IIIMilwaukee Bucks (15 - 67)COLLEGE: MichiganHT: 6-7WT: 211POS: SFRobinson would give the Bucks yet another long, athletic player -- this time a player caught between the 3 and the 4. Robinson is another high-upside player who could be terrific if he ever gets a jump shot.

    PLAYER CARD32Nikola JokicPhiladelphia 76ers (19 - 63)COLLEGE: SerbiaHT: 6-11WT: 253POS: PFJokic also turned a lot of heads in practices at the Nike Hoop Summit. He's not a great athlete, but he is very, very skilled for a 19-year-old. He finished in the top 5 of Kevin Pelton's projected WARP rankings. We know how much the 76ers rely on analytics and Jokic also fits a need.

    PLAYER CARD33Cleanthony EarlyCleveland Cavaliers (33 - 49)COLLEGE: Wichita StateHT: 6-7WT: 210POS: SFIf the Cavs decide to chase upside with Wiggins, they can go with Early to get the team some much-needed maturity, shooting and leadership. Early's Shockers went undefeated in the NCAA regular season. He's got size and he can shoot it. A great get for the Cavs at No. 33.

    PLAYER CARD34Walter TavaresDallas Mavericks (49 - 33)COLLEGE: SpainHT: 7-3WT: 265POS: CTavares is getting a lot of buzz right now. He's huge. He has amazing hands and is a defensive force as both a shot-blocker and rebounder. The Mavs need that sort of help on the front line right now, though Tavares might be more useful as a draft-and-stash pick.

    PLAYER CARD35C.J. WilcoxUtah Jazz (25 - 57)COLLEGE: WashingtonHT: 6-5WT: 201POS: SGWe have the Jazz adding a pair of super-athletic players in Aaron Gordon and Jordan Clarkson. Wilcox fits another need as a shooter with deep, deep range on his jumper. At 23, he's ready to come in and play big minutes right away.

    PLAYER CARD36Artem KlimenkoMilwaukee Bucks (15 - 67)COLLEGE: RussiaHT: 7-1WT: 228POS: CKlimenko is an upside pick for the Bucks. He has great size, can stretch the floor and is a terrific athlete. He just needs to get stronger and continue to improve the level of competition he plays against.

    PLAYER CARD37Damien InglisToronto Raptors (48 - 34)COLLEGE: FranceHT: 6-8WT: 240POS: SFInglis put up a strong performance in the Nike Hoop Summit. At 19, he's one of the youngest players in the draft, has a 7-3 wingspan, is a potential defensive powerhouse and still has so much room to grow his game. GM Masai Ujiri has great instincts on international players and Inglis could be the steal of the draft.

    PLAYER CARD38Joe HarrisDetroit Pistons (29 - 53)COLLEGE: VirginiaHT: 6-6WT: 215POS: SGPistons boss Stan Van Gundy wants shooters and he needs players who can play right now. Harris is tough and one of the best shooters left on the board. He could be an immediate impact player for Detroit.

    PLAYER CARD39Spencer DinwiddiePhiladelphia 76ers (19 - 63)COLLEGE: ColoradoHT: 6-6WT: 205POS: PGHad Dinwiddie not torn his ACL this winter, he would be much higher on this mock. Many teams already are looking at him in the late first round. I don't see him sliding past the 76ers here. He can play both the 1 and the 2.

    PLAYER CARD40Jerami GrantMinnesota Timberwolves (40 - 42)COLLEGE: SyracuseHT: 6-8WT: 214POS: SFThis is a major fall for Grant if it happens. He was getting looks in the late teens and 20s earlier in the process. He clearly has the athletic ability to be a very good NBA player. It's his lack of jump shot and position that's caused his stock to dip.

    PLAYER CARD41Vasilije MicicDenver Nuggets (36 - 46)COLLEGE: SerbiaHT: 6-4WT: 185POS: PGMicic is the best pure passer in the draft. He's not blessed with great athleticism, but he has everything else -- excellent court vision, size and the sort of point guard mojo that NBA head coaches covet.

    PLAYER CARD42Johnny O'BryantHouston Rockets (54 - 28)COLLEGE: LSUHT: 6-9WT: 250POS: PFThe big man from LSU has been impressive in workouts. He's got size and has a pretty polished offensive game -- rare attributes in a player still on the board at 42.

    PLAYER CARD43Bogdan BogdanovicAtlanta Hawks (38 - 44)COLLEGE: SerbiaHT: 6-6WT: 200POS: SGBogdanovic is one of the best young scorers in Europe. He needs to improve his jump shot, but he's a nice draft-and-stash candidate who will be ready to come over and contribute whenever his team needs him.

    PLAYER CARD44Alessandro GentileMinnesota Timberwolves (40 - 42)COLLEGE: ItalyHT: 6-6WT: 200POS: SFGentile, like Bogdanovic, is one of the best pure scorers in Europe. He's putting up solid numbers, but like Bogdanovic, his lack of elite athleticism holds him back.

    PLAYER CARD45Semaj ChristonCharlotte Hornets (43 - 39)COLLEGE: XavierHT: 6-3WT: 186POS: PGChriston is one of the several underclassmen on the list who had major dreams about being a first-round pick when he declared. He's a good fit for the Hornets, though. He gives them more size and athleticism at the point guard position.

    PLAYER CARD46C.J. FairWashington Wizards (44 - 38)COLLEGE: SyracuseHT: 6-8WT: 215POS: SFFair has been strong in workouts and has helped his stock tremendously. With Trevor Ariza heading into free agency and Otto Porter struggling as a rookie, Fair could likely step in right now in Washington.

    PLAYER CARD47Khem BirchPhiladelphia 76ers (19 - 63)COLLEGE: UNLVHT: 6-9WT: 209POS: PFIf you talk to fellow Insider Kevin Pelton, he'll tell you that Birch, a big, athletic, rebounder and shot-blocker, is ranked as a top-20 pick by his WARP rater. Those are exactly the types of steals the Sixers would love to get their hands on.

    PLAYER CARD48Jordan McRaeMilwaukee Bucks (15 - 67)COLLEGE: TennesseeHT: 6-7WT: 179POS: SGThe Tennessee product doesn't necessarily do any one thing great, but he's a jack-of-all-trades who can help Milwaukee immediately.

    PLAYER CARD49Christiano FelicioChicago Bulls (48 - 34)COLLEGE: BrazilHT: 6-9WT: 240POS: PFFelicio is big, athletic and has been playing in Brazil before showing up at the Eurocamp this summer. He hasn't played the greatest of competition, but he's sort of a poor man's Nene.

    PLAYER CARD50James Michael McAdooPhoenix Suns (48 - 34)COLLEGE: North CarolinaHT: 6-9WT: 228POS: PFThis is a mighty fall for McAdoo, who once had dreams of being a top-10 pick. His athleticism and his pedigree will get him drafted, but he's going to have to develop all areas of his game if he wants to stick in the NBA.

    PLAYER CARD51Nemanja DangubicDallas Mavericks (49 - 33)COLLEGE: SerbiaHT: 6-8WT: 193POS: SGDangubic has good size and athletic abilities for his position. He had a bit of a coming-out party at the Eurocamp this year. He's another great draft-and-stash candidate.

    PLAYER CARD52Thanasis AntetokounmpoPhiladelphia 76ers (19 - 63)COLLEGE: NBDLHT: 6-6WT: 205POS: SFThere is no way the Sixers are keeping all of their second-round picks. But if they do, it will be to keep adding athletic upside players like Antetokounmpo. He played very well in the D-League last season and should be able to get a few minutes here and there on what appears to be the youngest team in the league.

    PLAYER CARD53Michalis KamperidisMinnesota Timberwolves (40 - 42)COLLEGE: GreeceHT: 6-9WT: 230POS: PFKamperidis surprised a ton of NBA people by staying in the draft. He loves to finish above the rim, but he's a long ways away; a draft-and-stash prospect for sure.

    PLAYER CARD54Javon McCreaPhiladelphia 76ers (19 - 63)COLLEGE: BuffaloHT: 6-7WT: 250POS: PFMcCrea is another analytics hero who rebounds, blocks shots and racks up steals. And he's just 21 despite being a senior. Another real sleeper pick for the 76ers.

    PLAYER CARD55Jahii CarsonMiami Heat (54 - 28)COLLEGE: Arizona StateHT: 5-11WT: 180POS: PGCarson had eyes on the mid- to late-first round, not the end of the second. But his lack of size and control on the court hurt him a lot in the eyes of scouts.

    PLAYER CARD56Dwight PowellDenver Nuggets (36 - 46)COLLEGE: StanfordHT: 6-11WT: 234POS: PFPowell is long, athletic and can shoot. He just never put everything together at Stanford. Someone drafting him will hope that the light bulb comes on -- soon.

    PLAYER CARD57Bryce CottonIndiana Pacers (56 - 26)COLLEGE: ProvidenceHT: 6-1WT: 165POS: PGCotton is an underrated prospect when you consider the big numbers he put up at Providence this season. He's a good athlete and an improved shooter. He could be a nice pickup for the Pacers here.

    PLAYER CARD58Josh HuestisSan Antonio Spurs (62 - 20)COLLEGE: StanfordHT: 6-7WT: 230POS: PFHuestis is toughness personified. He's the guy who helped shut down Kansas in the NCAA tournament. He's a Spurs type of no-nonsense player all the way.

    PLAYER CARD59Russ SmithToronto Raptors (48 - 34)COLLEGE: LouisvilleHT: 6-0WT: 160POS: SGSmith is one of the best scorers in college basketball. He's quick and isn't afraid to take big shots. The Raptors need someone to do that.

    PLAYER CARD60Jordan BachynskiSan Antonio Spurs (62 - 20)COLLEGE: Arizona StateHT: 7-2WT: 254POS: CHe's big, and the Spurs (like everyone else) could always use a big. The fact that he's 24 actually helps him here.

  3. senter

    senter Member

    Aug 5, 2010
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    Here it is, a little easier to read:

  4. That's Turrible

    Jun 23, 2011
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    Thanks a bunch! :)
  5. eric.81

    eric.81 Contributing Member

    Jan 3, 2002
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    I appreciate the assist!
  6. sydmill

    sydmill Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    That is a nightmare for us! Undersized unathletic 4s who we'll have to play at the 5? Joey Dorsey 2.0 & 3.0? Thanks for posting that but please dont let things shake out that way!
  7. B-Bob

    B-Bob "94-year-old self-described dreamer"

    Jul 26, 2002
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    Don't worry. Chad Ford.

    The name is the disclaimer.
  8. mr. 13 in 33

    mr. 13 in 33 Member

    Oct 23, 2010
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    I think Dante Exum will go to the Magic.
  9. meh

    meh Contributing Member

    Jun 16, 2002
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    At least Chad Ford has looked at our draft history. So he's done his homework.








  10. Rox007

    Rox007 New Member

    Jun 5, 2014
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    Rockets will take a foreign player

    If they keep the pick, they will get somebody oversees. They don't want to take up cap space.
    1 person likes this.
  11. cml750

    cml750 Member

    Jun 14, 2002
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    The Rockets select a forward in the draft??? No way, that is so "un"- Daryl Morey!!!;)
  12. saleem

    saleem Contributing Member

    Jan 1, 2001
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    Yes, quite likely so. I do think Philly might go after him with the 3rd pick.

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